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  1. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494


    Continued prayers from the Bascombs..... the Master Physician works miracles, and is the strongest medicine you can get without a prescription......
  2. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Pranking Google

    I think you won, Yul. I called the # twice today in the 'spirit of the game', and both times the line just feebly clicked and went dead....... I was ALMOST sad.....
  3. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    How can you shoot this?

    Dang! This is better than any TV........
  4. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Vertigo anyone?

    Darwin thinning the gene pool...... A tourist managed to back off a cliff in Yosemite yesterday while taking a selfie. At least his episode was accidental. These others are purposely tempting the Reaper, and IMHO, forfeit any sympathy for unfavorable outcomes.
  5. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Once-fired 12 ga Hulls

    Thanks to all for the replies and info. Too bad we lost another good pard and resource for our hobby.
  6. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Once-fired 12 ga Hulls

    Anyone know if papcharlie (Charley Tyler of Odessa, Florida) is still in business? He worked by email (no phone) and my last order was promptly filled. Tried twice for contact with no results. Figured there would be a "undeliverable" notification if they no longer existed. Failing positive results, any suggestions for sourcing STS green or gold once-fired hulls? Precision Reloading is rather expensive, and their shipping is REALLY expensive.... Any help greatly appreciated.
  7. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Eldorado MAIN MATCHES

    Red bulbs/lenses for the LT & ULT lighting. I've got all kinds of lists and I'm just attending, not creating & hosting the event..... Sounds like another great plan is coming together! Quoting Nellie Blue, "Is it time to shoot yet?"
  8. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Something new (to me) under the sun......

    Good hearing from you, Lumpy. Say Hi to Ima for us. It was the farthest (nearly) thing from my mind. Posting so no one experiences this at an inconvenient time----like perhaps during a charge by a species of dangerous game..... Trust me, the plunger pin DID move freely......
  9. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Something new (to me) under the sun......

    Ruger base pin plunger escaped from its home inside the hollow base pin and locked the hammer at full cock (fortunately on the empty chamber) at the loading table. NOTHING would move. Removed base pin & cylinder. Still locked solid. At this point, didn't know cause, just knew pistol was hors de combat. Venemous Doc was kind enough to loan the use of his backup, and I finished the match with it. After the festivities I took the time to LOOK at the pieces in my cart and noticed the little protrusion I'm used to seeing from the back of the base pin was missing. Finally concluding the piece (base pin plunger) was inside the mechanism and responsible for it being jammed, I disassembled, cleaned and lubed and reassembled things and found the plunger and spring are obviously not needed if there are no TRANSFER BARS in the revolvers..... As none of our Rugers used for SASS events have transfer bars, I may remove the plunger/spring assemblies as a preventive move.... Has anyone here experienced this failure, or pre-empted it by removing the assembly? This malfunction could be really embarrassing at a big match .
  10. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Now I done did it.

    Good move. Now you can spend the weekend sitting in it with the owner's/instruction manual trying to figure out how all that new stuff operates.....
  11. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Registration fees...

    Gotta ante up your 'fair share'....... Socialism's expensive. dontcha know.
  12. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Winchester '97 Takedown

    Yep.... he left us way to soon.
  13. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Packard Hawk

    Had 3 Studebakers. 1953 hardtop coupe, salmon and cream color scheme, flathead 6 w/3 speed overdrive. 28 mpg doing 70 with full load in trunk & back seat. Favorite was a '53 coupe which was chopped 4" with 3 speed floorshift (big deal at the time, 1962). Last one was a '55 coupe with a Packard V8. Wish I had any one of them now.....
  14. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Am I the only person that finds this laughable?

    Your (our) tax dollars at work..... or maybe just parked. I'm sure some Gov't PR flak will come up with a justification statement.
  15. Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494

    Bullpup stock for Marlin Camp Carbine SOLD PF.

    Hunter 1---PM'd you with further info. It appears Camp 45 would work.

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