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  1. Grayrock, SASS #64093

    How to stiffen holster

    I have a cheap Mexican holster for a single action revolver. The top outside edge has become loose and floppy over time. It wants to fold over when I reholster. Is there a way to stiffen it back up like when it was new?
  2. Grayrock, SASS #64093

    GOT SOME: 38 Long Colt loading dies wanted

    Went with ebay. $36 and free shipping. Be here by the weekend! Sometimes ebay comes through! Thanks y'all for all the responses.
  3. Grayrock, SASS #64093

    GOT SOME: 38 Long Colt loading dies wanted

    I had this suggestion given to me. If this would work I could kill 2 birds and also be ready to reload 9mm.
  4. Grayrock, SASS #64093

    GOT SOME: 38 Long Colt loading dies wanted

    I have the RCBS 3 piece die set. The carbide sizing die worked fine. The decapping /flaring die would not work to flare (these were new unprimed cases (thanks, Dawg)) because the decapping pin was too long. It bottomed out on the case. But I removed the pin and collar and then was able to flare adequately. The last die, bullet seat/ crimp was able to seat ok, but would not crimp.
  5. I got some .38 Long Colt brass and started to load them up. Thought I could use my .38 Special dies. I was wrong. I got through the whole process OK up until time to crimp. Cartridge was too short. So I guess I need to find another set of dies. Looking for a 3 piece carbide die set to reload .38 Long Colt. If anyone has an old unused set laying around I would pay you a fair price for them. Track of the Wolf has the Lee set for $37 plus shipping. If I can't find any here they are my plan "B". Thanks
  6. I would like to purchase some of the above brass. Does anyone have about 100 pieces they would be willing to part with?

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