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  1. Cool Weather Meals

    If you like that you will probably like both Shoo Fly Pie and Vinegar Pie.
  2. Cool Weather Meals

    I had to look that up. Sounds like a halubki casserole. In other words, pretty darned tasty.
  3. Punny

    Feel FREE! That's what I did.
  4. Punny

  5. Vicious Attack On Police

    Cops shoot back.
  6. Cool Weather Meals

    Shouldn't "vegetable soup" be vegetable based?
  7. Movie Sword Fights?

    Darned fine movie. Loosely based on history. "As a young officer in Napoleon's Army, Dupont was ordered to deliver a disagreeable message to a fellow officer, Fournier, a rabid duellist. Fournier, taking out his subsequent rage on the messenger, challenged Dupont to a duel. This sparked a succession of encounters, waged with sword and pistol, that spanned decades. The contest was eventually resolved when Dupont was able to overcome Fournier in a pistol duel, forcing him to promise never to bother him again." As I recall, Napoleon chastised both of them in a comment about hating the "professional duelist." My favorite from the movie:
  8. Cool Weather Meals

    Split pea soup. Not the smooth, flavorless canned stuff. But with chunks of salt pork, kielbasa, carrots, celery, and onion. Second choice is barley cooked in beef broth.
  9. Sgt. Al Powell

    Hey! It got him out of the line of fire!
  10. "Bravely Ran Away"

    "Tally for the week, Brits 12 Americans Nil" The guy can tell a story.
  11. Fancy Dancin'

  12. Sgt. Al Powell

    This is Sgt. Al Powell. He was integral in stopping a terrorist attack in Los Angeles at Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas in 1988.
  13. Lend-Lease Tanks