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  1. Into the Wayback Machine... SASS 1988

    'On The' didn't come over?
  2. Slooow to receive Pietta parts. Anyone else?

    Have you tried VTI? What parts are broken? I can't imagine the parts that normally wear are not in stock.
  3. Into the Wayback Machine... SASS 1988

    We here in North Texas are blessed() with getting to shoot with Griff SASS # 383(IIRC). He started in California back in the day and talks about Smucky and others all the time.
  4. Dillon 650XL shaving bullets?

    That's good.
  5. Dillon 650XL shaving bullets?

    Those bullets would shoot fine with that little ring. Also, has that loaded round already been crimped? I'm afraid you are going to have some bullets set back in the magazine of your rifle. How much pressure does it take to push the bullet into the case?
  6. Colt SAA 41 Cal. Value?

    If you could get it for a decent price it would be fun to shoot. You could shoot in the original 41 caliber by loading your own heel base bullets. Brass can be made from 38 special IIRC. Heel base bullet molds and reloading dies available from Mayor Maynot Killya. Contact Gary at http://www.cartridgeconversion.com/Home_Page.php Also could shoot as a 38-40 with a cylinder change. The 41 colt and the 38wcf shared a bore size in the later iterations. You could have the original cylinder re-bored or perhaps pickup a late model Pietta or an ASM cylinder already in 38-40. These clones were sized the same as 1st and 2nd gen colts so parts can be fitted to originals.
  7. break open modern black powder .50 cal rifle

    There are no federal regulations against it. Check with the receivers local laws and your state laws.
  8. Unable to post on the Wild Bunch Wire

    Exactly what I did, copy and paste. Or attempted to.
  9. Unable to post on the Wild Bunch Wire

    Sorry Blaze. I tried to help out but got the same message. Used to be able to post and the site still recognizes me. Must be you they have it in for?
  10. People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Alias, Goody SASS # 26190 Life Born, raised and still live in Dallas Texas March 1998 at CVV was my first match
  11. Shotshell Press for Black Powder?

    I use an old MEC 600 JR, with Claybuster wads that replicate the Winchester Red wads, Claybuster CB1138 . I load 1 1/8 oz of shot, with an appropriate powder bushing. I close with 40 to 45 pounds of wad pressure. I ran the powder right through the system, never had any problems. I loaded real black and Goex, whatever was cheaper.
  12. Rifle staging

    A little background on why this rule came to be. Back in the "good old days", when the earth was still molten, it was quite comical to watch people spend 2 or 3 minutes staging guns. Rifles standing straight up in the crook of the shotgun. Pistols stacked together in sort of an "A" frame arrangement. Pistol grip frames sitting in the lever of the rifle. It was almost a contest within a contest to see who was the best Rube Goldberg of staging. And yes, many of these were somewhat unsafe. But I'll ask the crowd what they think of this. There is a long time shooter in this area who had a really bad wreck when he was younger. Tore his right thumb up bad, and of course he's right handed. He has no movement at all in the thumb, he always looks as though he is giving the thumbs up to everyone. He routinely props his rifles/carbines on the ring. It's the only way he can grasp the gun and pick it up from the table. Would you stop him from doing this? We look at it as giving allowance to a disabled shooter.
  13. Uberti 66 straight trigger

    looks like the website is gone. 10404 W 171st St S Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74066 (918) 370-0781
  14. Uberti 66 straight trigger

    Know the family and the workmanship. No higher praise IMHO.
  15. Uberti 66 straight trigger

    Anybody else tried one of these? Saw some talk on Facebook about these. So I got in touch with Cowboy Guns in New Boston and ordered one. The mailed it for less than $50 total. Easy to follow instructions, had it swapped out in less than 5 minutes. It will take some getting used to as the trigger now sits right in the mile of the trigger guard. But I can tell that it is a big improvement. Just was wondering if anyone else has had the same results?