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  1. Conversion Cylinder Slick Up?

    Thank you, already got it working better.
  2. Cap n Ball Question

    Make sure to grease the top of your balls. This helps with chain fires. Personally, I would use a reliable capper stick or the new Polish capper to recharge the cylinder that didna go bang or just take the miss. Chances are your gonna put another cap on the load anyway to clear the loaded misfire. Shameless
  3. WTB 1858 Pietta Remmie Frame only

    I sawr a frame on Gunbroker the other day. Seen em on EBay. as a last resort I be making a stubby Dang I was gonna PM you to ask about this. Kindest Regards, SHAMELESS, Hairless, Pennyless, and Stupid. (translation of the Spanish/Mexican version of The word Pelon)
  4. WTB 1858 Pietta Remmie Frame only

    Made paper cartridges and used wheel weight lead (that was soft) busted the pivot bolt to the ball plunger and bent the frame. Hassle with my Steel version 1858, but worked well shooting. Shameless PS I have already been lambasted for this in the Saloon by the lumpy grit eaters.
  5. WTB 1858 Pietta Remmie Frame only

    Trashed a brass 1858 Remington frame want an Steel one. Just the frame. Thanks, Shameless
  6. Conversion Cylinder Slick Up?

    Agreed, a little goes a long way. So your talking about the hand actuated side of the cap, just to be clear. Thanks, Shameless
  7. Conversion Cylinder Slick Up?

    My Remington1858 Pietta Howell Conversion Cylinder seems a few thousandths long? i can make the cylinder cycle, but with too much effort. Seems like I could Arkansas Stone the face that faces the barrel and this problem would be solved. Has anyone else owned what I describe and dealt with this situation thusly? (Note this winnows out the folks what would just guess to pass the time and eat lumpy grits.) Crayfish AKA Shameless Womanizer
  8. Brass Frames do bend

    I have steel frame and a nickeled frame. i see a used frame every once in a while. Was like $80
  9. Brass Frames do bend

    What caused the problem was the extra couple of thousands due to the cigarette paper cartridge. And the brass frame. As for my Hawken, fits perfectly for my ramrod. Major umpf. Try a thinner wad? Put a small bit of wad centered in the wad with a thinner wad. The guys at my muzzleloader say this prevents burning the bullet. I dunno if I buy into that.
  10. Brass Frames do bend

    Thanks July. You answered my question. Wow, tough room.
  11. Brass Frames do bend

    $120 Mistake used Cabelas Points. I see a steel frame ever now and again on Ebay and GunsMakeMeBroker. I HAVE USED WHEEL WEIGHT LEAD FOR YEARS IN STEEL CAP GUNS. Ha, I did UNFRIENDLY Lumpy Grits I can only read his comments if I’m not signed in. Gotta remember to do that. Shameless
  12. Brass Frames do bend

    I bought a 44 Caliber Pietta brass framed 1858 Remington replica from Cabelas. i made cigarette paper cartridges with .454 wheel weight bullets. On my Iron 1858. A hassle, but it cut the paper and made a lead ring. Using the brass frame model pressure broke the pivot screw and bent the frame and buggered the hole the pivot screw what works the ram that seats the ball. Does anyone have history with Cabelas and returns of this type? i have the box and bought said pistol with a Cabelas Credit Card. Crayfish AKA Shameless Womanizer
  13. Napoleonic Weapon Question

    Thanks fellers
  14. Napoleonic Weapon Question

    I have been watching the Major Sharpe series on YouTube. The character who serves as more or less the Gunnery Sargent totes a multibarreled carbine. What is it? i have read some of the Sharpe series books long ago. Are there like minded historical fiction books you would reccomend? Even in different eras. Thanks Crayfish
  15. WTB 45 Colt Lever Gun