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  1. Beartrap  SASS#57175

    ACES scoring program questions

    I had to replace one of our pads and the scorekeepers hadn't yet learned Practiscore so I used an app called Share It to download Aces from one of our existing pads to the new pad.
  2. Beartrap  SASS#57175


    It always amazes me when I hear complaints about someone wearing "jeans" or short sleeves, etc that wreck the atmosphere of the match when they're standing next to a bright green baby buggy gun cart with a rainbow color umbrella attached to it and their guns are staged on a plastic folding table! p.s. no references to posters in this thread are intended or implied.
  3. Beartrap  SASS#57175

    “RO-assisted” MSV

    Keep in mind the quoted override is for minor safety violations (msv). The rule says nothing about overriding SDQs or MDQs for safety violations.
  4. Beartrap  SASS#57175

    when is a firearm considered dropped?

    Doesn't make a difference how many other definitions you can find in other places. PW just posted the only definition that matters.
  5. Beartrap  SASS#57175

    WTB '73 rifle stock

    Perfect. Thanks!
  6. Beartrap  SASS#57175

    SPF GoPro cameras and accessories $200

    btt, great for filming stages to post or critiquing your performance.
  7. Beartrap  SASS#57175

    WTB '73 rifle stock

    Need an uncut straight (not deluxe) stock for a Uberti '73 rifle. Let me know whatcha got. Thanks
  8. Beartrap  SASS#57175

    FOUND-WTB: trying to find Ruger Bisleys in 44-40

    If you start with 44mag. Bisleys you could have .357 cylinders rechambered to 44-40 and fitted. Or you find (good luck) some 44-40 cylinders somewhere and have them fitted. Ruger used 44mag. barrels to make the 44-40s.
  9. Beartrap  SASS#57175

    FOUND-WTB: trying to find Ruger Bisleys in 44-40

    Ruger never made Bisleys in 44-40. If you want Bisleys in 44-40 you have to have plow handles converted. I shoot exactly what you're looking for. I had 5.5" SS plowhandles converted to Bisleys, then had Lassiter short stroke them. Sweet guns for FCD or FCGF. And no, they're not for sale!
  10. Beartrap  SASS#57175

    ‘73 bolt fitting?

    I'd ask Boogie!
  11. Beartrap  SASS#57175

    "BIG" Match Metrics 2018

  12. Beartrap  SASS#57175

    Match Pins: On Hat or elsewhere

    Go ahead, cover your hat with them. If anyone complains that you don't look "cowboy" enough just tell them you're shooting in the "STEAMPIN" category!
  13. Beartrap  SASS#57175

    Texas Star In Main Match Stage

    Yes. And it will get progressively worse as each posse goes through.
  14. Beartrap  SASS#57175

    Texas Star In Main Match Stage

    They're fun to shoot, but use it for a side match. It WILL back up the stage!
  15. Beartrap  SASS#57175

    Minutes from TG meeting on Oct 18, 2018 at Western Divisionals

    And the super secret, off the record, no transcript taken, you'll never know, unofficial meeting was held fro 5:00 to the start of the "official" meeting!

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