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  1. Muley Gil SASS # 57795

    Arming teachers

    I worked in a children's home for six months. I worked 4 days on and 4 days off. I was always armed and there was a S&W Model 625 in .45 ACP in my bag, locked in my room.
  2. Muley Gil SASS # 57795

    How many of us actually had Cowboy guns before we got into CAS?

    My first centerfire handgun was a Old Model Ruger .45 Colt Blackhawk, bought for me by my momma when I was 18. Long before I got into CAS, I owned a Colt New Frontier .44 Special, a Marlin 1894 .32-20, a W. Richards 12 gauge with hammers, a NM Ruger .45 Colt Blackhawk, etc. Need I go on?
  3. Muley Gil SASS # 57795

    Maryanne, Ginger and Dianne

    It must be the Scotch.
  4. Muley Gil SASS # 57795

    Two Ruger SS Blackhawk Bisley flattop Revolvers in .44 Special with 5.5" Barrels

    Are these built on the large .44 Magnum frame or on the medium sized .357 frame? If on the medium frame, I would NOT rechamber to .44 Magnum I just checked the Lipsey's site and these are built on the mid-size .357 frame.
  5. Muley Gil SASS # 57795

    WTS a couple nice guns..-Cimarron 7th Cav...BETTER ! Pics up.

    Well, you did say THIS: "Box is beat up but still there." 
  6. Muley Gil SASS # 57795

    Tom Mix Revolver?

    Many times, family stories are "off" a bit. According to family legend, my great, great granddaddy, Cpl Elijah S Davis, Co I, 6th Alabama Infantry CSA, received a wound to his stomach. Checking the records reveled he had suffered from "debilitis" aka diarrhea. After some time in the hospital, he was able to return to his unit.
  7. Muley Gil SASS # 57795

    New California ammunition laws

    Nancy Pelosi was born in Baltimore MD in a political family, the D'Alesandros. Maryland used to be a nice place to live until the Dems swung hard Left. As regarding visiting other states, New Jersey has outlawed hollow point ammo for anyone who is not active law enforcement.
  8. Muley Gil SASS # 57795

    New Service Revolver

    Many years ago, back before SASS, I also had a 7 1/2" .38-40 New Service. Mine was ANIB. I traded it off because I couldn't find dies, brass or bullets.
  9. Muley Gil SASS # 57795

    Georgia Arms...

    I have used Georgia Arms ammo for years. It is good stuff.
  10. Muley Gil SASS # 57795

    WTB: Colt Ace 1930's production.

    Do you want an Ace or a Service Ace?
  11. Muley Gil SASS # 57795

    Pietta Frontier Compatible Base Pin?

    It is not that hard to make a base pin. Find a slightly oversize machine screw or bolt and chuck it in the "poor man's lathe" aka a portable drill. Using a file and a medium drill speed, remove the thread. Once you get the OD (outside diameter) correct, form the head of the pin and the groove. When it is complete, heat your new base pin and cold blue.
  12. Muley Gil SASS # 57795

    Spring Cleaning #1. Price lowered.-Sold

    I've got a sock like yours, 'cept mine has a hole in the toe.
  13. Muley Gil SASS # 57795

    Dies, Molds and reloading equip. ALL SOLD PENDING FUNDS

    I'll take the Lee .32 100 grain two cavity mould for $14.00.
  14. Muley Gil SASS # 57795

    Marlins and BP?

    "A few years ago one of our cowboy smiths went over it for me. He lightened the main spring a bit, and replaced the ejector spring. The bore is old and pitted, clearly fired a lot with Black Powder and put away without thorough cleaning, but the rifling is still strong, and she still shoots straight." Black powder gets blamed for rusting and pitting all the time, but I disagree. I believe most of the rust and pitting came from the corrosive primers used back then. I shoot muzzle loaders and there have been a few times that I wasn't able to clean them right away. Once, I had two that sat for over a month. When I did get time to clean them, there was NO rust or pitting. Now, I definitely do NOT recommend letting them sit that long without cleaning. And I do know that some shooters have encountered modern BP firearms that have sat for months or years and these were rusty. BP is hygroscopic, drawing moisture from the air and could rust and pit if left uncleaned for long periods of time or left in a extremely humid environment. 
  15. Muley Gil SASS # 57795

    Something About Subs

    Many years ago, I read ADM Dan Gallery's book about the capture of the U505. One of the things that impressed me was the fact that this was the first ship boarded and captured by the US Navy since the War of 1812.

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