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  1. Yes, we sometimes get into interesting or frustrating discussions - BUT - I have learned SO much from those willing to share information and contribute to fellow shooters, I can't imagine a better source of information about the sport/game we all love. Thanks to all who selflessly contribute !!
  2. Just a reminder - CAC 2018 at Bar 3 has 200 apps in - 300 max. Sign up soon ! 

  3. Ruger SASS Vaqueros or Taylor Short Stroke

    Save your money & practice your transitions.
  4. For CLAYS users

    Billy - I just checked my 8 pounder dated 2012 & it's definitely greenish.
  5. Favorite Primers?

    The rifle problem can be solved with a little tension adjustment on the hammer spring.
  6. Why is Titegroup less expensive?

    $2 an ounce is a little rich for me .... $32 a pound.
  7. switching loads

    Looks like 160's
  8. New Vaquero Rosewood Dymondwood Grips

    You can never have too much ammo !
  9. Ruger Blackhawk 45LC Cylinder Throat Reaming

    Another example of isolating/identifying the variables. Thanks for the update. We all learn from posting problem solutions.
  10. New Vaquero Rosewood Dymondwood Grips

    You may also encounter a stage where rifle or pistol misses can be made up with shotgun.
  11. Buckaroo Questions

    Excellent choice. 78 gr to start with, progressing to100 or 115 gr - all loaded to meet min power factor.
  12. New Vaquero Rosewood Dymondwood Grips

    Yes, it's announced specifically in the pre-shoot safety meetings.
  13. New Vaquero Rosewood Dymondwood Grips

    While this is the SASS rule, there are more than a few clubs that require the SG to be empty during movement.