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  1. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    WTB: Cowboys and Indians 3rd Gen short stroke kit.

    I’ll take it!.
  2. Trying to save a buddy some money looking for a C&I 3rd gen kit that perhaps was a take out for a upgrade. I will not use Pioneer parts only interested in C&I or even a Ron Snover kit. Let me know what you have.
  3. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    renewing membership

    Just a heads up the entire SASS office is in full on EOT mode which is a huge undertaking, so it may take a bit longer than usual.
  4. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Lee vs Dillon

    This discussion is always amusing. Being in denial that Dillons are what they claim and worth what they cost is like saying Tom Brady is really a terrible quarterback. There are always those that have to march to the beat of a different drum and prove that they are smarter than everyone else. Put 4000 rounds out on my 650 the last 2 days. Just like our guns, when you feed them quality brass, primers and bullets they run better. I'd rather load than tinker......thats why I drink the blue koolaid.
  5. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    WTB Scary Black Gun in 9mm

    Maybe lol, but every manufacturer will say that.
  6. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    WTB Scary Black Gun in 9mm

    Bought a Freedom Ordnance FX-9 2 months ago. i have about 3000 round through it now and have not had one single stoppage or malfunction. Takes Glock magazines and is built from the ground up as a 9mm. Tried the Sub 2000's and JRC before buying this and it's head and shoulders above them in my opinion. They make both the pistol and rifle. I chose the pistol as it is also my truck gun and my Michigan CPL covers it. I have it topped with a HOLOSUN Green Dot and with co witness flip ups. I'm in love with it and probably have more fun than I have with a gun. Ring a 16” plate at 100 yards all day long rapid fire.
  7. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Iowa State Championship= awesome weekend.

    We are finally back from the Iowa State match and just wanted top brag on it a bit. Honestly it's the most fun I've had in quite some time at a major match. Beautiful range with a beautiful backdrop. Nice props, well kept range (think golf course) with fun stages with targets that were challenging but just enough to where you had to remember what that thing on the end of your pistols was for. The hospitality was excellent. Lunch was included with your match fee everyday which was pizza on side match day and food made locally on the main match days and it was good. Relaxing atmosphere and good organization all lead to just a very good weekend. Marshal Kane, JB Kidd, Little Hermana, Tuco, Hot Iron Heater and I'm sure I'm missing some folks all did a great job especially considering the state record high temps that we encountered. On the second day of main match JB Kidd left during mid break to get more ice. He returned as we were almost done with the first stage in the high 90's heat after running around getting a job done and knocked out a 17 second stage, I've been there done that and have so much respect for folks that sacrifice their own shooting for the sake of a putting on a good event. The sport is full of them and they need to be recognized. I'd also like to thank everyone there for the kindness to both of my buckaroo and upcoming buckarette. Wrangling little ones not he range is tough and sometimes requires a group effort, it's appreciated. I can speak for the whole Paradise Pass crew in saying that we were treated like family and we will be back!
  8. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Hey Moderators!

    This is a dissapointing thread coming from a RO Instructor. I believe the ghost mods are a good change. I also think they are probably finding their way. IMO previous moderation was not always done with an even hand. I don’t believe in martyrs when it comes to volunteer positions. If it makes you misearable simply DON’t DO IT. This is the internet guys and gals. Everyone needs to take a deep breath.
  9. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Zastava M70 9mm.

    Zastava M70 9mm pistol. 4.5" barrel single stack mag holds 9 rnds. These are CNC'd new manufacture guns and are a copy of the famous Russian Tokarev. Full steel frame gun. Smooth operating, fun to shoot with a pretty darn nice deep blue finish. I test fired this one and ran 30 rounds through it. Was 100% reliable and a good shooter. Would make a perfect truck gun. Comes with one magazine and box and paperwork. $199 shipped to your FFL. First "I'll take it" posted here gets first dibs. I can be contacted at [email protected]
  10. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Doc Noper - great leathersmith

    Doc is the best. Outstanding quality. He always is willing to help. He is a huge supporter of CAS/SASS and always donates several hundred dollars in products and services to our state match and other matches. Plus he is a major part if my set up crew for the stare match. A fine loyal friend and family man who doesen’t just talk the talk he walks the walk.
  11. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Doc Noper holsters and shotgun belt-Sold

    The holsters as steel lined.
  12. I will look for buckaroo hulls for you - where do you want them sent - reply to me at [email protected]


    wicked (not so much) wayne

  13. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    No Room At The Campfire

    Mind explaining that?
  14. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    WTB: Remington Gun Club 12 ga. hulls

    The very specialized shotgun load that I use for my little 7 year old buckaroo works best with a Remington Gun Club hull Looking for 12 ga. and once fired. Let me know what you have. Thank you.
  15. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Colt 2nd. Gen SAA NRA commemorative grips

    Take offs from Colt SAA 2nd Gen NRA commemorative. No screw included. $40 shipped. First “I’ll take em” get them.

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