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  1. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L


    Carolina Gunslinger- I only shoot cowboy at this point. I am not trying to argue with anybody. I read the rule book and I often go back to it to make sure I know the rules. I just tried to say what is out there. Do all SASS affiliated clubs follow all of the SASS rules. NO. If I want to shoot there I follow the stages as written and explained and then go home with a smile on my face.
  2. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L


    Shooting Bull, I understand what the rule book says. I am just telling you what happens at some shoots. Make no difference to me, I prefer stages that end with the pistols, as I am used to re-holstering when done. Some places the people who write the stages feel placing the pistols on the table save them time. I'm not fast enough for to make a difference.
  3. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L


    Just because you have never seen it does not mean it is not out there. I won't name the club but they have it often. That was why I asked for more specifics.
  4. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L


    I have read the manual, but you also have to go by the stage description. That;s why I asked the question.
  5. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L


    Did the stage description specify what to do with the pistols after they are shot. I have seen some that say to re-holster and others that say make safe.. That distinction is important.
  6. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    Comin at Cha

    Metal Detector. I need to find a Metal Detector. Found all of the stones last year, but they were above ground.
  7. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L


    Looks interesting, I'll see it.
  8. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    Comin at Cha

    We were there last year and signed up as soon as we got home for this year. I'm already packed. Can't wait.
  9. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    Cody-matic questions

    I'm not going to argue legalese, I pulled the trigger before it was fully closed/ My bad.
  10. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    Cody-matic questions

    I have a Codymatic in 44 spl. I shot out of battery. This bent he lever. My fault not his. He instructed me how ti fix it. I have been known to over torque things. I asked if I could send it back to him. Of course he agreed. I sent it on Tuesday, had it back in a few days. No Charge. He would be the first place I go to if I decide to get another 73.
  11. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    Carrying cocked and locked

    Only way I was taught. I was asked once why? I told him I wasn't sure the other guy would give me the chance to cock it.
  12. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    A Real ID

    There are a few states, like here in PA, where the state issued drivers license does not meet the federal guidelines for an acceptable ID. As I understand it, PA still has a year or so to comply and I was told that they have no intention of doing so. So yes we will need another for of ID. A passport will work.
  13. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    **UPDATE** 2017 Great American Outdoor Show - Volunteers needed

    Hey Misty, I can do either of the Saturday's or the Sunday. Bubba Bear

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