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  1. Leather goods

  2. Leather goods

    The Doctor has told me something has to change,eather get rid of my 19 year old girl friend or my shooting irons. So here are some related items . All items are plus shipping flat rate No.1=12 ga shotgun belt.$40 No.2= 12ga and 38 shotgun belt.$40.SOLD No.3= 12ga slide. $15. No.4= Leather braces ,with home repairs.$10. No.5= White canvas braces, with home repairs .$10. No.6=Spurs ,straps, jingle bobs .$40 SOLD No.7=Plain spur straps.$10 No.8=Shoulder holster large size, never used, looks to fit short barrel revolver .$40 No.9=Goose carrier ,over the shoulder.$10 No.10=Saddle bags . I took these apart in the middle at a seam to use one on my gun cart, but could be sown together $50 SOLD No.11=This knife is at least 70 years old and may have ben made from a saw blade,very well made $60 with shipping No.12= This knife was hand made and very well made.$80 with shipping No.13= This knife is again hand made and well done,heck I paid some for the sheath $80 with shipping SOLD NO.14=This is a right hand strong cross draw for OMV . 38 belt loops but these are adjustable. Holsters are lined and made by local leather person. 44'' to middle hole .$300 with shipping No.15=This is also right hand strong cross draw for NMV. 45 belt loops and not adjustable .44 to middle hole .One holster is lined and the second one is not. These holster are not twins but brothers from the same leather smith. $275 with shipping No 16= These chaps are in great condition, dark brown with one pocket. The waste is very adjustable. I am 6'1'' $200 SOLD Thank you for looking Respectfully Heck
  3. Louis L'amour audio books All are sold

    Total is 15 And about $14 shipping Heck
  4. Louis L'amour audio books All are sold

    Westward the tide Tales from the old west,Louis L'amour,Zane Gray, Max Brand South of Deadwood,Too tough to brand,A gun for kilkenny Strange pursuit,The marshal of sentinel,Booty for a bad mam Son of a wanted man The strong shall live,keep travelin',rider strawhouse trail The one for the Mojave kid,lonigan,war party The black rock coffin makers,a mule for santa fe,case closed-no prisoners trail to pie town,big medicine Mastakes can kill you the nester and the piute the black rock coffin makers ,Dutchman's flat Riding for the brand A ranger rides to town,Rain on the mountain fork, down Sonora way Man riding west,Grub line rider,Down the Pogonip trail Lando
  5. Louis L'amour audio books All are sold

    Hello Are you still interested in L L audio books . Have gotten the other audio books back. Heck
  6. WTS Knives

    Thank you Sir Heck
  7. What is a 4 strand raw hide rope worth

    I thought so also but I was told by the lady who thinks the room needs to be cleaned out. So I was just wondering what it was worth. Heck
  8. I have a 4 strand raw hide rope, is 43' long Has a loop on the end , looks to be in good shape. Has been rubbed with what like bee's wax and is very pliable. What is this worth? Thank you Heck
  9. I have some audio books in CD form , that need a new home. $5. each plus shipping. No 1. Reillly's Luck No 2. six cd of short stories=Bowdrie stories volume 1 No 3. Sacketts land No 4. Mojave crossing No 5. Treasure Mountain No 6. Jubal Sackett No. 7.The day Breakers No 8. The Lonely Men No 9. Lonely on the mountain No10 The warrior's path No11 The Mustang Man No12 The Sackett Brand No13 To the far blue mountains More to come
  10. WTS Winchester 12 ga 97

  11. WTS Bat wing Chaps

  12. WTS Bat wing Chaps

  13. Deluxe 73 Rifle WTS

  14. WTS Knives

  15. WTS Knives