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  1. Henry Single Shot 45-70 - Just picked mine up today

    Oh man - that's dangerously close to DRS !!
  2. Henry Single Shot 45-70 - Just picked mine up today

    Goody - you know yer the only one fer me ..........
  3. Henry Single Shot 45-70 - Just picked mine up today

    Pat - it appears your mail box is full.
  4. High primer rounds in my rifle

    Seat them s-l-o-w-l-y & wear good safety glasses.
  5. BP Sub load for 45-70 Springfield Trapdoor

    I load like Praire Dawg using FFF Pinnacle with 200 gr unsized cowboy bullets with a couple coats of Lee liquid Alox, with the same results.
  6. Welcome Sopapilla Su!

    Su is chief cook & bottle washer at Texas Tenhorns in Leonard Texas. She rides herd on sign-ups for the shoots, publishes the stats & shoots in her bare feet - (I think she's Half-A-Hand Henry's 2nd cousin). She's a sweetheart for sure !
  7. The Backwards Match

    The butt forward drawing should be interesting .......
  8. Videos

    Longhunter videos on youtube There are more - look for NSSF vids. Click playlist icon in upper left corner ........
  9. Smoking At The Loading Table

    I'm not advocating BP only posses.
  10. Smoking At The Loading Table

    Personally I think if a person objects to being with BP shooters it is up to that person to ensure they get on a posse with no BP shooters.
  11. .

    You can request other shooters to PM data to you, that is allowed
  12. Smoking At The Loading Table

    When/if you have 4th stage COPD you will change your song. I have it & if I choose to shoot BP or I choose to stand next to someone who smokes, or if I shoot on a posse with BP shooters that's my choice. If you stand next to me blowing smoke at me we'll have a loud unfriendly conversation.
  13. .

    Listing load data for powder is against Wire rules.
  14. Smoking At The Loading Table

    Pet peeve .......
  15. Generosity of our winter range vendors

    Some of the rest of the world could learn a lot from the SASS family ........