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  1. Subdeacon Joe

    It's Kosher

    And then there are the Russians: http://russiatrek.org/blog/army/battle-church-of-russian-army/ http://www.pravmir.com/russian-paratrooper-chaplains-heavenly-forces-uncover-domes/
  2. Subdeacon Joe

    This Was Intentional...Sort Of

  3. Subdeacon Joe

    The Hereafter

  4. Subdeacon Joe

    Late adopter

    In the mid- 70s I was getting Social Security benefits because my dad was disabled from an industrial accident. Sometime in there, I forget the year, it became legal for Americans to own gold again. I wanted to take some of that money and buy krugurands (sp?). I think they were about $72 each at the time. My dad wouldn't let me.
  5. Subdeacon Joe

    LGBT Support

    A good group. I gave firearms training to some gays. They were more worried about letting their gay friends know that they were gun owners than letting people at the gun shop or range know they were gay.
  6. Subdeacon Joe

    Yosemite Webcam This Morning

    Hmmmm......looks like the photos are live linked so you're getting current conditions. CK, I've been reading that Mammoth go somewhere around ten feet of snow.
  7. Subdeacon Joe

    Did you ever get home with your Chinese carry out

    What? Never had that happen.
  8. Subdeacon Joe

    The Red Part Is Too Big

    Or a .22 rimfire..... Amazing how small a hole in a pocket those can slip through.
  9. Subdeacon Joe

    It's Kosher

    https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/.premium.MAGAZINE-the-rabbi-deploying-to-afghanistan-with-his-elite-u-s-army-battalion-1.6937477?fbclid=IwAR2lyd8DY33DuUHQyZOmP8nVkxy6EMCBPO7_3dXMAIhXk7dD49fqsC8TKEY What’s the function of the chaplain? “The chaplain does anything that the soldier does – except that in the U.S. Army, we’re noncombatants. So we’re not meant to take offensive positions or attack targets. As part of the command staff, we’re there to support our unit, but whatever our soldiers do – if they’re training in techniques to evade the enemy, or digging foxholes, doing surveillance and things like that – we have to be nested within the unit, and not be a burden or slow it down. “During routine periods, we are there to provide support for everyone who’s on the ground, to offer the commander religious counsel and provide support for the soldiers emotionally, mentally, morally. All 800 soldiers have free access to your office. People tell you about personal issues that are bothering them.” What’s the philosophy behind that, and why would a non-Jew choose to consult a Jewish rabbi? There must be a military psychologist on the base. “The military is interested in mission readiness. If you’re not squared away at home, how great a warrior could you be? The goal is to ensure that soldiers are well cared for, and that they’re coming from a good, supportive place. They know that anything that happens within our environment is kept completely confidential. Even in court, I’m not allowed to disclose anything that they speak to me about. Some might go to a therapist – which I am not – but others will come to me because, as a chaplain, you are ‘boots on the ground’ with your soldiers, you do PT [physical training] with them, you exercise with them. So they know you, and also the word may have gotten around a bit that I have been able to help soldiers.”
  10. Subdeacon Joe

    SHOT Show Theft

  11. Subdeacon Joe

    Exciting Ride

    Bobsled Misses Track Worker A track worker at a World Cup bobsleigh event escaped serious injury on Saturday in Lake Placid, N.Y. The man entered the course after Monaco's four-man sled, piloted by Rudy Rinaldi, landed on its side on the track. However, the sled regained its footing and continued down the track and into the worker's path. The track worker dove off the course just before the sled barrelled by him.
  12. My wife and I subscribe to the theory of "God's Two by Four." God is always trying to teach us, always whispering to us to guide us. Every once in a while there is something Important He wants us to know, but we stubbornly ignore Him. So He sends us something little to kind of tap us on the shoulder and talks a little louder to get our attention. We keep on being oblivious. So He kind of taps harder, talks a little louder. Still not getting through. So He picks up His 2 x 4 and WHAP up-side the head and finally gets our attention. THEN we get the lesson He has for us. Yep. I know some like that. It could be raining fifty dollar bills and they would whine that it wasn't raining hundred dollar bills.

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