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  1. Shirts and Two coats new prices

  2. Shirts and Two coats new prices

    Dear Sir Thank you Heck
  3. Shirts and Two coats new prices

    Dear South The coat does not have the heavy inside liner but still nice and warm. I have grown in size now a petite 2x and fits me fine with my shirt on and gun belt , sleeves are not short . Here in So Cal it just does not rain very much and I am not going out in it might melt.. No rips or tears or messed up . Please remember it is an over coat. And meant to be used outside . Thank you Heck
  4. Shirts and Two coats new prices

    I just could not do that to you , she might do you in and could not live with that on my conscience Heck
  5. Shirts and Two coats new prices

    Sir No size on the inside. I ware a 2X long and this fit fine with a shirt on but the sleeves are just a bit short even after they were let out. Heck
  6. Shirts and Two coats new prices

    My 19 year old girl friend said she would buy me new clothes if I cleaned out my closet . And am not going to where these shirts again. All but one of these shirts are hand made most have a bullet pocket on the lower Left side. And are 2X and in from good to like new. A person would need to iron these. And price does include shipping , the more of them a person wants the less shipping. $15 The oil duster is $80 SOLD includes shipping Double breasted townie coat, I got in a gun deal and need $50 sold this includes shipping. No 9 SOLD No 1 SOLD No 5 SOLD No 7 SOLD No 13 SOLD Thank you Heck
  7. Leather goods

    Dear Sir The only pictures I have of this young lady are not for a family post such as this one. Heck
  8. Leather goods

  9. Leather goods

  10. Leather goods

    Dear Wild Willi I can only surmise you are out of your mind. Heck
  11. Leather goods

  12. Leather goods

    The Doctor has told me something has to change,eather get rid of my 19 year old girl friend or my shooting irons. So here are some related items . All items are plus shipping flat rate Make an offer = My girl friend has a big night planed for me and just might not see the sun come up so if you see anything you might like . Let's talk. No.1=12 ga shotgun belt.$40 SOLD No.2= 12ga and 38 shotgun belt.$40.SOLD No.3= 12ga slide. $15. No.4= Leather braces ,with home repairs.$10. SOLD No.5= White canvas braces, with home repairs .$10. No.6=Spurs ,straps, jingle bobs .$40 SOLD No.7=Plain spur straps.$10 No.8=Shoulder holster large size, never used, looks to fit short barrel revolver .$40 SOLD No.9=Goose carrier ,over the shoulder.$10 No.10=Saddle bags . I took these apart in the middle at a seam to use one on my gun cart, but could be sown together $50 SOLD No.11=This knife is at least 70 years old and may have ben made from a saw blade,very well made $60 with shipping No.12= This knife was hand made and very well made.$80 with shipping SOLD No.13= This knife is again hand made and well done,heck I paid some for the sheath $80 with shipping SOLD NO.14=This is a right hand strong cross draw for OMV . 38 belt loops but these are adjustable. Holsters are lined and made by local leather person. 44'' to middle hole .$300 with shipping No.15=This is also right hand strong cross draw for NMV. 45 belt loops and not adjustable .44 to middle hole .One holster is lined and the second one is not. These holster are not twins but brothers from the same leather smith. $275 with shipping No 16= These chaps are in great condition, dark brown with one pocket. The waste is very adjustable. I am 6'1'' $200 SOLD Thank you for looking Respectfully Heck
  13. Please send to

    Robert Edmiston

    PO 293599

    Phelan Calif 92329

    1. SouthwestShooter


      did you ever get the shipping cost on number 3.

      Leaving for Nevada State match tomorrow n wanna send then gold b4 I leave if I can.


  14. The number isĀ  698171236

    1. Heck Know 32821

      Heck Know 32821


      How much do you need for the hulls and wads, shipped,


      Robert Edmiston

      PO 293599

      Phelan, Calif 92329