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  1. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

    International Black Powder & SE Terrirorial Black Powder Championship

    As I sit here, yet again surrounded by Tax Papers, it's all I can do to keep my mind from wandering to this pair of shoots and the Ides of March the week after. Hotels are booked, flights for my wife are booked, guns are clean (since October!), making ammo when I can 'cause there is never enough, truck needs an oil change before departure, and I cannot wait. I even went to the Doc for a checkup. She said that I was surprisingly alive for someone in my condition! Calling for snow and ice tonight, freezing rain tomorrow, and a repeat on Tuesday. I just keep asking myself, why oh why didn't I just go South for the Winter! One of these days, no where near soon enough, but one of these days. T-25 Days till Darkness Falls, and I hope to head south a few days before that. Can't get here soon enough! See Ya All Soon!
  2. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

    The Offical 2019 Mason Dixon Stampede Thread

    Time for an Update! The Match Schedule has been updated a little bit and you can check that out here. Mason Dixon Match Schedule Also, back by popular demand, the Wild Bunch Mini-Match has been returned to the Side Match Shooting Schedule. We had dropped it, but there were a large number of requests to return it to the schedule, so we did. In addition, for those of you who own a 1911 but don't have a rifle in .45, we are offering the unofficial Rough Rider category which will follow all the same rules as the other categories, but will allow you to use your rifle in .38 caliber. Give it a try! Time to be Cool at the Pool! We have received permission from the Thurmont Conservation an Sportsman's Club, the host range, to gain access to the POOL! There is a small charge to help defray the cost of the Life Guards, just $5.00 per person per day, or $10.00 per person for the entire event (Awesome Deal for the Campers), or if you are there with your family, $25.00 will get you all in for the entire event! So no matter how hot the shooting may get, when it's all done and over, grab a drink from the Saloon and hit the Pool! Lastly, we have posted the first Who's Coming List and so far, just a few weeks after the applications hit the web, we have 18 Shooters registered from 8 States! If you are thinking of coming, don't wait, because we are limited to 200 shooters for this event, and from what I can tell, we will fill up! Applications are available here. Mason Dixon Shooters App If you don't see the Wild Bunch Mini Match, just refresh your browser. It's going to be a great match and you won't want to miss it!
  3. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

    New California ammunition laws

    Folks laugh at this as absurd, but I have a pard (a fellow Cowboy shooter who shall remain nameless) who did just that as part of his LEO duties here on the east coast. But it wasn't ammo, it was cigarettes, folks buying in the Carolina's and transporting to states further north that had excessive taxes. Will CA expend the LEO resources to do this? Who knows, but it is certainly not out of the realm of possibility. And there in lies the problem, this law, among many others, will have a negative impact on firearms ownership and participation in the shooting sports. We have the same problem here in Maryland. When the Legislature enacted the "Firearms Safety Act of 2013" (a law about everything except safety) they created a situation where even misdemeanors can result in the total loss of firearms ownership "privileges", as they see it. Of course those laws only apply to the prisoners of the gulag, oops I mean residents of the state, but trying to explain those nuances to those from out of state is difficult at best. In the end, the Legislature was able to shout from the roof tops how "They Did Something" while at the same time, Baltimore continues to have one of the highest, if not the highest, per capita murder rate in the Country. Not because our gun laws are too lax mind you, but because they don't want to actually charge the denizens of Baltimore with gun charges, they just use them as plea bargaining tools and let them back out on the streets to do it again. Yes, it sucks to be here, but many of us who might like to escape to Free America are stuck here for either job or family reasons, so we fight the fight in Annapolis, we hunker down, and take extra care not to cross the line until we can execute our escape plans. The Dem's have totally destroyed what was once a beautiful State, and still is for the most part. They don't want to just be the East Coast California when it comes to gun laws, they want to lead the Parade. Bottom line, all of this has had a negative effect on visitors from out of state to our SASS shoots. Oh, there are lots of reasons for the decline in attendance other than just our laws, but there was a definitive drop in attendance at our big shoots starting in 2014, the year after the new laws went into effect. Some folks no longer attended because the didn't fully understand the laws and wouldn't take the chance that it might affect them, and others simply refuse to attend so as not to support the "Regime", really doesn't matter, the bottom line is that attendance is down and there was a direct correlation to the laws that were enacted. I truly feel for the folks in California, and hope that this all turns out to be a big nothing, but the reality is that it is one more incremental infringement of our 2A rights by a legislature that is wholly and completely run by the Democratic Party. They are fully intent on disarming the citizens of this Country and will never give up that fight, and they are spreading like a cancer. Virginia, as historically a pro gun state as has ever existed, is slowly being taken over by the anti's and I expect that it will only be a few election cycles before it is much like Maryland and California. Educate those around you about the laws and what they actually do and don't let the hype and paranoia about these laws stop folks from participating. Best of Luck and keep up the fight, from behind enemy lines in the Peoples Republic of Maryland, Dogmeat Dad
  4. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

    The Offical 2019 Mason Dixon Stampede Thread

    The Mason Dixon Committee thought long and hard about it, and decided not to submit a proposal to be the 2019 North East Regional. SASS was only looking for a host for a single year, (Why is, of course, the subject of potentially endless debate ), and after the unexpected termination of the Divisional Matches, we decided that we would take a step back, finish making the improvements we started in 2017, take the opportunity to change the dates of the match to the Summer, and just host a dang fine match for all who are lucky enough to be able to attend. I don't know this for certain, I will have to check with Chuckaroo the unofficial club historian, but I think this is the first year that the Mason Dixon Stampede is being held where it is not at least a Regional. Something new and different, for us at least. The rumor mill does indicate that there are other clubs that have expressed interest in becoming the N.E. Regional, and I certainly wish them the best success, so I expect SASS will find someone to take it on. I hope we have the opportunity to shoot together again one of the days. I'm getting tired of getting my butt kicked by the same folks. Time for some fresh butt kickers!
  5. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

    The Offical 2019 Mason Dixon Stampede Thread

    Look forward to having you all here. We are working on a new website, but in the mean time, we have put up an interim site that has all of the information. Please make sure to refresh your browsers when you visit www.MasonDixonStampede.org to get the new content. It's pretty basic at the moment, but it all works! We will be updating information in the links over the next few weeks.
  6. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

    The Offical 2019 Mason Dixon Stampede Thread

    The Thurmont Rangers and the Thurmont Conservation & Sportsman’s Club Proudly Present the August 2 nd — August 4 th, 2019 Join us as we celebrate the escapades of Jim West and Artemus Gordon and return to The Wild Wild West! With the termination of the SASS Divisional series of matches, you may be wondering what will happen to the Mason Dixon Stampede. Well fear not, because in 2019 the Mason Dixon Stampede will be back, and better than ever. If you weren’t here in 2017 and 2018, you missed a heck of a good time, both times! The stages were fast, they were fun, there were lots of options for the shooters, and the targets were BIG & CLOSE, with a few fun surprises thrown in the mix. So join us in 2019 as the Mason Dixon Stampede gets Wild! Without further ado, it is time to announce that the registration period for the 2019 Mason Dixon Stampede is officially open and the Match Application, Vendor Application, and Sponsor Application, are all posted on-line and ready to download. You can get them by following the links below or go to the Mason Dixon Stampede website, www.MasonDixonStampede.org . The Mason Dixon Stampede committee has decided to use the transition from being a SASS Divisional Match to being a club Annual Match as an opportunity to revamp a few other areas of the match that we think will benefit from a few adjustments. Keeping the Best, and Tossing the Rest, is the name of the game! Changing From 2017/8: Dates: First and foremost, we have shifted the Match Dates from October with its cold, wet, hurricane dodging, flooded campground, weather! The new dates, August 2nd – August 4th, promise much warmer, dryer, less windy weather, and if by chance it gets too hot, well you can always cool off in the Pool! Match Director: Equally important, if not more-so, the Match Director duties will be taken over by none other than the 2018 World Champion Classic Cowboy, Dutch Coroner, SASS # 82128! Dutch brings a world of experience to the match and will be writing all of the stages! If that doesn’t get you excited about the possibilities for this match, then you need to get your pulse checked! Returning From 2018/18: Great Stages: With Dutch writing the stages, you just know they are going to be fantastic, with lots of shooter options, from direction of movement, to choice of firearm, and choice of target order. Look for a continuation of the fantastic props of the last few years, but mostly, as Dutch likes to say, “We have BIG targets and we aren’t afraid to use them, and put them close!” The Saloon: The increasingly popular Wooden Nickle Saloon, tended by our very own Deuce Diamondback, will be back, and with expanded hours to boot. For 2019 the Saloon will be open for all three days of the match, as soon as the guns are put away, stop by for a visit and grab a free beverage, and enjoy some downtime with your pards. Once again, we give you even More For Less! Match Fee: The Main Match Fees for the 1st Shooter are now only $80.00 and the Spouse/2nd Shooter is only $70.00, and like last year, all other shooters in your family group qualify for the reduced fee of the 2nd Shooter. The rule is, if you can claim them on your tax return, they qualify for the reduced entry fee. (We will hold you to “Cowboy Honor” for proof). So, gather up the family, it’s Summer Vacation after all, and get ready to get Wild! Side Matches: Again, like 2017/8, all Speed Event Side Matches are included in the Main Match Entry Fee! Bring as much ammo as your vehicle will hold and blast away, all day, for FREE! As in prior years, the 3 Stage Blast entry fee is $10. Pre-registration is requested, but not required. (At present, there is not a Wild Bunch Mini-Match scheduled. If you want one, Let Us Know!) Match Details: Ammo: To complete the 10 main stages, you will need approximately 100 rounds of pistol ammo, 100 rounds of rifle ammo, and 50+ shotgun shells. Friday side events will require considerably more ammo, so make sure that you bring plenty of extra. And, just for your edification, there is no vehicle weight limit on the property! (Hint, Hint!) Meals: Water will be available on the range throughout the Stampede. Lunch will be available for purchase on Friday; both breakfast and lunch will be available for purchase on Saturday and Sunday. There will also be a Chili-Dog Pot Luck dinner Saturday night. Things To Do: If you have non-shooters who accompany you, but would rather not spend the entire day with us cowpokes, tell them there are plenty of other activities in the area to keep them occupied - from museums, historic sites, boutiques and outlet stores to amusement parks, boat rides, and water parks - all within less than an hour's drive from the range. Check out the website for links to many of the activities in the area. Area Attractions Attire: We ask you to please keep in mind that you are attending a cowboy shoot, and plan your attire for the weekend accordingly. All registered shooters will be required to wear appropriate Old West/period clothing for ALL events. This includes side matches, the main match and the awards ceremony. Shooters not in costume will not be included in any award photos. Things To Do: If you have non-shooters who accompany you, but would rather not spend the entire day with us cowpokes, tell them there are plenty of other activities in the area to keep them occupied - from museums, historic sites, boutiques and outlet stores to amusement parks, boat rides, and water parks - all within less than an hour's drive from the range. Check out the website for links to many of the activities in the area. Area Attractions Attire: We ask you to please keep in mind that you are attending a cowboy shoot, and plan your attire for the weekend accordingly. All registered shooters will be required to wear appropriate Old West/period clothing for ALL events. This includes side matches, the main match and the awards ceremony. Shooters not in costume will not be included in any award photos. Match Applications & Details Shooter Limit: Please note that the Mason Dixon Stampede is limited to the first 200 registered shooters. If you don’t want to miss this match, then you best not wait! Registration: Please note that no applications will be accepted that are postmarked after 07/13/19. Please see and read the Match Application for additional information and “The Fine Print”. Match Schedule: A preliminary Schedule Of Events is available by following the link below. Please be aware that this is subject to change as events get finalized, but the major events should not be affected. Match Schedule Applications: Please follow the links below to get you applications! If you have specific questions, eMail links to the match officials are contained in the appropriate applications and are also provided on the website. Shooter Application Sponsor Application Vendor Application Special Message from the Match Director The Thurmont Rangers and I are committed to making this the best Mason Dixon Stampede ever, and certainly one you won’t want to miss, so don’t wait, get your applications in the mail today. Be warned, the match is limited to the first 200 Shooters, so don’t miss out by procrastinating! I look forward to seeing you all at the 2019 Mason Dixon Stampede! Dutch Coroner Match Director 202-330-8545 (cell) DutchCoroner82128@gmail.com
  7. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

    Wishing you a great Christmas and New Year

  8. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

    Northeast Regional 2019? Go/No Go?

    We had discussions about it this weekend at the club. I will post something formal after the committee makes it's final decision, hopefully later this week.
  9. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

    Northeast Regional 2019? Go/No Go?

    There is no reason, it just becomes the Club Annual Match. Many clubs, especially those too small to host a SASS Sanctioned Match, host a club annual match that can be as many days as they so choose. Some of the most enjoyable matches out there are Club Annuals, and my wife and I travel 900 miles, each way, to attend one in particular. Of course it is in Florida, in the Winter, but that is beside the point! That is not to say that folks should skip the Sanctioned Matches, far from it. Those matches tend to attract larger numbers of shooters, from greater distances, and provide an experience unique in and of itself. I highly encourage you to support not only your local club Annual Match, but also any sanctioned match that fits your time and budget allotment.
  10. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

    Northeast Regional 2019? Go/No Go?

    SASS has requested proposals from clubs in the Region who wish to be considered, but has not selected a club to host the match as of this time.
  11. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

    Farewell to a fine Pennsylvania SASS club

    Sorry to see them go as well. Lot's of folks poured their heart and soul into that club over the years, and many a fine shooter passed through their doors. Thanks to all who supported and worked at West Shore, and especially my pard Hud McCoy who kept it running as long as he was able. Best always to you my friend!
  12. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

    Cleaning Oilskin Duster

    It's not raining now, but the fog was so dense this morning that it was like being in a cloud, and I will certainly admit that the last few years have been wet. The previous few where dry and certain folks blamed our drought on "Climate Change", said we were all going to die of thirst. Now that we are drowning in rain, they are saying that it's because of "Climate Change" too, so I guess they are right, the climate did change! I will be glad when we get back to a more normal balance of weather here. My home club of Damascus shot in the rain, every month this year and it has been so wet that I nick-named our State Match to The Mud Hole from it's official name, Thunder Valley Days. It has been wet.
  13. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

    Cleaning Oilskin Duster

    Not even close. Lil would set "That One" on fire in the driveway, just to be sure I didn't bring it back into the house! Looking at mine, other than a little mud on the lower regions, you couldn't tell there was anything wrong with it. Just has a smell according to Lil and DooDad (Oldest Son). I would just wear it as is, they already think I'm old and moldy, but then Lil may not let ME back in the house!
  14. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

    Cleaning Oilskin Duster

    Story of my life. 6 seconds of carelessness, 6 hours or work for the recovery. Oh well, I needed a winter project (like I need another hole in my head!) Thanks for the information guys. Gee, I wonder if I leave it outside all winter if it will freeze the smell out of it?
  15. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

    Cleaning Oilskin Duster

    Well, that didn't take long. First try on the web. Guess I should go and buy a lottery ticket! This is the link to the website, with the applicable information copied below for anyone else who might need it. Thanks! Cleaning Outback Oilskin Duster How do I remove mildew? Your coat may develop mildew if it is stored wet without being thoroughly dried or in a high humidity environment. It is best to work outside if possible; however this can be done in a tub indoors if the weather outside will not permit. Make a solution of 1/3 white vinegar + 2/3 water. Apply this solution with a spray bottle while brushing the coat with a stiff brush — you can also put the solution in a bucket and use your brush to apply the solution from the bucket. Be sure to scrub all oilskin areas that you can reach — both sides of the fabric when possible Hang the coat up, hose off, and allow to dry thoroughly. Extreme cases may require a 2nd application of the vinegar solution - or - soaking in the solution for several hours after scrubbing.

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