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  1. Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L

    Old Tucson, AZ worth vsiting

    PIMA air museum and a tour of the mothball aircraft nearby is a must see. You can signup for the tour at the museum.
  2. Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L

    Old Tucson, AZ worth vsiting

    Go to "visit us" and scroll to the bottom of the page and it covers the SASS entry we have described.
  3. Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L

    Old Tucson, AZ worth vsiting

    Been there a couple times and got in free each time as I was dressed properly and showed my SASS information. Went healed each time and had more than a few take photos of me and with me. Also asked questions thinking I worked at the place. The northern part of the town burned down some time ago but there are still portions of the southern part that was used in movies you may have seen. Yes the set for High Chaparral is there. Its set up as a tourist destination, there are shows, tours, places to eat, a small train that runs around the entire perminter, there's an old steam train engine that has been used in many different movies. North of Benson which is on the interstate north of Tombstone is a western town movie set that was used to film several movies including Tombstone and The Quick and the Dead. The caretaker is the one that gives the tours. There are no amenities just the town and the caretaker.
  4. Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L

    Your Garands

    Look forward to the photo!
  5. Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L

    Got my first match under my belt!

    Alright only 1 miss in six stages!
  6. Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L

    Got my first match under my belt!

    Congratulations, be sure to attend Land Run. Welcome to the family. Scout
  7. Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L

    My first ever CAS match!

    Pretty good for your fist match. WELCOME to a great family. Scout
  8. Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L

    Well I Got My Wish - Snow

    Good thing you had chain saws with you.
  9. Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L

    Your Garands

    All the M1 Garands posted are GREAT! This thread inspired me to update my group photo so I took them all out of the safe along with the appropriate bayonets for the photographs. Also updated the info for each which is cut and pasted here. As I was putting them away realized I forgot to put the M2 flash hiders on the 3 snipers so there is a separate photo of them. Oh and I also included the 1941 Johnson in the family portrait, hope you don't mind. Scout 1 1) SF model M1 Garand, made 1943, 30-06 cal, auto-loading, Model 1905 bayonet, parked PAL dated 1942 w/ M3 scabbard 2) Model 1941 Johnson Auto, made 1941, 30-06 cal, auto-loading, Johnson socket/spike bayonet w/ Johnson leather scabbard 3) SF model M1 Garand, made 1945 (re-barrel 1951), 30-06 cal, auto-loading, M1905E1 bayonet, parked AFH dated 1943 cut spire point by AFH (brown grips) w/ M3 scabbard modified to M7 scabbard 4) SF model M1C Garand Sniper with M82 scope 2.5x, made 1944 (re-barrel 1953), 30-06 cal, auto-loading, SA M2 cone flash hider, M1905E1 bayonet, blue WT dated 1942 cut bowie tip by UFH w/ M7 scabbard 5) SF model M1C Garand (SA-52 marked) Tribute USMC M1952 Sniper with Kollmorgen Bear Cub scope 4x w/ MC1 mount, made 1944 (re-barrel 1953), 30-06 cal, auto-loading, Hart M2 cone flash hider, M1 bayonet, U.C. 10” w/ M7 scabbard 6) Winchester model M1D Garand Sniper with M84 scope 2.2x, made 1944 (Converted SF barrel 1951 – DCM paperwork), 30-06 cal, auto-loading, Hart M2 cone flash hider, M5 bayonet, Imperial w/ BM Co M8 scabbard 7) SF model M1D Garand Sniper with Weaver K4 scope w/special 1” mount, made 1952 barrel dated 1-53, 30-06 cal, auto-loading, T37 prong flash hider, M5 bayonet, JD Tool Co w/ VP Co M8A1 scabbard 8) Mk2 Mod 1HR Modified SF for Navy, made 1942 (re-barrel 1965), .308/7.62 cal, auto-loading, M5A1 bayonet, Mil Par Col w/ PWH M8A1 scabbard (metal tip)
  10. Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L

    Winter Range vendors

    Rent a larger trailer with a hitch in Phoenix and tow the smaller trailer behind it going home. OR you could ship back what won't fit and pick it up once you get home.
  11. Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L

    Happy Birthday Calico Mary!!!

    Sorry I'm late to the party. Wish you a great Birthday Mary! Scout
  12. Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L

    ~2019~ CLASSIC COWBOY SHOWDOWN ~2019~ **UPDATE 2-4-19**

    No sir will not make it this year. Yall have a great time! Scout
  13. Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L

    Winter Range Has Sprung

    You will have a GREAT time!
  14. Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L

    Hello from a new guy!

    Bring money there will be vendors there and folks selling some of theirused items. It's a great event even to just visit. Welcome! Scout
  15. Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L

    A great cowgirl has passed

    Griff My sincere condolences, remember the good times. Scout

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