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  1. Stage design - likes and dislikes

    AMEN! Good stage writers are NOT born , they EVOLVE through a process of hard work and experience. Hopefully the club gets to have fun along the way.
  2. Leather Shotgun Belts--#2 & #3 are SOLD!

    Moose-- PM incoming. Thanks! BB
  3. Hi folks!!!!

    Phantom-- glad to see you back gracing the Wire. Seems that life is sometimes one loooong rehab! But we all wonder, whatever happened to Lothar and Narda?
  4. Leather Shotgun Belts--#2 & #3 are SOLD!

    Bump with reduced prices on #1 & #3
  5. Ideas to Grow SASS Membership and expand the Sport

    Yep-- "I wish I were 22 again!" IWIW22A as a category works for us. It allows participation when main match guns are down for repairs, and it worked well for ME when I was down for repairs following shoulder rebuild. Borrowed a LH Xdraw holster to go with a strong LH holster and shot LH duelist, and shotgun as Outlaw. Rifle worked OK if elbow was kept against my side. No recoil and less weight. Kept me from getting (too) rusty..... Allows newcomers to 'test the waters' more easily.
  6. Federal Top Gun 900 fps Metro Loads

    Love 'em! They shuck fine from our SKB's and BSS. They shoot softly but hit hard. I keep a box in the cart in case we encounter some recalcitrant KD's which are unresponsive to our pussy-foot SG loads (kinder on our ailing shoulder joints...).
  7. Leather Shotgun Belts--#2 & #3 are SOLD!

    Claude D.-- Email incoming. Thanks! BB
  8. Leather Shotgun Belts--#2 & #3 are SOLD!

    #1--20 ga. with 8 double loops; 2 .44/.45 and 3 .32/.38 cartridge loops. Light border tooling. 31" to 37.5". Now $45 shipped. #2--Kirkpatrick 12 ga. 'hybrid' (LHSSB #2) with 12 single, 6 double loops; 2 layer w/suede inner, nicely aged brass buckle. Light border tooling. Marked 42, measures 43.5 to 48". VERY light use. $75 shipped. SPF #3--12 ga. with 20 single loops; .38 cal slide with 6 loops (covering 2 SG loops in photo). Heavy yet supple 2-layer leather, scuffed on smooth inside (see photo). Marked "J. Costanza, maker, Boulder City, NV." Measures 43" to 48". Won this one at a shoot, and not needed. Now $49 shipped. SPF PM or info/details. Thanks for looking.
  9. Everything SPF. Thanks, Pards

    Larabee--- PM incoming.
  10. ALL SPF. Thanks, Pards!

    Carolina-- Yes, price includes delivery to your door by a uniformed, tax-funded employee of the Federal Government. Thanks for your interest. BB
  11. ALL SPF. Thanks, Pards!

    CW and CR, PM's incoming with remittance info. Thanks! BB
  12. Everything SPF. Thanks, Pards

    Thanks, CW-- PM incoming.
  13. Everything SPF. Thanks, Pards

    Earl PM incoming. Thanks! BB
  14. ALL SPF. Thanks, Pards!

    WW- PM sent. Thanks! BB
  15. Everything SPF. Thanks, Pards

    My feet no longer can tolerate wearing of spurs, so Classic and B-Western are out. 1--Brown with silver concho and studs with brass rowls. Missing 1 jingle bob. Stoutly built. $44 shipped. SPF #2-- Black with silver studs and finely engraved silver accents. Lighter weight (Gamer spurs...(: ) $40 shipped. #3 Nicely aged fully functional and accurate brass- cased compass. Back case marked U. S. C. E. Closing cover lifts needle from bearing. $22 shipped. SPF PM for questions/info. Thanks for looking.

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