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  1. Goody, SASS #26190

    De-cocking Rifle While Reloading on the line

    I thought that's probably what you meant.
  2. Goody, SASS #26190

    s x s lever reprofile

    That was my thinking as well. Just looked through the SHB and found no reference to it, so in my mind is not legal.
  3. Goody, SASS #26190

    De-cocking Rifle While Reloading on the line

    Please elaborate on what rifles you own that cannot be loaded through the loading gate with the hammer cocked. I can load 73's, 66's, Marlin 94's, Winchester 92's and clones and Pedersoli Pump.
  4. Goody, SASS #26190

    s x s lever reprofile

    The only one I ever bent was a Rossi hammer gun. I have several and all but one the lever returned to center after opening. One stayed to the right, preventing the right hammer from being cocked until gun was closed. So I tweaked it left a shade so it would clear the hammer. This was 12 or 14 years ago, before there was any rules about it or interest by others in doing so.
  5. Goody, SASS #26190

    Anything to sell at Cimon'at Cha

    Only if I price everything at 150% of MSRP
  6. Goody, SASS #26190

    Sales to California

    Maybe you should say what part of California it's going to. The locals may be able to suggest a friendly dealer.
  7. Goody, SASS #26190

    Blank brass

    I'm fairly certain you are aware of this, but just in case. Starline has new blank brass for a very good price. https://www.starlinebrass.com/brass-cases/45-BLANK-45-colt-BLANK-brass/
  8. Goody, SASS #26190

    Anything to sell at Cimon'at Cha

    I sure needed to. But could not get the time off. Haven't shot in over two years. I have 6 or 8 rifles, 30 or so pistols, 3 SKB's plus numerous other SG's, 5 Dillon's (3 SDB's and 2 550's) and I don't know how much brass bullets, primers and such. But it will have to wait until a later date I guess.
  9. Goody, SASS #26190

    Shipping long guns?

    I root around in the dumpster behind a local Golf Shop.
  10. Goody, SASS #26190

    32-20 shell plate for 1050? Any one interested in one?

    Did you mean to say 25-20 rather than 25-35? I know the 25-20 has the same rim diameter as the the 32-20 and the 25-35 is the same as the 30-30.
  11. Goody, SASS #26190

    Gunsmith in NE Texas?

    I would bet dollars to donuts that both of these fine gentlemen will be at Comin Atchya in two weeks, maybe Joe Brisco as well.. Just outside of English, about an hour or so north of you. It's a 4 or 5 day extravaganza and there is no charge to watch. You could probably get it fixed while you wait. http://www.badlandsbar3.com/
  12. Goody, SASS #26190

    Got my "New" Old Rodeos back and they Look GREAT !!... PICS!!

    Still trying to fumigate after your last visit.
  13. Goody, SASS #26190

    Got my "New" Old Rodeos back and they Look GREAT !!... PICS!!

    I think you need to find a marlin, then send it and an SKB off to be plated to match. Get some drop holsters, fancy boots, sparkly shirts and hip huggers. Then you'll be ready to shoot Prairie Pimp. What was it Patton said????
  14. Goody, SASS #26190

    Outlaw question

    Oh yeah, I misread that totally.
  15. Goody, SASS #26190

    Outlaw question

    Outlaw has no prohibitions about shooting GF style. You could shoot C&B revolvers in the GF category as well.

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