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  1. Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life

    If you are interested in getting into CAS

    Try before you buy! Funny thing is that even though I have very small hands and wear children's gloves, when I was trying out pistols, lots of people suggested birds head grips. I tried them and didn't like them at all; didn't feel I had good control of the pistols. If I hadn't tried several pistols, but just listened to experienced shooters, I might have gotten guns that I didn't like or feel comfortable with.
  2. Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life

    Does it reflect your true response?

    Father Kit Cool Gun Garth, I agree we need some additional emojis. I also have trouble figuring out which one fits what I really feel. I'm honored that you chose some of my posts to illustrate your feelings.
  3. Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life

    Never seen before

    Sarge, He wasn't assigned a specific mentor, but all first time shooters have to demonstrate the use of all three weapons before the match starts. Our Range Master is a certified SASS trainer and a VERY EXPERIENCED shooter, and he had all the new shooters demonstrate their weapons before the match. In addition, many new shooters come with the friend that got them interested and they act as mentor, but all of the regular guys on this posse (we have a group of 7-9 that shoot together every match) have always been helpful to unattached new shooters and even when they had the friend that they came with there, offered help and explanations. In all, I know we had at least two brand new CAS shooters and possibly three on a posse of 14. The TO that called the SDQ is always willing to answer questions or clarify the stage directions for ANY/EVERY shooter, not just new ones. He is extremely qualified and always stays up-to-date on rule changes.
  4. Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life

    Never seen before

    I'm not sure, but I think this was his first ever match. He was stand-offish, (which was mentioned by other shooters on the posse that tried to engage him) and never volunteered to do any posse duties at all, not even picking up brass. Now when I started, I started by picking up brass, then the unloading table (with help while I watched a few people and someone nearby in case I had any questions or problems), then loading table, then scorekeeping (years before ACES), then counting, and finally after completing the RO2 course, TOing (with someone kinda shadowing me and training me at first until I demonstrated my capabilities). This was at a small club where we once had a posse of only 7 people. I've since found out this guy is a retired police officer so he would be familiar with having to follow rules/laws and is probably proficient with other guns and possibly other shooting disciplines, just not CAS shooting. The SDQ WAS the CORRECT CALL even if he is a new shooter. For safety's sake we can't ignore the SASS rules just because someone is a new shooter. Did people try to be friendly and help him, I know most of the people on the posse usually go out of their way to "mentor" new shooters and make them feel comfortable and get things correct, but as I said, several other people mentioned he was stand-offish. This posse has some of the same people every match, and we seem to get a lot of new shooters unless they specifically come with a person on one of the other posses. Not that I tried to carry on a conversation with him, but I know I gave him an opening more than once by making a comment about the weather or what a great day it was to shoot. He was not the only first-time shooter on this posse and the other guys really worked by picking up brass and asking questions. I even had one new guy relieve me for a couple of shooters after he watched me and I explained what he needed to check for and had an experienced shooter nearby just in case. Remember a smile goes along way to let someone know how you feel. All of the other new guys had the biggest smiles/grins ever, but not this guy. Maybe he'll come back, maybe he won't. His loss if he doesn't come back, but if he's going to leave just because he got a SDQ, I hope he either changes his attitude to be more cowboy-like, friendly, and helpful with posse duties or doesn't return because if you have a small posse, it hurts to lose a person because they get upset about a correct safety call.
  5. Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life

    If you are interested in getting into CAS

    I personally think the biggest mistake new shooters interested in getting into CAS make, especially those that have shot other disciplines, is to go out and purchase cowboy guns without doing research. By research I mean not just reading the Wire and other places, but more importantly trying out weapons before spending a bunch of money on guns that don’t work well for CAS, or for you, and later having to sell at a loss to buy something that works better for you. The first thing interested newcomers to CAS should do is GO TO SOME MATCHES before buying any guns or equipment. Watch a few matches and after each match talk with some of the shooters. I bet 99% of the time someone will be putting guns in your hand for you to try. Try as many of the guns as you can before deciding to purchase any gun. If you have inherited some guns or already own some, talk with the other shooters to get their input about whether or not these guns will work well for CAS. Some will, some won't. Never say never to reloading. Sooner or later if you really get into CAS shooting, you'll be reloading. Before purchasing guns, clothes, leather or reloading equipment, check the Wire for used clothing, leather goods, and equipment. Get recommendations from several shooters that reload. If possible, try out a friend's reloading equipment if he/she will let you. Bottom line is GO TO SOME MATCHES, meet the friendliest people in the world, and be prepared to have FUN, FUN, FUN.
  6. Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life

    Never seen before

    Saw something that I've never seen since I started SASS CAS in 2003. A new shooter, first time at our club, came to the line with loaded rifle and hammer back and TO called Stage DQ. I was manning the unloading table so I didn't know what had happened, just that he unloaded live rounds from all of his weapons. A few minutes later as I was moving to our next stage, someone on another posse asked me about why this guy was packing up his guns to leave when we still had two stages to go. I didn't know. Thought he might have had problems with one or more of his guns. I later found out the TO that called the SDQ on him went over to him as he was packing up to leave, and the guy stated that he didn't feel that the SDQ call was correct. When asked by the TO whether he had read the SASS handbook, he replied "some of it." TO tried to explain that we have to follow the SASS rules even if "we" don't think it is a safety issue or agree with the rules, and that you learn from your mistakes. This was just a local monthly match, not a state, regional or EOT match. I did the exact same thing on the second stage at a state match a couple of years ago after I had been shooting for 14 years. You bet I was upset at myself, but I didn't pack up and leave. I stayed, shot the rest of the stages, and helped do posse chores even though I had blown my clean match and was out of the running for placing in my category. I've seen people get match DQs stay and help do posse chores. I'm having a hard time believing this guy was so upset over a simple SDQ that he'd quit shooting and leave. Not only did he leave, he had to walk over a quarter of a mile with all his stuff and wade across a creek to where he had left his car because he didn't want to drive his car across the creek crossing. Someone had given him and his stuff a ride across the creek crossing in the back of their pickup.
  7. Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life

    Any interest in the original Firelands story from Belle Alley?

    When are we going to start seeing this? Soon I hope. I do miss the Belle Alley.
  8. Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life

    Footwear, the search may have ended.

    Most clubs are willing to allow you to wear whatever shoe/boot allows you to shoot in comfortably. We aren't the costume police when it comes to being able to shoot or not shoot except in costume contests. Wear whatever allows you to shoot comfortably even if it isn't technically correct and tell anyone that bugs you about it that it is either wear these and shoot, or not wear these and not shoot. You have a medical reason to wear whatever you need to wear to be able to shoot.
  9. Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life


    Check with someone from the club to see if there are people willing to loan you guns to shoot a match at their club. I know I've provided, guns, ammo, and holsters to new shooters coming to my home club, Thunder River Renegades. TRR also has a gun cart available to borrow by new shooters. We do our best to make new shooters welcome in whatever way we can, and I'm sure the same is true at most CAS clubs.
  10. Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life

    SASS/CAS discussion from another site

    I've been CAS since 2003, but I remember that at every club I've ever shot at even in the beginning there were friendly people explaining things to visitors and offering to let you shoot their guns after the match. I and the majority of club members try to do the same when visitors come to our local club. I also offer to let the ladies try my guns if they've come with their shooting husband and they aren't shooters themselves. I've even loaned multiple guns and ammo to new shooters that let me know in advance what they need to borrow to participate and probably most CAS shooters are willing to do the same. Since I've been shooting over the years at lots of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas clubs, nowadays I usually know at least a few people no matter where I go. The saying is "You come for the shooting, but stay for the people." This has been true for me for sure.
  11. Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life

    SASS/CAS discussion from another site

    I only read about 5 pages before I got tired of the same negative comments about clothes, shooting aliases, and mouse fart loads. To each his own I say. CAS is where a 70 yo who can't run fast, or even shoot real fast can have FUN every weekend with friendly folks that are willing to share their guns if yours breaks during a match (even if you are competing in the same class), or offer to try to fix your gun if it breaks, where no matter your skill set or ability folks are always willing to help you and make you feel good about competing (or at least participating). Yes, many of us are getting older and slowing down, but I'm not competing with or against them anyway. My personal goal is to shoot clean or as close to it as I'm capable. I've always said that if this were a situation where if we were a hunting society whereI had to put meat on the table, my family wouldn't starve. We wouldn't have many green vegetables because I have a "black thumb," but we wouldn't go hungry. I also like to joke that I have more fun than those really fast shooters because I get to shoot for 6 minutes instead of 3 minutes or less after 6 stages. Yes, it can cost money to get involved, but what sport doesn't? Drag racing, off-roading, sailing, trap or skeet, hunting, golf, tennis all require an initial investment and cost each time you participate. I choose to participate in CAS because I ENJOY it no matter how slow I shoot or how many targets I miss. As far as skill level, I've been at the local shooting range when some law enforcement officers are practicing for their yearly qualifying and I can hit more targets with greater accuracy than most of them. I frequently hear on the news stuff like the officer fired 10 rounds and the perp wasn't hit once. I know without a doubt that I send more lead downrange every month than most of the officers that carry everyday. I've seen cowboys outshoot cops in cops versus cowboy matches even though they are using their new, expensive, sophisticated semis and we're using single action revolvers and old-timey guns. I enjoy the people in CAS and at the local club matches the fact that allowances are made so as many people that want to can participate. Of course in state, regional, or major matches like EOT, I'll never be competitive even in my class (which is blackpowder), but I still have FUN and enjoy the company of great people, and isn't that what you want from any sport?
  12. Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life


    MizPete, That is why I used to cook at least two turkeys so everyone had a plate of turkey, dressing, and a container of gravy to take home. For me one of the best parts of Thanksgiving and Christmas is turkey sandwiches and dressing the next day.
  13. Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life

    Collapsing categories for awards.

    Jan, I can understand this decision IF it is a state or regional match, but not our club annual especially since they didn't buy the awards. We've always given an award even if there is only one shooter. I'm now shooting against two guys in the Senior Frontier Cartridge class since there were only two entrants and no other women entrants at all. I had to shoot against the guys in SFC at State this year also, but I can understand that. Even just a paper certificate with the name handwritten in would be better than nothing. Besides we have electric power at the range, how hard would it be to bring a color printer and print one that day or at least give or mail a paper award to the winner in a class that didn't have enough to give a trophy. Or even a ribbon is better than nothing. I know CAS isn't about "everyone getting an award just for trying," but it is nice to at least have a piece of paper or a ribbon to remember the event, especially our club annual. BTW thanks for all you and Fairplay have done for our little club.
  14. Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life

    Need To Vent A Little and Could Use Some Advice

    Sedalia is absolutely right about Sears. I've had nothing but problems from them with service. My top of the line Kenmore refrigerator had the ice maker go out in less than 2 years. Took a week to come out to "find out the problem" after I specifically told them which part was needed. Came out and didn't have "that" part on the truck so it was going to be another week to get part, but scheduled service for after that. Never showed up nor called to say they weren't coming. Another call to get service now the part was in. Only had to wait 4 days this time for service instead of 7. Six months later and now I'm having problems again. Only reason I'm going to call Sears for service is I have the extended warranty. Otherwise I'd call someone else to service it. When I moved I called Sears service to reinstall the gas dryer at the new house and specifically stated "GAS" dryer. Had been without washer/dryer for over a week and desperately needed to do laundry. Repairman showed up and said, "I don't do "gas" dryers. Only certain repair guys can install gas dryers." Luckily called a local repairman who came out within a couple of hours and got dryer installed so I could do laundry. No wonder Sears is filing bankruptcy. Not the same Sears they used to be. I no longer trust their appliances at all.
  15. Lorelei Longshot, SASS #44256 Life

    Favorite sweep

    Nevada and progressive are both easy unless I have "brain fade." At a recent match shot progressive on one stage and next stage was Nevada sweep. TO asked if I understood stage - "Yes." Then proceeded to shoot a progressive. Knew as soon as I fired that third rifle round on target two that I had messed up, but I'd already gotten the penalty so I finished it as a progressive. TO said, "I thought you understood." Me - "I did until I had a brain f*rt and sent the third round downrange."

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