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  1. Cowboy Clays in Ft Worth,Tex Nov. 18, 2017

    Now Sam, you know white men can't jump!
  2. Rear barrel mounted sight for long range

    I'll certainly differ to you. But what I remember is "No barrel or receiver mounted peep sights" whenever this would come up concerning the H&R Buffalo gun. I thought.
  3. Rear barrel mounted sight for long range

    That's what I get for not keeping up the last two years!
  4. Rear barrel mounted sight for long range

    I don't think so. But it's certainly not worth arguing with you over.
  5. Rear barrel mounted sight for long range

    only if you cut the peep out of it. Notch down from the top to the hole and you would probably be good.
  6. Ranges at which to practice

    "My vaqueros arrived and I need to see where they hit at the relevant distance or range of distances used in competition. " Using this criteria I would place the targets 7 or 8 yards away. I know that is further than most ranges place them now. But if you can hit consistently at that range you'll be all the better when they are closer. Think of a goalie coming out to cut down the angle.
  7. Cowboy Clays in Ft Worth,Tex Nov. 18, 2017

    That sounds fun! Any SASS membership required? I guess a person could shoot both SASS and WB with the same SG provided it is a 97?
  8. Wtc

    From the Pocket RO card. "Empty or live round in magazine or carrier of the long gun in which it was loaded after the next firearm is fired, or if last firearm, put down on the unloading table. "
  9. Wtc

    As I stated, you have until the next gun is fired to clear the round, live or dead. If the sg is the final gun then you have until you put it down on the unloading table and remove your hands.
  10. Wtc

    I'd say no call as long as it doesn't enter the chamber. You have until the next firearm is fired to clear a live round from the carrier of the gun. Since this is the next gun engaged, no call.
  11. lightning rifles

    My Pedersoli in 45 runs anything I throw at it so far, straight out of the box.
  12. Ran into a scammer on the Wire Classifieds

    You scratch card, send them photo. They copy numbers and spend the card. Definite scam. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5533699?tstart=0
  13. Loading 1911 From The Body.

    The rules that have been stated here are the official rules from SASS. THHS may have their own rules in place concerning loading a round directly into the chamber. If it were me I would start using the official rules so long as they are not contrary to the THHS rules. This way you can begin to get your skills attuned to the way everyone else is running matches so you don't get bit at a later date for non-compliance. None the less, as has been pointed out, it is a bad practice to load a round directly into the gun as it can harm the gun. As for stripping remaining rounds, simply shoot the round(s) you need, eject the mag with the remaining rounds, and lock the slide back manually. This way would be the most consistent as the pistol would not always be the last weapon in the sequence.
  14. What I Learned At Red Dirt (the 2017 SASS Southwest Regional)

    Oklahoma Dee is indeed an extremely honorable person. But I have had shooters report misses to me as the TO before. They were told the same thing, shooters do not get a vote, whether for or against a miss.
  15. Night Match Stage Lighting?

    I shot in one 15 years ago in Columbus Texas. What I remember was there were actual kerosene lanterns in the building and around the stages. No lighting on the targets, but the glow from the lantern did let you see the targets somewhat. At first anyway. After the first shot all bets were off, particularly with real black due to the muzzle flash. There were not many shooting subs back then. They also had a loading officer with a small flashlight with a red lens to observe and check your guns. Unloading was no issue as you were finished with the stage and there was adequate lighting for you to unload and the weapons be checked. The lanterns made it just like back in the day. Most folks are surprised to see that interiors were not near as bright as depicted by Hollywood.