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  1. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    Outlaw Bullets

    They are good people to deal with.
  2. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    Cut! Take two.

    I take offense to this entire thread as it portrays me and mine in a rather unsavory light. Notice in the video with the washer, no humans were injured during the time we were there. We just took advantage of the laundry services available. And as you can see I needed a good wash. In the last video, yes we are trained fighters and will defend ourselves when provoked. NOTE: bears would never use a low blow as the human did. Finally in the first picture, yes that is me in the background. I was just walking by and those humans just started yelling, which I just ignored. But, when they started throwing things, yes I got upset. The guy with the camera was not shot, just clumsy. And yes, they were rather tasty. In the future, please be more considerate of the creatures you may cross paths with while you are in the places where they live. Thank you for allowing me this rant. Bubba Bear
  3. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L


    Carolina Gunslinger- I only shoot cowboy at this point. I am not trying to argue with anybody. I read the rule book and I often go back to it to make sure I know the rules. I just tried to say what is out there. Do all SASS affiliated clubs follow all of the SASS rules. NO. If I want to shoot there I follow the stages as written and explained and then go home with a smile on my face.
  4. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L


    Shooting Bull, I understand what the rule book says. I am just telling you what happens at some shoots. Make no difference to me, I prefer stages that end with the pistols, as I am used to re-holstering when done. Some places the people who write the stages feel placing the pistols on the table save them time. I'm not fast enough for to make a difference.
  5. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L


    Just because you have never seen it does not mean it is not out there. I won't name the club but they have it often. That was why I asked for more specifics.
  6. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L


    I have read the manual, but you also have to go by the stage description. That;s why I asked the question.
  7. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L


    Did the stage description specify what to do with the pistols after they are shot. I have seen some that say to re-holster and others that say make safe.. That distinction is important.
  8. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    A Real ID

    There are a few states, like here in PA, where the state issued drivers license does not meet the federal guidelines for an acceptable ID. As I understand it, PA still has a year or so to comply and I was told that they have no intention of doing so. So yes we will need another for of ID. A passport will work.
  9. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    **UPDATE** 2017 Great American Outdoor Show - Volunteers needed

    Hey Misty, I can do either of the Saturday's or the Sunday. Bubba Bear

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