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  1. 97/Mod 12 forends

    need one also for mine. Where is a good place to order a replacement?
  2. ‘87 technique.

    I load single shot over the top with my left hand. Seems that I have better luck controling the SG with my dominate right hand stuck in the lever. Gun never leaves the shoulder.
  3. thunderbolt question

    YEP they did work and I think I was one of the last he took in to fix.
  4. lets register "Bump" stocks

    What part of "shall not" do you not understand.
  5. Same Info Needed 10 ga Brass Shooters

    Try to find some 10g power pistons and use them with your smokeless loads. I will send you a hand ful if you can not locate any in your area. Interior of the brass are larger and sounds like you are not getting a good seal to build your pressure up with the smokeless.
  6. Same Info Needed 10 ga Brass Shooters

    i put a small rolled crimp in mine the first time I loaded them to help going into the chambers. Never have resized since while using BP including some heavy loads.
  7. Shotshell Press for Black Powder?

    I also drilled out a powder bushing that I never used. Started with 1/2 and did not drop enough Goex. Tried a 9/16 and it worked just right fpr a little less than a square load and 1 1/8 of shot.
  8. Question about Black Powder for Shotguns

    increase your shot instead of powder. With more BP you tend to blow holes in your pattern. That is why you see people mention less than square loads with BP. That is a little bit more shot than powder by volumn As always it is best to pattern if possible, but feel from experience that increase of powder will lead you astray
  9. CASE XX Trapper

    Tried 2 times and something does not appear right like the strike through that will not go away. any how about you try sending me you address Sorry but do not know any other way at this time
  10. WTS SS Ruger Redhawk 45 LC - SOLD

    had to ask thanks
  11. WTS SS Ruger Redhawk 45 LC - SOLD

    Any interest in trading for the same in 44 mag 7.5 barrel, scope and magported?
  12. SPF - Colt 22 Peacemaker - Lowered Price

    Had one also in my college days. Bought it used for $60 because it said Colt on the side Nice gun but could not hit the side of the barn with it locked inside. Sold it to a guy that could hit with it for even money and both happy with the deal. Guy was from NJ and could not purchase it back then at home...
  13. CASE XX Trapper

    Also confused about how many left = will take one if any left.
  14. 45 Cowboy specials

    Loaded bullets have to have exposed lead . If you seat the bullet almost flush in the case, the lead takes up space and you can get by with less BP. You are not seating the bullet on the crimp grove. Not the same as the C45S case but about 1/3 less than a caseful in the 45 Long Colt.
  15. 45 Cowboy specials

    Deep seat the bullet to where it just barely sticks out the brass to make it legal also works in pistol rounds.