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  1. Yusta B.

    APP Shooters -- Question For Ya

    The only thing I can add is to wipe the top, bottom, front & back of the frame where the cylinder goes with light coat of Bore Butter. Shooting Pinnacle, that makes cleanup just a matter of a wipe with a rag. As APP is essentially the same stuff, should clean up the same. Note - I'm talking SS pistols here, not blued ........
  2. Yusta B.

    Briggsdale County Shootists

    Home of the Colorado State championship match this September.
  3. Yusta B.

    Josey Wales question

    Why Rye - are we getting a little feisty since we switched to the heathen powder ?
  4. Yusta B.

    Strange rifle failure.

    Apparently you were running your rifle faster than the speed of light & it couldn't see what it was doing & just gave up ?
  5. Yusta B.

    Blue Dot Gun Powder

    Look here ..... http://www.alliantpowder.com/products/powder/blue_dot.aspx
  6. Yusta B.

    H & R Buffalo Classic Recoil Pad

    Measure the stock width & height at the butt & look on the Kick-Eez web site. They have a series of pre-shaped pads with dimensional drawings. Or call them.
  7. Yusta B.

    .357 or .45LC

    T Bone won 2017 HOW overall, shooting classic cowboy shooting .45's. - 165 shooters,
  8. Yusta B.

    Duelists speed

    This should give a pretty good idea ..... he's not the fastest there is, but he's pretty good at it.
  9. Yusta B.

    Duelists speed

    And it's a borg shooting them ....
  10. Yusta B.

    Shootout at Pawnee Station - congrats to....

    Congrats !!
  11. This 3 consecutive day, 20 total stage match is in the books ! Shot at Briggsdale County Shootists on Fri, & Wildcat Ridge in CO. on Sat and the final day at Border Vigilantes in WY (home of HOW). 1st Pinewood Kid 2nd T Bone Dooley 3rd Assassin Scores: https://bordervigilantes.com/scores.php Yahoo !
  12. Yusta B.

    Rugged gear cart fix

    If you have an old bearing, just take it to a Bearings Incorporated or similar store near you. They can usually grab a vernier caliper & fix you up with a replacement bearing faster than you can look up their phone number.
  13. Yusta B.

    What's a 2 plate progressive sweep?

    I was in that movie once .... at least once.

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