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  1. What if you only want to reload 357/38?

    For your needs a Dillon Square Deal B would make life very easy on you. Have started a few newbies (as in never loaded a hard round in their life) on the SDB and they have never looked back and make excellent ammo from day one. Of the couple dozen double charges I've witnessed as a TO over the last 16 years 75% have been done on the 550 and the rest were single stage loaders, I always ask the shooter what they were loading on. So in my experience the auto indexing feature of the SBD makes it a safer press. Use quality components and you will get quality press function and even better quality ammo.
  2. Ruger 3 Screw Blackhawk .357 1965 manufacture

    Have for sale a Ruger 3 Screw Blackhawk .357 6.5” barrel blued in .357. Gun is uncoverted (no transfer bar) and in very nice condition. Ruger date sources online say this was built in 1965. A very very nice example of an old school Ruger. One small scuffing of the blueing on end of barrel. Action is unmolested. No box or papers. $525 shipped to your FFL. Credit cards accepted for no extra fee. Can be reached at [email protected]
  3. Blue Koolaid

    The Dillon SDB is easily the most underrated progressive press on the market. People make a big deal out of the proprietary dies. For CAS shooting it's nearly perfect for even very very active shooters. I have a 650 that's never loaded anything but .38 special. I also have a 550 with about 6 caliber conversions. I do not care for the 550 and if I had the room I'd have a SDB in every caliber I load mounted on a plate and simply swap presses when needed. Congrats on your purchase.
  4. SKB 200 12ga Fully Tuned SOLD SOLD

    SOLD SKB 200E. 12ga 22” barrels. Gun is in good condition, was hunted with but not cowboy shot so it has plenty of small scratches in the finish on the wood. Typical small cracks in scallipos of stock 2 on the left and 1 on the right. Fully tuned by Doc Noper which includes short atrokingthe top lever. Gun locks up like a bank vault. $1385 shipped to your FFL.credit cards accepted for no extra fee (exclude American Express) . Any questions email me at [email protected] SOLD
  5. SPF-Ruger Old Model Vaqueros-SPF

    Ill take em
  6. I see you have traveled extensively while competing in CAS. Can you give me some advice about traveling with firearms through states that have restive gun laws? I'm travelling from Maine to Florida in a few weeks and I'd like to participate in some shoots while in the Sunshine state. However, my research online indicates that several states along the way (NY, NJ, MD) do not fully comply with the Federal Peaceable Journey Law. YOur thoughts and experience would be greatly appreciated.


  7. Converting Marlin 336 30-30 to 38-55 or 375 Win?

    http://www.35caliber.com/2.html People speak highly of them. Price is reasonable.
  8. Thread pitch of screw for Rossi 92 right cartridge guide.

    Probably a long shot but does anyone know the thread pitch of the screw for the right cartridge guide of a Rossi 92. Thank you.
  9. How fast is fast?

    Honest answer, under 14 for average current day SASS stages.
  10. 1873 question

    So you don't think that a steady diet of +P ammo would have any excessive wear and tear over time?
  11. 1873 question

    Whether it is stock or short stroked +P ammo is a bad Idea for the guns. Action is just not strong enough. Marlin 94 or a Win 92 is much stronger. Split times vary with the aweep target suze and distance. Can a stock 73 be competitive? Yeah sure if you work hard enough. Now a stock throw 73 with action job is a whole nothee deal.
  12. '73 length

    For me the best feeling 73's from a balance standpoint are 20" gun that then have the barrel lightened under the forearm. It creates a very unique feel. Front sight movement usually has more to do with proper cheek weld and mounting of the rifle, unless the gun run rough. During my classes the number one thing I see shooter doing incorrectly is obtaining a proper cheek weld, everyone thinks they are fine and generally they do hit steel. But the faster you want to go makes it more important that your mechanics and your mount and cheek weld are right.

    Even if you never want to go fast the fact remains that anyone can enjoy a gun that works well for our game. Don't buy it. There are far better handling and working SxS's out there that will add to your overall enjoyment of the game.
  14. 2018 Tennessee State Championship

    Going to try to make this one this year.
  15. Cowboy Chronicle Online - NO MORE :o

    I think that Skinny does a great job. It like most "jobs" in the game is a thankless one also leaving yourself open to criticism. I sure would not want the gig.