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  1. The Original Lumpy Gritz


    Well-What was the issue? OLG
  2. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    Hammer mod's

    That is the issue, isn't it........ OLG
  3. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    The Mechanic and the Surgeon

    And again, I now have a freshly cleaned keyboard and screen...... OLG
  4. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    Lee Load All maintenance

    Yup OLG
  5. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    Hammer mod's

    What does a lawyer know about reading English? Yul and I read American.......... OLG
  6. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    1873 - 1892 or Marlin...and why

    Folks, if one thinks a Marlin 94 can't 'run' as fast as the others. Please watch this video that was just filmed at WR yesterday. YES-The shooter is a BORG..... https://www.facebook.com/jonwarnerscott/videos/10215595211048166/ OLG
  7. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    Bogus gun research underpins calls for overreaching gun control

    Never let facts get in the way of any 'agenda'. Hey Witch in charge-There's this little detail called the 2nd Amendment. OLG
  8. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    Lee Load All maintenance

    Use 30W oil. Put a drop or 2 on all pivot/contact points. Grease gets real stiff in winter time. OLG
  9. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    Hammer mod's

    how so? OLG
  10. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    WTB 44 Special Starline Brass

    Pretty hard to beat this with free S&H. https://www.starlinebrass.com/brass-cases/44-Special-Brass/ OLG
  11. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    New Vaqueros Not Cocking At Times

    Take the grips off and flush the innards of both guns and then spray lube. Cycle them while watch'n a long movie...... Good luck! OLG
  12. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    Problem with my Uberti Highwall

    The front trigger is the release trigger when using the rear as a set trigger. Never seen a double trigger set-up that the rear trigger can't fire, if pulled hard enough. Both of my Shiloh Sharps will do this......... OP-When was the last time you did a 'flush & lube' of the innards? OLG
  13. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    Lead and copper solvent?

    50/50 mix of Turpentine and ATF fluid. OLG
  14. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    1873 - 1892 or Marlin...and why

    Marlin 94 is much lighter than any '73. Way stronger action than the '73. The M/94 is the KISS of all lever rifles, and the easiest to maintain. You can also clean the barrel from the chamber end with ease. OLG
  15. The Original Lumpy Gritz

    Sharps rifle-changing trigger pull

    IAB is hasn't been made in 10+yrs, and there are no parts available. They are not well thought of in the world of BPCR shooting. They were well known for 'soft' parts. X2 on Lee Shaver-Call him. OLG

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