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  1. WTB Benchrest Spotting Scope Stand

    A couple of years ago I bought a good bench rest spotting scope stand from a pard here on the Classifieds. Looking for one now for my son. Anybody got one? How about a picture of it if you can. I can PM you my email to make that easier. Thanks in advance for your help, Marlin
  2. SOLD

    Nice buy Fat Boy. How many rifles have you already bought since the end of our shooting season? That is a nice one! See you at our Swap Meet this winter.
  3. St Louis area SASS Pards

    Sorry guys I should have read the ad more closely. Marlin
  4. St Louis area SASS Pards

    I was just on Craigslist checking for reloading items in Iowa, nothing here. St Louis area showed several items at good to fair prices. 650 Dillon for $235.00, Large primers, Winchester & Remington shown, 6000 for $120.00. Several other items shown, just thought it might be of interest to some folks. I just type reloading into the search when looking on Craigslist. I don't know why I looked never anything I need or want at decent price around here. Hope this might help somebody, Marlin
  5. removed

    Hey Irontree, I got a very nice handmade Damascus knife I would trade for that Marlin pistol! Your trading pal, Marlin
  6. Necklace is still available @ a lower price

    Slim I will send you a PM with my contact info.
  7. Necklace is still available @ a lower price

    BTT with lower prices!
  8. Winchester & Marlin Wood Better Pictures

    BTT for the weekend shoppers.
  9. Sold - Pair of unique revolvers for sale! - Sold

    Reasonable offers yes.
  10. Sold - Pair of unique revolvers for sale! - Sold

    These guns need a new home.
  11. Winchester & Marlin Wood Better Pictures

    Surprised no one has hit on the 97 forearm. Don't see them for sale on other forums in as good of shape for less. I would keep it but I shoot an 87. Thanks for looking, Marlin
  12. Winchester & Marlin Wood Better Pictures

    Change picture to show both sides and bottom of forearms. Stock in earlier pictures was sold.
  13. deleted

    Dee Mak Photos won't open. Photobucket says you need to update your account. If you have the pictures stored someplace on your computer just copy them and add to your post. It is easy I can do it. :>)
  14. Sold - Pair of unique revolvers for sale! - Sold

    Sure would like to sell these beautiful guns. Somebody who likes them should contact me.
  15. All Boots Sold

    Shadowcaster, it says you can't receive PM messages. I will mark the boots sold. But I need to get you my address so we can complete this deal. I won't put my email out in public so I don't know for sure how we are going to do that.