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  1. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Strange rifle failure.

    If I were you, I'd have bought a Lotto ticket on the way home...... Glad you came out (relatively) unscathed. Jersey Lilly needs you.
  2. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Stupidity reigns supreme in higher education

    Believe you me, stupidity is also rampant in LOWER education. That's one of the reasons I left it after a (very) brief career. The old adage that "Those who can't learn, teach; those who can't teach, teach teachers" was shown to be true again and again. There were pitifully few exceptions.....
  3. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Another Interpretation question

    Our club has the standard of "Shotgun in hand, BOTH hands on gun, NOT touching ammo". Solves situation.
  4. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Who is this Father Kit Cool Gun Garth?

    Father Kit, there's a candle burning in the window fer ya.....
  5. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    hot weather shirt

    Also work great as an underlayer in cold weather. I have some of the striped mattress ticking style in a navy blue/gray. Looks cowboy enuff for me..... Used one yesterday at our match. We were done before it got to the day's high of 112, but it was still nice to have. BTW, avoid the red ones for sunny and hot weather. Red will enhance infra-red effects and create more heat.
  6. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Expensive Oil Change

    It was obviously meant to be, and the color matches your local sky...... Tell Uno "Hi" for me.
  7. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Eldorado MAIN MATCHES

    You'd have to charge extra for THAT attraction.....
  8. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Eldorado MAIN MATCHES

    Well, I certainly wouldn't want to be the one to have to tell her.....
  9. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Eldorado MAIN MATCHES

    Well, I read 'em and I liked 'em. This is gonna be FUN! And my very first match as a CATTLE BARON! Only way I'll ever have the title of 'Baron' of anything..... And I see in the "Who's Coming" list that Shooting Bull has covered his bases by signing up twice...... BTW, the "Who's Coming" list IS for Eldorado, right? Not Damsite, as titled, eh?
  10. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Two loaded guns in hand?

    Shooting Bull.......Master of Multi-tasking ......
  11. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    I never would have believed...

    Maybe try a horror film...... "Night of the Leppus" would put a different (bad) taste in your mouth....
  12. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494


    I was 'introduced' to Bakersfield in 1966 when I moved to Orange County from Kitsap peninsula of Washington. RUDE awakening! My buddy's 1965 Mustang ran out of gas about 200 yards from off ramp freeway exit where gas station was. We were pulling a utility trailer containing our race bikes, tools & gear. His Mom and sister were with us and Mom steered while we pushed on the fortunately level pavement. I distinctly recall it was 7:30 PM in mid-July, and 107 degrees. I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into.......
  13. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Prado fire.

    . Anyone know if it is close to The Cowboys, Rahaug es range? Darn auto correct.....
  14. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Lee vs Dillon

    I have a 550 and a 650, (and a PW 12 ga w/case feeder) each mounted on 5/8" plywood with I/16" metal plate under press itself. Store in my warehouse when not in use. C-clamp to fold-away Shopmate (?) portable carpenters metal table for action. Works great. 2 50 lb. dumb bells on lower table shelf help stabilize. Also mount RCBS Rock Chucker when needed. Versatile. No space to have all mounted and active at same time. Creativity is your friend.... Good luck on your project..
  15. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Stupid reloading mistake

    A BIG plus100 to that....

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