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  1. Yusta B.

    Baikal build

    Nice work - wish I had those talents
  2. Yusta B.

    Baikal build

    How do the new barrels fit ?
  3. Yusta B.

    Winter Range...Was Hoping I Would Be Going..

    Well - you're "cowboying up" and doing what needs to be done. Family first - ALWAYS. Congrats Gramps !
  4. Yusta B.

    Getting Started Webpages

    Under rifles - the Marlin would be a '94. Page looks good so far.
  5. Yusta B.

    Primer explosion

    To really experience primer popping - ya have to spill some shot on your MEC 600, meticulously clean it up and then discover - on your first hull after the incident - you missed 2 pieces of shot hiding in the priming well. Major underwear incident !
  6. Yusta B.

    Gun Cart? (Creating One Thank you)

    Solid tires (tubes go flat, tubeless leak), big tires (they roll better in soft dirt/sand), collapsible (so it fits in a trunk).
  7. Yusta B.

    Have I been fooling myself? Brass or steel

    Estate 1 0z 1180 fps at wally world @ about $5.50
  8. Yusta B.

    APP Discontinued?

    Going to be at WR ? I have 2 # I'll sell or swap ya for.
  9. Yusta B.

    APP Discontinued?

    I vehemently protest - my Fedex driver is an ordinary looking dude !!!
  10. Yusta B.

    .45 Cowboy Special on Lee single stage

    Set your resizing die to resize the case only as far down as the bullet seats. You will have to get a separate universal die or tool to de-prime. For new brass, just remove the de-prime pin.
  11. Yusta B.

    .45 Cowboy Special on Lee single stage

    Neck size the new brass as far as the bullet seats till you get the 45 colt die.
  12. Yusta B.


    Yep - it should really state this in the SHB if it's the ROC decision.
  13. Yusta B.

    Winter Range Awards policy updated

    It's not that I have anything against non-citizen shooters, they add a welcome diversity to a shoot. I do feel that this is the proper path to take. JMHO
  14. Yusta B.


    And in VERY liberal doses !
  15. Yusta B.


    Like Widder and some others ..... he's a BORG !

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