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  1. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Ruger with a 9mm cylinder

    The factory .38 S&W case that I have measure .762 in length. The 9's which vary a whole bunch when using mixed brass average in the .742 to .745 range. Not sure what you are looking to accomplish here but 3 grs of virtually any of the popular pistol powders and a 105gr to 125gr. bullet in a .38 special case yields very soft shooting loads. The results from your . 38 S&W experiment will be interesting. Look forward to seeing them.
  2. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Ruger with a 9mm cylinder

    You have to make smoke equivalent to 1cc of BP. Conditions and what bp or substitute you use will yield different results. A 9mm will hold 9grs of 777 3F which depending on conditions can be quite smoky and meet the minimum.
  3. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Ruger with a 9mm cylinder

    hhhhmmmmmm, 9mm cylinder in Ruger single action variety headspace off of the mouth of the case. I think Starline may be mistaken on this one. .38 S&W has a larger rim and also shoots a .360 diameter bullet traditionally.
  4. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Ruger with a 9mm cylinder

    Legal except in classic cowboy. I make thousands of 9mm per week commercially and am considering getting two cylinders for my main match Vaqueros, mostly just cause I can.
  5. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    WTB: Colt Ace 1930's production.

    Looking to buy a Colt Ace .22 and looking specifically for a 1930's production era guns. If you are more comfortable communicating through email you can do so at [email protected] Let me know what got with a shipped price. Thank you.
  6. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    ISO someone to short stoke a Marlin

    There is only one smith who is actually turning out functioning short stroked Marlins that run at speed and that is Cowboy Carty, it's not a kit and takes hours to do. His backlog is over 2 years and I"m not sure but I don't believe he is taking any new work currently. Slick McClade is selling a spring kit currently by Carty that does wonders for a stock gun when combined with a one piece pin, lever wrap and new sights all of which you can get from Slick at Winter Range.
  7. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    SKB Royal Light 12ga customized for your buckaroo/small statured shooter.

    BTT with reduced price.
  8. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    EOT Stages

    And they are doing a good job of playing the game now. As I know you are aware there are still a lot of folks that put a lot of their personal time and effort into putting on matches in the game. EOT is absolutely no exception. It may not be exactly what you want or like. Putting on matches in TODAYS game is more challenging than it's ever been. Demands are higher as are expectations.
  9. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    NEW Marlin 357 cowboy review

    In the winter he turns into his alter ego Vlademeer Smirnoff.
  10. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Transfer bar post got me wondering....

    Power Custom Hammers are very nice and in the end a pretty good buy. My only experience is with the ones WITHOUT the transfer bar.
  11. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    A Cowboy Passes

    Sorry to hear this. Very nice man and was always pleasant to talk to.
  12. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    Winchester 1873 Short Rifle .357 mag. SOLD

    Deacon, please send me an email direct to [email protected] and we can get the info ironed out. Thank you!
  13. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996

    NEW Marlin 357 cowboy review

    He was shooting .38 Specials by We The People Munitions. We tried a variety of . 38's from 1.42 OAL to 1.51 OAL and it ran them all. I had the chance to shoot it after the match and was very very encouraged by it. The stock breakage is a bit disappointing. But all of my JM stocks are broken and including a very nice laminate stock from Boyds, my personal JM match guns have dry wall screws in them...... The "bones" of the gun seem very good. Marlin engineers were in contact with the best Marlin smith in the business and it appears they incorporated some of his suggestions. The good news is for a little over a $100 bill you can do a Cowboy Carty spring kit, one piece pin, lever wrap and sights all available form Slick Magic and do the very easy installation on your own and have one pretty sweet feeling gun .
  14. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996


    Old school for me is a buckboard on springs with a large handle coming out the back with one of your posse members cranking it up and down while you shoot all guns while seated....while wearing coke bothle glasses they found at Goodwill.....called it the drunk stage. Putting your shotgun shells in a wishing well bucket and having to reel it up and retrieve your shells. Carrying a plate of dried beans to every shooting position and if you lost even bean you got a P. Lighting a fuse to a safe on the clock which ignited a 50gr BP charge sometime while you were shooting. Taking a Annie Oakley shot complete with mirror and a Red Ryder to pop a baloon for bonus . Roll dice to determine shooting sequence. Use a roulet wheel to do the same. Climb on a horse made out if a 55 gallon drum. Mandatory resting your rifle barrel acrossed a saddle seat. Draw your rifle from a scabbard and put it back in scabbard. Stage your shotgun or rifle against a rusty nail stuck in a prop wall. Shoot your pistols while sitting in an old claw foot tub. Throwing a knife was mild. Yup lets bring those days back. I’m totally game.
  15. Deuce Stevens SASS#55996


    Describe old school? Got any video?

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