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  1. USS Juneau Found

    Allen strikes again.
  2. Ban Bridges?

  3. Porky Pine

    Found on Facebook
  4. Interesting Request From My Daughter

    Nope Get away from the keyboard Joe.
  5. Interesting Request From My Daughter

    Maybe you could talk with the owners and get some sort of discount. When I did some range days for our parish I asked the people to pay their own range fee. Their first time the ammo was on me. If they came after that I asked that they kick in towards the cost of ammo. When I explained that even loading my own it was about 35 cents a round for the rifle rounds, and pistol ammo I bought bulk with my wife's employee discount, so it was only about 10 cents a round, they kicked in some. Not enough to cover all of it, but it eased the bite.
  6. How Accessible?

    How about:
  7. Good Video

  8. Interesting Request From My Daughter

    With a bit of luck they will want more than one session, And maybe they will bring some friends. Who will want more and bring other friends....
  9. A few links to interesting pages

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/paulhsieh/2018/03/20/any-study-of-gun-violence-should-include-how-guns-save-lives/2/#2a757b8062d9 https://www.justfacts.com/guncontrol.asp https://www.nap.edu/read/10881/chapter/7#110
  10. For Subdeacon Joe, et al

    We do live in interesting times.
  11. For Subdeacon Joe, et al

    That's cool!
  12. For Subdeacon Joe, et al

    While I appreciate the thought, that doesn't go where you may think it goes.
  13. Mixed Messages

    Don't laugh. STOP LAUGHING!
  14. Rest In Peace, Anthony Acevedo

  15. Rest In Peace, Anthony Acevedo

    Anthony Acevedo, an Army medic who helped heal and cheer those around him in two Nazi prisoner-of-war camps and for decades afterward, was buried with full military honors at Riverside National Cemetery on Thursday, March 8.
  16. A Ray Of Hope

    Looks like some of the younger folks have their heads on straight. https://www.npr.org/2018/02/24/588069946/millennials-are-no-more-liberal-on-gun-control-than-elders-polls-show Interesting that Mr Newport was surprised. Maybe he should actually get out and talk to people rather than getting all his information from the DNC.
  17. Drawers

    Made by Black Pearl Wood Works
  18. Hello Fresh

    I just checked the mail and found Just For Me! a gift card for $50 Off!!!!!! ($25 from each of the first two boxes) from Hello Fresh. No mention of the actual price. Plus it is hard to find the price on their website. Right now they have a special of only $4.99/meal (regular $9.99). Found some "plan" prices of Forbes . Good GRIEF! Here is a sample of their recipes
  19. ICE

  20. Your Furniture Is Toast

    No idea. I just liked the look on the cat's face.
  21. Sweden has rednecks too!

    Which means more expensive toys.