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  1. Goody, SASS #26190

    WTC Answered - thanks

    two misses.
  2. Goody, SASS #26190

    Taylor's Commanchero

    That's probably it. Before I sent the 66 to him I tried a Pioneer kit. This was when Joe was first starting out in the business. Great workmanship, but just couldn't get used to it. Finally put the stock parts back in and sent it off to Cody for his work. I guess it's all in what you feel comfortable with. Cody's are far from the shortest throw but I really like the smoothness of the action. I do hope you find a suitable solution to your new rifle.
  3. Goody, SASS #26190

    Taylor's Commanchero

    Hmm. I've shot the same 73 since about 75 or 76, whenever they first became available. This was done by Cody and has never given me a bit of trouble related to his work. I have a 66 that was done by him in probably 09? Same story. Sorry you seem to have gotten a lemon, but I strongly suggest it is not indicative of the quality of his craft or the whole "cut and weld" approach.
  4. Goody, SASS #26190

    stevens 311/315 for sass mod

    Do you mean scalloping the top of the receiver? I would say that is an illegal external modification and would not suggest your doing it.
  5. Goody, SASS #26190

    Legally Acquired Ammo

    Yes, but we're discussing the firing line in context with reloads, and legally acquired ammo.
  6. Goody, SASS #26190

    Legally Acquired Ammo

    The loading table is not the firing line. Ammo can be brought to the loading table in any manner you wish. If you are on the firing line and have to load or reload, the ammo must have been brought to the firing line in an approved manner. The penalty, IMHO, is the 10 misses, the P for using illegal ammo and the time it took you to load and fire those rounds.
  7. Goody, SASS #26190

    Shipping antique guns via usps

    Perhaps what the good Doc is really wanting to know is can it be shipped directly to him? We have established that anyone can ship a long gun through the USPS.
  8. Goody, SASS #26190

    Lightening the trigger pull on a Ruger Blackhawk

    I'm not sure that 3 screw Rugers have that trigger spring. I think they are more like a Colt action.
  9. Goody, SASS #26190

    Herters Shotgun Ammo

    I wonder about the wisdom of using different ammo for matches and practice. If you are practicing to try and better your times wouldn't you want the shotgun to be the same? I mean if you're picking every third shell out of the shotgun, recoil is more so recovery is slower, all these things and more would effect your timing with the match ammo. Just my thoughts.
  10. Goody, SASS #26190

    Looking for some info on cap gun supplies and holsters

    This is our own Springfield Slim. He sells round ball sized .380, as well as being a leather maker. consider him in making your plans. http://www.whyteleatherworks.com/index.html
  11. Goody, SASS #26190

    32 Ruger signle six - springs

    These are the ones I bought. 13lb springs and they popped Winchester primers just fine. There are some different length grip frames so be sure and get ones that fit or trim the ones you get if needed. He is probably at EOT already but you might give him a call. And truth is, just about any of the smiths in this game will help you out. http://www.slickmagicguns.com/SlickMercantile.html
  12. Goody, SASS #26190

    need a 22 inch octagon 44-40 barrell

    Numrich lists this, nothing wrong with an extra couple of inches. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/809200
  13. Goody, SASS #26190


    Y'all is gonna give that boy the big head, make him feel all impotent. Oh well.
  14. Goody, SASS #26190


    Can't imagine there would be any trouble rounding up 50 or 60 folks to help this pard out. Especially if his lovely wife is present.
  15. Goody, SASS #26190

    Ruger GP 100 Match Champion

    Oh, I'm great, Matt's dad.

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