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  1. Norton Blocking Access to SASS Wire

    COMODO doesn't block gun sites, and it's a freebie. OLG
  2. Henry Single Shot Rifles - UPDATE

    A moderator should give him a few dozen warn'n points. OLG
  3. At least they didn't give up

    Sure hope they made him do a 'pee' test. Had all kinds of room and was an easy 'dock' to do. BTDT many times, in another life. OLG
  4. Next week's Shot Show

    Abuse of the attendance policy that went on for many years. OLG
  5. Portable Generators 10.5 or Larger......Your Opinion

    99% of today's gasoline gennys, have a bowl drain for the carb. This is the best way to remove fuel from the carb. 'Choking' any gasoline engine to shut down is the worst thing you can do to that engine! As the unburned fuel 'washes' the cylinder walls and removes the lube left from the engine oil. OLG
  6. Norton Blocking Access to SASS Wire

    Norton ain't the only one...... OLG
  7. New ammo law in California

    Don't think so-Jan 1, 2018 was the mail order ammo ban to Ca. residents. BTW: It's July of 2019. Not Jan. OLG
  8. New ammo law in California

    You are quoting a law, that has yet to go into effect. OLG
  9. New ammo law in California

    Your source is very 'jaded'. That is also a huge assumption on your part with no basis of fact. This law ONLY deals with mail order ammo by ca. residents. OLG
  10. CCI Primers

    Never had any issue in the last 10K I have used. OLG
  11. New ammo law in California

    The burden of proof, is on the state. Not the defendant...... Pretty hard to 'prove' when it's reloads. Respectfully, OLG
  12. New ammo law in California

    Ca. has more SASS/CAS shooters and clubs, than any other state. The oldest SASS clubs are in Ca. SASS started in Ca. OLG
  13. Vaquero vs smoke house

    OP stated 'Smoke House' so I wasn't sure WTH he meant. OLG
  14. Vaquero vs smoke house

    MY-BAD........I was just try'n to be 'logical'. I'll try harder to stop do'n dat. OLG
  15. Vaquero vs smoke house

    Your BU should be the same as your primary. It's called-KISS. OLG