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  1. Harman Hammer, SASS #20214

    The South Carolina State Championship has been decided!

    Congrats to all my SC chutin pards, and all the winners. Maybe next year I'll be able to attend. I heard it wuz a purdy hot couple days.
  2. Harman Hammer, SASS #20214

    Fifth Saturday or Sunday???

    Thanks Mr. BIG. I think I'm gonna take your suggestion on one of those choices. I'm gonna shoot with Panhandle this Saturday, so I may go back next since its only about an hour plus away. I need some practice with the 1911.
  3. Harman Hammer, SASS #20214

    Fifth Saturday or Sunday???

    Thanks Purly... I had a great time at Boomtown earlier this year. Unfortunately I'll be coming from the FL panhandle on 5th Saturday... should have limited the range of travel in my OP. I will come shoot with ya'll again early next year, or maybe if ya'll have a December 5th Saturday shoot.
  4. Harman Hammer, SASS #20214

    Fifth Saturday or Sunday???

    Is anyone in Florida, or Georgia shooting the fifth Saturday or Sunday? I looked at SASS club sites with nobody advertising those dates.
  5. Harman Hammer, SASS #20214

    J.M.BROWN [ North Carolina ]

    Ol' JM talks funny don't he. But he's still a good buddy to ride the range with.
  6. Howdy Harman, how ya doing Friendm hope the guns are still shooting good.... My phone # is 520-826-0012have them call me mid day please, Thanks

    West Fargo


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