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  1. Artillery has arrived...

    Duelist with real BP in those shotglass sized shells would be a great show indeed
  2. 1892 Winchester/ Miroku??

    yep to all the above only mine is in 38/40 the perfect match up for a WB. Have not shot it much since getting a 73 in the same flavor for CC
  3. Vaquero Parts -New Year's Sale

    Good deal done with cowpoke that I would do repeat business with him.
  4. Blank ammo

    Do not crimp the shell so the TP is visible for a good safety check. SASS min 1cc would be a good starting point
  5. Blank ammo

    Blanks that we used also very weak. Not sure of the source since the person getting them has now passed. Would look at the ones used for mounted shooting if you dont want to roll your own. We robbed the local bank for the 150 year with what could have been interesting results. Months before they asked the president and he OK the idea with him being a hostage. Day of the the robbery somebody asked if the bank president had be reminded. Quick trip in to the president, he had forgotten ...
  6. Which Wolf lighter weight trigger spring to buy & safe?

    Sure does work if you want to see if there is any difference.
  7. Vaquero Parts -New Year's Sale

    Have it and will send $$ next year!
  8. Vaquero Parts -New Year's Sale

    Will take the plain hammer.
  9. Cowboys and Indians Ruger Short Stroke

    Why are you pulling them? Would like to be second in line if Wild passes.
  10. Starting Over In Cowboy Shooting

    if I had started earlier, I could have dragged my dad along and got him shooting. He can shoot like nobody I have ever seen and would be a natural for some of the duelist classes. Shoots a pistol left handed from the hip and hits even though he is right handed. Claims that's how he collected fox pelts back in the depression shooting out the car window with a Colt in 25 acp. Watched him pick off pigeons with a 22 rifle as they flew from the siloh to the barn loft and did it enough to know it was not a fluke.
  11. Is this BP revolver legal in category?

    only legal for gamers
  12. Removing auto-safety from Browning S/S?

    not sure about your BSS but the ones I have done are pretty straight forward after you take them apart. Do suggest that you drill a hole in butt stock and store your wrapped and greased parts in the hole. Easier to find them years down the road...
  13. Round ball cartridge queries

    What we use to carry for grouse loads when big game hunting. A light load of Red Dot, a square of TP to hold the powder over the primer and set the crimp so it would catch half way. Done just right and they make almost no report.
  14. Marlin 1894 32 H&R SPF

    Also able to run 32 Longs through mine without any problems. Factory round nose so have no idea of OAL
  15. Rescue horse arrived today

    Picked this Appy up for my wife, she wants to do mounted shooting. Funny ears and not all that sure about its background...