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  1. Smokin Gator SASS #29736

    What do you put chili on?

    Wow! I love the idea of making the cornbread waffle and topping it with chili. That sounds perfect.
  2. Smokin Gator SASS #29736

    9mm once fired brass $150 5k shipped.

    Received the brass and it looks great. Thanks Deuce.
  3. Smokin Gator SASS #29736

    Chamber modifications.

    Some guns do list them as 38 special/ 357 magnum
  4. Smokin Gator SASS #29736

    Chamber modifications.

    The safety of shooting the incorrect ammo out of the altered chamber was based on the assumption of shooting low pressure cowboy ammo. But what happens with a double charge? A double charge isn't good in any case and in an altered chamber would be even worse.
  5. Smokin Gator SASS #29736

    Converting a Uberti 1860 Henry from 44-40 to 44 special, how?

    Does SASS knowingly allow a rifle modified like that to be used in a match?. A revolver with two separate cylinders is completely different. And straight walled calibers of different case lengths is not the same thing either.
  6. Smokin Gator SASS #29736

    9mm once fired brass $150 5k shipped.

    Deuce. Still trying to get ahold of you. Tried a couple of more emails. Mark Hicks, Corning, Ca.
  7. Smokin Gator SASS #29736

    We've Had It Wrong!

    I remember that. She bragged about having studied about guns and gun control for 5 years and now she claimed to be an expert on the subject.
  8. Smokin Gator SASS #29736

    9mm once fired brass $150 5k shipped.

    Deuce. I sent payment and am wondering if you received it and have shipped the brass. I've emailed a couple of times. Thanks, Mark Hicks
  9. Smokin Gator SASS #29736

    Black powder substitutes in SASS sanctioned side matches?

    Still, someone, after the fact, had to initiate the decision to consider changing the results on some basis. Whatever the reason. Why would they use information from someone whose expertise was in another discipline to alter the results?
  10. Smokin Gator SASS #29736

    Black powder substitutes in SASS sanctioned side matches?

    Did this bad info about the use of bp subs come from the 2nd place shooters who subsequently moved up to first. The explanation still isn't the full story.
  11. Smokin Gator SASS #29736

    5 and 20 rds REALLY? WA and OR pards chime in

    It's one thing to enforce or not enforce a law in a situation where you can't avoid it because it happens right in front of you. It's quite different to go out and make a particular law a priority and search for offenders.
  12. Smokin Gator SASS #29736

    Shiney Cartridges

    I polish my brass before loading more then a lot of reloaders. I don't after they're loaded. No big deal to put them in after loading to clean them up, but not needed. For those selling ammo I can understand they want it looking as perfect as they can get it.
  13. Smokin Gator SASS #29736


    If you set up a SASS match the way they are currently set up, with the only change being to allow moving and shooting, the difference would be minor. You'd have to set up targets in completely different patterns stringing them out between positions to see a dramatic difference in the way a stage was shot.
  14. Smokin Gator SASS #29736


    If moving while shooting was allowed I think that people are over estimating how much and to what level it would occur. In the other sports very little shooting happens at high speed. Most of it is when a shooter is slowly advancing with close open targets in view. Most shooters move as quickly as they are able and stop and shoot targets then move again. No requirement to move and shoot. In SASS I think most of what you'd see would be the shooters feet not be planted as they come into a position or leave a position while firing shots. Most of the moving and shooting would be not having one foot planted (basketball rule) as opposed to shooting while moving at top speed. The way SASS targets are layed out wouldn't require much movement.
  15. Smokin Gator SASS #29736

    I need start raising goats

    We have a donkey and 3 Nigerian goats. We have 3 1/3 acres and they have access to the back 2 acres. It's all just grassy weeds and some eucalyptus trees. We dont have to mow a firebreak around the fence line. In the front I mow down the weeds. Our huge back yard with Redwoods, Raywood ash and other assorted trees is full of birds. We have 2 seperate chicken areas. One attached to the donkey house for layers and our original dog kennel (24' by 16') for meat chickens. The layers have a good sized fenced area to roam on. 1 goat likes to jump up on the donkeys back when it gets the chance.

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