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  1. Loading for Frontiersman

    Can be done anywhere - of course no sweeping, etc. Capped only at loading table.
  2. WTC for MSV

    Seems to me PWB explained this as a correctable penalty ..... like leaving a hull in SG.
  3. WTC for MSV

    Pocket RO card says: MSV Empty or live round in magazine or carrier of the long gun in which it was loaded after the next firearm is fired, or if last firearm, put down on the unloading table. 
  4. WTC for MSV

    I believe that as long as no round was chambered, you have until the next arm is fired to clear/correct it.
  5. Colorado State Shoot

    Yep - link is good. One of the friendliest matches/clubs on the planet !
  6. Heathen fodder (Lyman #2 casting alloy)

    Hey - I've starred in that movie a bunch of times !!!
  7. Question about Black Powder for Shotguns

    RCBS 12 GA cowboy crimp die does wonders for that problem ( need a 12 ga shell holder too )
  8. Frontiersman - Long arms?

    With the right choice of guns you can shoot either one with the same set of hardware.
  9. Frontiersman - Long arms?

    And SUPER Ultra Uber Kool is an under lever Husky hammer gun
  10. WTC Shooting Through Store Fronts

    You could also move with the action open .........
  11. CCI 500 regular or Federal 200 Magnum?

    Cojak - pls PM me your phone #
  12. CCI 500 regular or Federal 200 Magnum?

    Don't buy a butt-load of CCI primers till you have thoroughly tested them in your guns ........
  13. Brass for Winter Range & End of Trail

    For 500 to1000 mile trips to matches - lost brass or not - I would prefer once fired (thru MY rifle) brass for my rifle. Pistol, I'll use anything.
  14. looking for suggestions on resources

    To me it would have been clearer to say "sweep 3 front targets, then shoot center front, then back target". It's usually confusing when the instructions are specifying the shot number instead of the target number.
  15. Hell On Wheels June 29, 30, July 1st 2018

    Fun shoot but I can't do the yardage any more.