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  1. When Evacuation Orders Are Lifted

    They did, thank you. We were never in a mandatory evacuation area. Bugged out that first morning because a firefighter in a pickup who was out trying to figure out what all was going on said, basically, "You're an idiot if you don't leave." That was when the fire was marching down the hill. Second was when our area was under a "voluntary evacuation advisory," meaning "If you aren't bugging out, be ready for it, you idiot."
  2. The Fires In Photos

  3. One of my Facebook friends posted this. By the way, she lives in Napa, just over the hill from us.
  4. I Saw This On My Way Home From Work

    Yes, it is. I was going north on Brookwood.
  5. Guard

  6. I Saw This On My Way Home From Work

    I suspect they did. We have assets from all over here. I think all of the fires are at least 70% contained now. To knock down that monsters so quickly is a miracle. The bravery, dedication, professionalism, and Herculean effort by these thousands of men and women is awesome inspiring. Saw several truckstoday California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation, Trinity River Fire Crew.
  7. British Lee Enfield

    't weren't nuthin'. Just googled Enfield No. 4Mk1*
  8. I Saw This On My Way Home From Work

    Yep. It was justimpressive to see that and know it is one of 4 or 5 such parks.
  9. The music isn't added, that's just my radio.
  10. British Lee Enfield

  11. Do you wear stickers?

    I wear the "I VOTED" sticker until I get home.
  12. Air Assets In Santa Rosa PHOTOS ADDED

    One of the choppers this morning was making lots of trip to Spring Lake, to the Oakmont Fire, back to Spring Lake, back to the fire. Using that Flightradar24 site to get the ID on it she found: http://www.warbirdregistry.org/heloregistry/huey-6717725.html IROQUOIS/67-17725 Serial #: 67-17725 Construction #: - Civil Registration: N408KC Model(s): UH-1H Iroquois Name: None Status: Airworthy (2008) Last info: 2017 History:Delivered to U.S. Army as 67-17725, 19??.USDA Forest Service, Bakersfield, CA, 1996-2017.- Registered as N408KC.
  13. Air Assets In Santa Rosa PHOTOS ADDED

    From the Sonoma Co. Sheriffs FB page: To give you a better idea of the resources CalFire is using to keep the Nuns fire out of Santa Rosa, here are some more photos one of our officers took of the air attack operations today in the area of Highway 12 between Los Alamos Road and Pythian Road. God bless those brave, dedicated, insane crews.