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  1. Outback Restaurant: Gun Free Zone

    Yep. Just sent them a note, letting them know that they have just let the criminals know that people that frequent that establishment are defenseless and patrons are dining there at their own risk. For my self, I don't eat there anyway, it's bad for my health.
  2. Tumors...Yeehaw...Prayers Please!!!

    Prayers on the way. Hang in there Pard.
  3. Uberti firing pin wear

    If that's a "1943 S" penny, I'll give you ten dollars for it.
  4. NOW what did I do?

    Is the trigger safety bar been modified? if not, that is where your problem may be. Try cocking the hammer without levering, Did you have to slightly force the hammer to lock it's sear? if so the back of the hammer is resting on the mainspring while the mainspring is pushing against the top of the trigger safety. If so the trigger safety needs to be modified by filling some metal off the top on the area which is touching the mainspring. To see if this is happening, you need to remove the buttstock and observe the action. This situation prevents the hammer from going into lock position with the trigger sear. By modifying the trigger safety, it helps lower the mainspring therefore to let the rest of the hammer to fall into full cock. Seen this many times on 73 including mine. This happens on some 73s sometimes but not all the time. Another way to check if this is happening is to pull the lever forward, make sure the hammer is in full cock and lock, then manually depress the safety trigger bar and check if the safety moves freely into the frame. if not, the trigger safety is pushing against the mainspring and that is what's happening as I have explained above. You have the trigger safety spring installed also, right? The safety should recoil back out when released, right? Another option, If you don't want to modify the trigger safety, turn the mainspring screw all the way in as if to tighten then cock the hammer manually, if there is no resistance when the hammer is almost into full cock, this may solve your problem. Just a suggestion. Your mileage may vary. Seriously, hope this help. Let us know. Good luck.
  5. Lyman #55 Black Powder Measure, lowered price

    BTT for a Pard
  6. Reloading .38sp

    It sure is..
  7. Reloading .38sp

    I use Red Dot for all my loads when shooting smokeless (Rifle, pistol and shotgun). It's simpler that way. As far as using bullet wt. I use 125 or 130 grain RNFP or TC lead bullets. I also use this bullet weight when shooting black powder. No time to fuzz around with different bullet weight and powder. Be safe, shoot straight and have fun.
  8. ‘73 sticking carrier?

    This. Then clean it.
  9. Blueing in ohio pa border

    This.....what Dawg said.
  10. How long to wait for buyer???

    IMO, inform would be buyer one more time and if no response in a very short period of time, repost item back on sale. Just my .02 cents. Good luck.
  11. Question about Black Powder for Shotguns

    I'm also with Driftwood here. One type of granulation makes life more simple.
  12. Prayers Up Please

    Prayers up for a speedy recovery.
  13. Light 12 gauge reloads

    PM sent. I. M. Crossdraw
  14. Sold -- THANKS

    Hew Dawg, Those are rifle chamber hones. I'll take it. send you a PM.
  15. Changing barrel on a 66

    IMO. you'd be better off selling that rifle and get yourself a carbine. Just my .02 cents.