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  1. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    Duelist vs Gunfighter

    Just natural progression. Started with Traditional, then Duelist, Double Duelist then GF. I'm not great, but I have fun.
  2. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    Bruno Sammartino RIP

    Saw him in person several times as a kid.. The scouts used to get free tickets to the TV tapings. He was always a very nice man, quiet compared to the wrestlers today.
  3. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L


    What's the worst that could happen? We all learn something?
  4. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    Uberti ‘73 in 44 magnum.

    Abilene, I spent a great deal of time trying to get specials to run through it and could never get it to work. I decided to have it bored out to accept mags and have never looked back. So yes.
  5. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    Uberti ‘73 in 44 magnum.

    I have been shooting 44 mags through my Uberti 73 with a 24 inch barrel. It will hold 14 with no issues.
  6. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    Another Great American Outdoor Show is in the books

    Misty and Amber definitely put in a lot of work and did an excellent job. This was my second year helping out and I'm looking forward to next year.
  7. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    A Real ID

    There are a few states, like here in PA, where the state issued drivers license does not meet the federal guidelines for an acceptable ID. As I understand it, PA still has a year or so to comply and I was told that they have no intention of doing so. So yes we will need another for of ID. A passport will work.
  8. Bubba Bear, SASS #26793L

    **UPDATE** 2017 Great American Outdoor Show - Volunteers needed

    Hey Misty, I can do either of the Saturday's or the Sunday. Bubba Bear

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