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  1. Subdeacon Joe

    What’s fer dinner?

    Tonight - Pasta carbonara.
  2. Let's pray that there will be little need for many in the future.
  3. Subdeacon Joe

    Charro movie

    No, no. we have almost no evidence videos of us at all. Much less when using what BATFE would call "destructive devices."
  4. Subdeacon Joe

    California pards in fire zones

    I don't see how they do it. Last year I was amazed, humbled, gobsmacked at the number of different agencies and crews that worked the Tubbs Fire here. Nationwide, world wide, support. The Australians (see photo) were here within a week and were some of the last to leave. There were about two dozen tents, don't know how many in their contingent. I sent the Australian Embassy an email thanking them for the yeoman-like work their crew did for us. May Sts. Florian, Barbara, and Michael watch over them and keep them safe.
  5. Subdeacon Joe


    Amazing what can happen when you actually look at the numbers, isn't it? In '04 or '05 "Parenting Magazine" did one of the usual horror stories about 44% OF ALL HOUSEHOLDS HAVE GUNS! AND MOST OF THEM HAVE AT LEAST ONE THAT ISN'T LOCKED UP!!!!! That 44% is pretty close to what both Gallup and Pew Research came up with two or three years ago. They were playing it up as if there are a huge number of accidental/negligent discharges caused by kids finding unsecured firearms. Well, looking at data from the US Census Bureau, you can guesstimate that the 44% translates to about 132,000,000 people having ready access to firearms. In 2015 there were under 500 deaths by accidental/negligent shooting. I'm not even gonna bother to do the math on that one. If you look at ALL deaths and injuries by means of firearm, and even include suicides, there are about 120,000 injures and deaths per year. Call it about .09% of all people with ready access to firearms harm themselves or others with them. Hardly the "epidemic" the press and capons bray about.
  6. Subdeacon Joe

    Charro movie

    Likely the flame from the propellant charge would have ignited the whole length of fuse at once. So the dynamite would have exploded in the barrel or within about 30 yards. Now, I have heard said that if you take a tennis ball, slit it open, fill it with powder, take some 12 second per foot fuse, cut a piece 3 inches long, insert about an inch of it into the powder then wrap the tennis ball with tape, leaving only about half an inch of fuse exposed, load it and discharge the piece, it will go off about 200 yards or so down range. Or so I have heard.
  7. Subdeacon Joe

    California pards in fire zones

    Both the CA State Militia and the National Guard are stepping up to the plate. California State Militia November 18 at 8:42 PM · I was going to do a follow up post to the Camp Fire Mission joint effort between Bravo Co-1st Reg. and Echo and Bravo Companies of the 2nd Reg. But why reinvent the wheel when there is already a post that covers the mission: ~Professor Operation Camp Fire: Echo Company 2nd Reg. and Bravo Company 1st Reg., supported by Bravo 2nd Reg. responded to frantic requests for assistance in N. California by evacuation centers assisting in the Camp Fire tragedy. The fire completely destroyed the town of Paradise and the surrounding 140,000 acres, resulting in 50 known deaths and the destruction of 8800 homes and businesses. Our advance team found the evacuees were being sequestered by the Red Cross in unorganized masses, huddled in the Walmart parking lots, unfed and without shelter. Our Father's Church located in Live Oak, CA is a large facility with grass parks, paved parking, a gymnasium and administrative building, located just south of the fire-line. They were frantic and stated they needed assistance with their growing chaotic situation. Donations were piled in an unorganized mass at the front of the facility with very little staff to deal with the mounting material. They had security concerns due to evacuees who had legal issues or restraining orders; agitated, confused, desperate victims of the fire. CSM was able to arrive with boots and equipment on the ground within 12 hours: We promptly set up a command center, medical tent, large mess hall, communications, lighting, security detail, liaison with local police, material handlers, farmers, business owners for material that would be needed to effectively operate the evacuation center. Our S4 (logistics) was augmented by Liam Kovak W1 Echo Company, who brought in lighting, and fork-lift. We were able to stabilize the situation and set material and procedures for logistics, security, planning, dining, evacuee intake, emergency QRF, and community outreach. We brought in 165 bins for donation storage to protect the goods and make them organized and readily available for the public. We supplied a physical security operation for the evenings, a heated dining facility and logistic. CSM Echo and Bravo also supplied a press release for the local newspaper who were very surprised and gracious about our efforts. This effort was accomplished quickly with the cooperative efforts of three militia companies. Command was split between Capt. Piper Brown of Echo Company, and Capt. Brett Joiner of Bravo Company 1st. S-1 Personnel was handled by the XOs 1LT Steven Coburn and 2Lt David Gipson, S-2 Intelligence was handled by Dale Palmer, Aaron Cooper and Hari Ashton, S3 Operations were handled by the company commanders and S4 Logistics were handled by Liam Kovak, Herb Fullerton, Zack Roberts and Donna. CSM members were rotated in and out of the operation as they became available by Capt. Darren Lee and 1LT Doug Eckstein. Thank you all. After stabilizing the location and setting processes, CSM was asked for assistance closer to the fire-line in Chico, CA. We met with the director of a location that had found itself in a confusing situation and in need of assistance. As we prepared our advance team and equipment the Red Cross cancelled any further evacuee movements and then abandoned them in the parking lot with a National Guard MP company. We are informed that our assistance could be called upon at any time and will be provided a 48 hour warning for planning and movement. As of now, all CSM operations in the Camp Fire area have ceased, we continue to funnel cash donation to the Our Father's Church. Thank You all again for assisting in this mutual aid cooperative operation for The Camp Fire, one of the worst fire disasters in CA history. It shows you why we train so hard and stay prepared to assist our communities. Capt. Piper, Echo Company, CSM/2. https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1693060/195th-isrg-provides-intelligence-support-for-camp-and-woolsey-fires/fbclid/IwAR2nFUPWIIHucbPQpYOV4N52eM8XYqNZWXZ9LTZ9273mfikoIxmqTAVawBo/
  8. Subdeacon Joe

    I'll be glad when it's over - Thanksgiving and Black Friday

    Just my wife and I, so Liturgy in the morning, get home and get the turkey in the oven. Start making a few sides. Might even skip the pie this year.
  9. Subdeacon Joe

    Angels at work

    God bless their brave and insane souls.
  10. Subdeacon Joe

    California pards in fire zones

    I thought that the Tubbs Fire last year was fast moving. This one, the Camp Fire, reported at about 06:30. By noon, around 8,000 acres. By 14:00 it was being reported as above 16,000 acres. Insanely fast.
  11. Subdeacon Joe

    whop Whop WHop WHOp WHOP WHOP!

    I was raised in Vista, CA. Right next to Camp Pendleton. A real familiar sound. I graduated from high school in '75 so I didn't get the intimate acquaintance with the Huey many of you have. My stepson recently got hooked up to ride in one thru HueyVets. Helps that he is a crew chief in the 129th Rescue Wing.
  12. Subdeacon Joe

    Army-Navy 2018

    Beat .. Merchant Marine?

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