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  1. Subdeacon Joe

    British Ranks During the ARW

    Thanks for the history lesson, Major. While the details of the movie are, shall we say, less than completely accurate, the attitude can be seen here:
  2. Subdeacon Joe

    Safe Queens

    I was expecting a thread about vthe Pink Pistols.
  3. Subdeacon Joe

    Various Military Stuff

  4. Subdeacon Joe

    Can anyone tell me.....

    Light .38 Special loads go through a bale of hay like it isn't there.
  5. Subdeacon Joe

    British Ranks During the ARW

  6. Subdeacon Joe

    What It Cost

    Utah Freedom Memorial, Sandy, Utah.
  7. Subdeacon Joe

    Speeding up the game

  8. Subdeacon Joe

    Speeding up the game

    Hmmm....fiddle with straps....hmmm.. I seem to recall batters standing next to the box, reach down and rub some dirt into their hands, then use the bat to knock some imaginary dirt off their cleats, spit, rub more dirt into their hands, adjust their pants, adjust their hat/helmet, step into the box, tap the plate, spend some time getting their feet placed just so. Baseball isn't meant to be a fast game.
  9. Subdeacon Joe

    The NFL caved....

    It wasn't until, what?, 2009 that the teams were on the sidelines for the National Anthem? I see no problem with allowing them the choice to stay in the locker room or stand on the sidelines. My only real kvetch was that the whole "protest" was built on a great big lie. Then people on both sides dug in and got stupid about it. I do agree that if they are on the field they should, like the fans, should stand respectfully.
  10. Subdeacon Joe

    OPEN appreciation letter to Staff

    Well said. Thank you for posting that.
  11. Subdeacon Joe

    Breaching Tool

  12. Subdeacon Joe


    Yeah, tricky on a gas or electric stove. No Dutch Oven cooking? Or just a big soup pot inverted? Takes some practice, but with a big pot of some sort and some coals you can improvise an oven. Not saying its easy, but can be done.
  13. Subdeacon Joe

    Tired of Your Lies

    The National Guard is a component of the US Army reserve. Kind of on loan to the several states. Unless the feds need it. "Assault rifle." as used by capons in office and other anti-civil rights types, has no relation to the actual military meaning.

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