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  1. WTB 45 Colt Lever Gun

  2. WTB 45 Colt Lever Gun

    Thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately, I got a killer deal on a 38 1866. Crayfish
  3. Hiya! Recieved my capper today 10/16 Ordered 10/3. Thanks, Crayfish
  4. What’s up with the short guy standing with the honorable mention participants? He looks like he is not pleased at all. Crayfishes
  5. Texas is letting Coocooville beat us out?
  6. Come on guys. Support this entrepreneur. We joke about it, but this guy really should be a little worried about Russian Paratroopers. i recently bought a leather recoil pad from a fellow in the Ukraine, same reasoning. Use the forbidden form of payment and you have recourse on satisfaction and credit safety. Crayfish
  7. Las Vegas Shooting

    Listening to Smartphone videos, sounds like more than one rifle firing. Echos?
  8. Yep, if Mssr. Pettifogger likes your product I’m in. $52.31 Delivered USD currently
  9. How much are they USD? My zip code is 75067
  10. Arkansas Stone Set

    Now if I was only quicker?
  11. Arkansas Stone Set

    Duh, your right Joe it's nickel. I'm not excited about it am I? Eww look. The Remington will look boss aside my nickel Stoeger.
  12. Arkansas Stone Set

    Cool thanks fellers. here be the impetus of the project. A little wordy, but appears to be good information. http://www.time-slice.com/mohave.gambler/favorites/Remington/58_Rem_tuning/58_Rem_tuning.htm The devil made me buy this on a Sunday. I paid the buy now rather than let it slip away. The frame and trigger guard are chrome. Give me some more tips iffn' you can. Crayfish
  13. Arkansas Stone Set

    Reccomend a set you have/wish you had instead of what you bought. Other tools for slicking up Remmie 1858? Crayfish
  14. WTB Pietta 1858 gated conversion

    Thanks. I PM'd you
  15. Enough said. Crayfish