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  1. Adirondack Jack, SASS #53440

    45 Cowboy specials

    Hey Pards, ive been otherwise occupied for quite a spell, but happened to notice the recent chatter since Starline began cataloging the COWBOY 45 SPECIAL (yes, that’s the correct terminology). I no longer have any financial interest in the C45S (acceptable abbreviation), as I sold my interest several years ago. I do of course retain a bit of paternal interest in the cartridge, the Cowboy Carrier for the Winchester and Henry rifles, as well as the companion Barnstormer 125 grain bullet. They’ll always be my babies. The case was originally conceived as a way to do two things. I was shooting triple seven in those days, and it got a mite pricey to load. I also wanted to create a smokeless round that would eliminate the inconsistency and frequent squibs associated with ultra light 45 colt loads. As my research commenced, using a thousand casss cut down from new Starline colt brass and neck teamed (I know I’m nuts. That was a lotta work) I realized I could create a round giving parity between 45 and 38 shooters. It’s been almost 12 years since I first ordered the otiginal C45S brass, and I note the European champ a year or two ago won with em. Several state and regional champs shoot em. So that worked. I otiginslly Used lee auto rim does with a colt shell plate. I recommend it I won’t share load data, but note any autorim target data is a good start. Im glad to see the round getting a following inside and outside CAS. I always knew that would take time. Unfortunately first a brush with cancer and then the onset of legal blindness put me out of the business and shooting in the meantime. But that’s ok. The round will be with us when we are all gone. If I can further assist, it’s gotta be via email. I’m not around the forum much. Adirondakjack at yahoo
  2. is the Magma Master Caster available Thanks, Keokotah

  3. I got wind that you have made a hillbilly Airstream. Just have a few questions for you if you are interested. I'm looking at getting an enclosed trailer and want to keep it for hauling purposes. But to modify it "slightly" for weekend shoots. If you have any does or don't id appreciate it.

  4. I have a follow up question o two about loading the C45 on a Dillon Square Deal B. I have a SDB set up for 45ACP.. If I change out the shell plate so it will hold the C45 cases will all the ACP dies work? There are 4 proprietary dies: sizer/deprimer, powder/bell, bullet seat and crimp dies. I want to get my SDB set up for C45 but I would like to do it as inexpensively as possible.

  5. Sure did. You did a great job. I need to get back to the marlins pretty soon. Gonna need a little TIG work on the one.....

  6. Howdy AJ.

    did you see my video of the M'AJ'ik and Matic?

    Hope you enjoyed them.

    Keep in touch.



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