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  1. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

    F/S National Turkey Fed. muzzle loading 12Ga. Reduced price.

    That looks like a fun gun for turkey. Going in for surgery Tuesday, going to miss turkey season in Iowa this year. Wish I had the money or the trade goods. Good luck on your sale.
  2. Good afternoon Marlin..

    At our cowboy shoot this morning I mentioned to Cripple Creek Kory that I had a pair of Ruger 32's I'd sell.. Partners Partner mentioned that you had a new shooter that needed/wanted a set.

           I've got a set/pair of Ruger 32's H&R Magnums, blued Birdheads with Elpaso Saddlery holsters for them.. Also have some Starline Brass (new) and some that's been reloaded a couple times.. I have some loaded ammo and I might have some lead??

         I bought these for Lacey back quite a few years and she shot them for maybe 4-6 matches.. And went back to her 38's..


    Let me know..

    I also have a set of  Ruger Bisleys New Vaquero SS 357 cal. with 5 1/2" 

    barrels with Kirkpatrick tooled leather holster set..



    1. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

      Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

      Good Morning Rance,

      The person looking for 32s is looking for 1 Stainless Steel with a plow handle grip. They already have one but need a second.

      Great to hear from you and good to hear you were at a Cowboy shoot. I had heard rumors that your Cowboy shooting was restricted to Pasture Pool these days.:rolleyes: Hope to see you and Lacey on the range somewhere this year.


      Take care my friend,


    2. Rance - SASS # 54090

      Rance - SASS # 54090

      Dang Marlin.. Finally found yer message..


      Good ta hear from ya..

      We haven't quit shootin' but we are kinda limiting our shootin' to

      just local clubs.. Kinda givin' up the big matches..

      Blind Hog and I went to OUR state match in Indiana last

      year and that was a mighty long drive..

      Well.. I'll let you go.. I've got a couple sets of shootin' irons

      with leather if ya hear of somebody..

      See ya on the range..

      Rance ;):)

    3. Rance - SASS # 54090

      Rance - SASS # 54090

      Oh yeah... I had to go to your site to find this message..

      It doesn't show up as a reply on mine.. :unsure:

  3. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

    Source for custom made conchos

    You might try this gentleman. TexHAs Products, Texas Style - TexHAs Home
  4. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

    Help me find a TV Sound Bar

    Yes on the hearing test. Nothing they could sell me would help me. Wife heard the same thing at her hearing test, that is why the interest in TV Sound Bar.
  5. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

    Help me find a TV Sound Bar

    Have problems hearing spoken words over the background noise on my TV. My son tells me a sound bar would help, something about one with a center channel. Don't know what I need or where to look. I also don't want to pay a lot of money. Anybody here been through this? Thought you might watching old westerns. Can anybody offer any suggestions or point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance for your help, Marlin
  6. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

    Sold12 Gauge Mec 600 Jr Sold

    Rooster sent you a PM accepting your offer. Please PM me your shipping address. Thanks, Marlin
  7. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

    Sold12 Gauge Mec 600 Jr Sold

  8. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

    Sold12 Gauge Mec 600 Jr Sold

    Sizer sold to Hoss. Replied to your PM Hoss.
  9. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

    Sold12 Gauge Mec 600 Jr Sold

    Used 12 Ga Mec Jr. I used this for loading BP subs which I no longer shoot. I used it originally for smokeless but changed to a Mec Sizemaster. Includes the press with home made spent primer catcher, 5 shot bars & 5 Mec bushings. Bars sizes are; 3/4 oz, 1oz, 1 1/8oz, 1 1/4oz, 1 3/8oz bushings are No 29,30,32,33,42 Price is $115.00 shipped. Pictures below; Sold to Rooster
  10. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

    FS Men's Complete Rig by Aint Dunit

    Dewey Sent you a PM.
  11. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

    Sold Case XX Kodiak Hunting Knife In New Condition

    Sold to Lunger. Thanks everybody for looking. Marlin
  12. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

    Sold Case XX Kodiak Hunting Knife In New Condition

    Mackenna Sent you the pictures.
  13. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

    Any body carry a rememberance of some kind of one of their pets?

    Thanks everybody I too carry Cody in my heart but sometimes I just want to be able to touch as well. Any additional thoughts would be appreciated. Marlin
  14. This past April I lost my second best friend to an untimely death. He was a Labradoodle/ Australian Shepard cross. He was a very independent 5 year old who was just coming into his own. Loved him dearly, miss him and still love him dearly. Some how his stomach turned and he died of bloat, I had never even heard of it at the time. Anyway he was the first dog that I ever lost before he was expected to go. I am looking for some kind of remembrance to carry with me as though he is by my side. Can't wear a necklace, would possibly get used to some kind of bracelet. Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated. By the way his name was Cody Marlin
  15. Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

    Sold Case XX Kodiak Hunting Knife In New Condition

    BTT If the price is to high or the quality of the knife is to low please tell me. The website I gave you a sale price of $146.70. My knife is as nice as a new one, box is probably a little rougher. I saw one on ebay, very rough, sharpened many times and the brass is tarnished. No sheath or box $74.95.

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