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  1. A Big Iron on his Hip

    Hmmmmmmm............Maybe he was just there to iron out a few differences between them?
  2. Got a problem with my shotgun, need help

    Should not be loose or float. I know one smith who did a lot of baikals over the years. He would drill through between the barrels on new builds, then tap to insert screws for a better attachment system. IE, not rely simply on the bonding material that was used, but have a mechanical bond to prevent that separation. You might contact Gunslinger here in Texas and see if he can fix your barrels after they are already that way. "Gunslinger", SASS #10706 Email: [email protected] Phone: 972/617-6511
  3. Goex powder out of Business?

    Interesting. What do they use it for?
  4. .32 mag &.357 mag sherrifs Rugers--Tenn only

    Boomstick is an FFL
  5. Goex powder out of Business?

    Maybe try the Bass Pro at Ray Hubbard.
  6. Goex powder out of Business?

    This place doesn't mention anything about it. http://powderinc.com/
  7. Widowmaker Hill... Where are You?

    Good to see you back on here, Manatee. I didn't know it was your back, I figgered you et too much seaweed or something.
  8. What DID Happen to the WIRE resulting in a Mass Exodus

    Steven Wright — ‘Right now I’m having amnesia and déjà vu at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before.’
  9. WTB Armi San Marco SAA Found One! Thanks Goody

    Ok, I understand. But looking at VTI's webpage they are listing ASM cylinders at $85, call for calibers and availability. If that doesn't work out and you have no other joy I have an ASM, nickel, 4 5/8 barrel in 45, complete except for the ejector housing and rod. It shoots fine, although IIRC it will lock up on occasion with heavier loads. I'd sell it for $250, no shipping as it looks as though you're somewhat local. Haven't been out to see Jackalope John and the gang in a while so wouldn't mind the road trip.
  10. .38 special factory load

    Once again, I was replying to your statement "IMHO it should be a it or miss issue more than a power factor issue". If all you care is whether someone hits or misses steel then why put up with the extra hassle of having KD's in the first place. I personally don't care how you set you targets, just wondering about your rationale. For the record I feel that the standard is wrong. Just as you state, if you are going to state a minimum PF then that should be the standard. And as for attitude I really don't know what you mean. If someone doesn't agree with you they have attitude?
  11. WTB Armi San Marco SAA Found One! Thanks Goody

    You might check the new Pietta's. I believe they claim interchangeabilty with second Gen Colts. ASM's claimed that as well back in terms day. If so, then VTI should have what you need.
  12. .38 special factory load

    No sir, I love KD's. When I was still shooting the thing that kept me engaged the last 3 years was the advent of Wild Bunch, with perhaps 60 to 70 KD's per match including SG. And realistic PF'ers. My initial response was in regards to Cowboy Junky's post concerning setting them light enough to go down with 22's because for him it is "more of a hit or miss issue rather than a power factor issue". Then you chimed in thinking I was against children in some manner. My reply to you was seeing how far your rationalization went as to doing things for the kids sake. And unless you know me I wouldn't go assuming that I was "in a hurry to show up...shoot and go home". I can assure you that I have done far more for my clubs, shooters and the TSRA that you can imagine.