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  1. My Dillon 650 acting up

    On mine it was the guides for the shell plate indexing ball.one guide was wore down and the plate was off slightly. Dusty
  2. Uberti walker colt for sale

    yes it is 44 cal and they have an 8" barrel they are a big gun
  3. Uberti walker colt for sale

    I don't know if the guy I got it from fired it but I shot 10 rounds through it.
  4. Uberti walker colt for sale

    I have a hunter holster for it. It is heavy but it is a good shooter. I got it with a conversation cylinder but I sold that awhile ago.
  5. Uberti walker colt for sale

    btt shipping included
  6. like new $350 + shipping
  7. Open top 38 cal

    btt new price
  8. Winchester 1894 38/55

    that email address does not work pm'd you
  9. WTB-300+ grain 45-70 bullets lubed for black powder

    Buffalo arms has a variety
  10. Winchester 66 & 73 Parts

    Redwood pm me your address I’ll stick them in the mail I don’t know the difference in the hole sizes on the ladle it came off of a Uberti
  11. Winchester 66 & 73 Parts

    btt for anyone that can use them
  12. Winchester 1894 38/55

    I'll have to take more pics It has been a while since I put it on paper. last time I shot it was 2 or 3 years ago. I shot a deer at 75 yrds and the bullet went right where I aimed
  13. Winchester 66 & 73 Parts

    I have some extra parts 1 used 66 loading gate that has had the tab brazed 2 sets of toggle links stock 2 lifters first I'll take it