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  1. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Sig P250’SC in .45 acp NIB $315 shipped

    Sig P250 Sub Compact in .45 acp. New in box. White dot sights.Comes with 2-6 round mags, hardcase/paperwork and a Sig paddle holster. $315 shipped to your FFL. Won’t find a better price on one of these anywhere!! Can be reached at [email protected] .
  2. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    A Request For The Classifieds

    For me the final selling price is between the 2 parties. Really no ones business. Classifieds are not broke and certainly need no more moderation.
  3. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Winchester 73

    The current production Winchester 1873's are as much a Winchester as anything made with the Winchester name after 1989. USRAC sold the the New Haven plant and manufacturing abilities to FN. So essentially for the last 3 decades anything stamped Winchester has been manufactured by a foreign owned company. The current production Winchester 1873's are proving to be outstanding rifles for the game. For those seeking to buy a rifle for CAS and shoot it as it comes out of the box there is no finer choice. Pioneer did offer short stroke kits at one time not sure that they still do. There have been a small group of smiths who have short stoked these guns using a couple different methods. Cowboy Carty out of Illinois is doing a bang up job of tuning and short stroking them I currently have sold 17 Winchester 1873's all in .357 in a variety of configurations. All have been very smooth and very functional out of the box with no headspace or extractor fit/feeding issues. The quality of the internal parts such as the action springs is excellent and they respond to light to serious tuning very well. Below is a video of me running my Cowboy Carty tuned Winchester 1873's on a 4 target sweep at MI State speed rifle side match.
  4. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Deuce Stevens wins Gunsmoke

    Thank you for the congrats! Was a great event and cannot wait to go back.
  5. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Dueling Marlins at Gunsmoke 2018.

    Shooting with your friends is really what this game is all about. Shooting with your best friend while competing together at a high level and he also is your gunsmith is even better. I put together this video of the second day of Gunsmoke (we had no video on first day). As always it was an incredible time and memories were made. Looking forward to next year.
  6. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Ruger Old Model Vaqueros .357

    What a great pair of guns. This the vintage that I shoot. They don't come much tougher than this era of blued Vaqueros. Someone will have a lifetime pair of guns.
  7. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Don't be afraid to try

    The stages of years ago sound appealing to a lot of the "old guard" at times. But the fact is if we want to go back on a regular basis it's going to require a complete culture change of the game. We just had our MI State Championship this last weekend. 8 of 10 had LOTS of movement, 1 stage was minimal and 1 was "stand and deliver". Stand and deliver stages actually create their own challenges but if that nuance is lost on some I'm not sure that other efforts will be appreciated either. Wherever this "IPSC with cowboy hats" is happening I guess I'm fortunate to not have to experience it.............
  8. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Con. num. Rugers 4 sale

    I'll take em.
  9. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Zastava M70 9mm. Reduced price $179 shipped!!!

    BTT with reduced price
  10. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Wondering if I should switch shotguns

    One item that is very often overlooked is making sure you are getting the most from the shotgun belt you are using. If it's not designed and made for what we need in this game it can only make things harder. Luckily there is a whole bunch of very good choices for belt options and in relation to what the rest of our gear costs they are all very economical and a very cost effective way to help you improve.
  11. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Unbelievable time for a stage

    I happened to be there for the whole thing. From start to finish you handled a situation that is not fun like a champ, even had a smile on your face. From one competitor to another it was a awesome thing to see. From a match directors view it was a proud moment knowing that there are still those that step up and do the right thing, especially after a week of “well it doesen’t say I can’t” questions. Thats the kind of thing that sticks long after the buckles are tarnished and the trophies have dust on them
  12. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    1873 Lube Tricks

    Have to agree with Phantom, I prefer light synthetic oil. Generally run my rifles for about 2k before cleaning and my Ruger 3-4k before cleaning with an occasional touch up on the lube points.
  13. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Early Winchester 1887 with single extractor?

    I have a second year production single extractor gun that has never had an issue in that department. The double extractor was added due to the fact that they were fairly popular guns with market hunters and at the time paper shells were notorious for swelling especially in waterfowl hunting conditions. For our game handing onto the shell longer/stronger is not really needed.
  14. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    WTB: Pair of stainless New Vaquero gripframes.

    I am after no locks.
  15. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    .380 brass for sale

    Yes it is.

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