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  1. Neches 50502

    *SPF* Price Reduced: Non SASS: S&W .38 M&P Pre-War Target in .38 Special

    Where are you located?
  2. Neches 50502

    Looking for a Winchester 1886 in 40-65

    If you are looking for an orginal I have one asking 2k delivered. Message me your address and I can get you some pics.
  3. I am in Texas not too far from you and if you can meet up next weekend I will gladly take this from you for your asking price.

    1. Randingo


      Sure thing.  I am currently in Colorado and will be back in Texas the 10th.  Will that work?


      Randy. 719-565-7463

  4. Neches 50502

    Ruger Bisley Blue SPF

    Hey pard I will take it if you can meet me for a face to face pick up next weekend.
  5. Neches 50502

    Looking for Colt Single action frame any generation

    No story 50502 just the number I was issued years back when I joined. Guess it was some weird typo on my profile who knows .
  6. Anyone have a frame or frame with grip frame to sell. Looking to build a nice shooter.
  7. Neches 50502

    Pietta 1858 case color SPF

  8. Neches 50502

    Pietta 1858 case color SPF

    New in the box 1858 44 cal case hardened checkered grips. Sold pending funds
  9. Couple of pics of the .357 Colt barrel.



  10. Tried to send you a message about a dust cover but it said you couldn't receive messages, I reckon that means you won't receive this one either but I thought I'd try.


    Lone Gunman

    SASS 22106

    [email protected]

  11. Do you know how much you need for the 32-20

  12. Neches 50502

    Colt 3rd gen. SAA for sale

    Leave the man a lone already he stated for you grouchy Internet Nazi's that his membership is current still and we have another member vouching for his good name.
  13. Neches 50502


    Is this a new production high wall or 100 plus year old orginal
  14. Neches 50502

    Brass Malcolm Scope

    Capt you asked for an evaluation of value partner and that is what was provided.
  15. Neches 50502

    Brass Malcolm Scope

    Cheating charlie his is not an orginal malcolm scope because it is marked navy arms. The navy arms brass scopes are of low quality and not worth much.

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