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  1. Smith and Wesson 37 no dash.

    BTT for a super clean example of a great era of S&W's before the hokey lock was present.
  2. How Many Marlin Rifles Have You Owned

    Probably over 30 of them, currently down to a lowly 5.
  3. Default starting position

    Was one of the Match Range Officers at Winter Range and this NEVER came to our attention nor did we talk about enforcement of it. And there has been NO rule change.
  4. How much to reload???

    I’m at $3.02 a box. My equipment paid for itself years ago.
  5. Smith and Wesson 37 no dash.

    Smith and Wesson Model 37 airweight .38 special. No dash gun. Very clean less than 200 rounds through the gun. No box or papers $385 shipped to your FFL. Can be reached at [email protected] . Credit cards accepted for no extra fee (excluding AMEX).
  6. Misty Moonshine SASS CEO.......walking the walk......

    I'm not going to get into the details of the story. But I will say that Misty Moonshine our very own CEO of SASS called a Stage DQ on herself at Winter Range. I could not be more proud to have someone at the helm who backs up what she says and believes in with actions. Way to go Misty!
  7. SASS Member Bulletin - Feb. 2018 - No more digital Chronicle?

    Once again another very open, honest and INFORMATIVE post by our CEO. Thank you Misty. Getting ready to leave out to yet another sold out Winter Range the largest action shooting match of any kind in the world. Get on the range, we are thriving. The meat is in the people and the events, not a magazine or a digital version of one. If that's what it is to you then fine, but you are seriously missing out on the best points. The true value of SASS cannot be measured by a dollar amount. Like Bubba imagining my life without the experiences and the people that are in my life due to SASS is something I don't even want to do. Health of an organization starts from within. You can choose to either be a positive light or one that constantly looks at the world negatively, In my experience I can tell you which one benefits all of us more.
  8. Concealed Carry at a Match

    As I said, both of my home clubs honor CPL's. Rockford is not my home club, was at one time but has not been for quite sometime.
  9. Concealed Carry at a Match

    Actually both of my home clubs honor the rights of CPL holders.
  10. Concealed Carry at a Match

    Why wear a seatbelt? Why wear a helmet? Winter Range is coming up, of which I happen to work as a roving Match Range Officer 1-2 shifts per day. We have thousands of spectators there so we are not just dealing with cowboy shooters at that point in time. What surprises me is how cavalier folks are with disarming LEGAL CPL holders, but claim to support the 2nd. Which is it? I guess I'm just simple.
  11. Concealed Carry at a Match

    Have to say I'm pretty suprised by shooters feelings on this. Interesting.
  12. Concealed Carry at a Match

    For me personally it seems a bit backwards to not allow licensed CCW/CPL holders to carry concealed. As a match director I would defer to what local laws say and leave it at that.
  13. New Vaquero 357 Mag blued 5 1/2

    This is a great era of New Vaqueros, someone needs to grab it.
  14. Any chance your going to contact me?:huh:

  15. NAA Mini Revolver Bug Out Package Talo Exclusive

    1 sold I have 2 of these cool little packages left.