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  1. Shotgun position in cart?

    YUP-it is....... Page #17 https://www.sassnet.com/Downloads/Shooters Handbook Vers 22_3.pdf OLG
  2. Shotgun position in cart?

    OK, I look'd at'em, and could not find a specific rule. Call'n PWB......... OLG
  3. Shotgun position in cart?

    Sounds like RT-FM he sez....... OLG
  4. Remembering my E-Ticket Ride

    Here is EAA's history on the name. http://www.398th.org/Images/Images_Aircraft_AO/Aircraft/AO_B17.html OLG
  5. Verdict is in...

    If, I posted what I really feel about that worthless POS- Well, you get the idea...... May he rot in Hell, for what he's done and the lives he has ruined! OLG
  6. Next project - Stevens 250

    Your first picture is 'no-joy'. OLG
  7. Kirkpatrick Leather Long Hunter LH-09 Rig -$400

    What bbl length-What gunz? OLG
  8. Remembering my E-Ticket Ride

    That name belongs to a B-17G flown by the EAA. https://www.eaa.org/en/eaa/flight-experiences/aluminum-overcast-eaa-b-17-bomber-tour OLG
  9. Need a Recommendation on hedge trimmer

    Make sure to use premium gas, and use Seafoam in the gas. OLG
  10. Depriming decapping

    Yes-Dillon. OLG
  11. What are these?

    Agree- OLG
  12. Vaquero saves the day

    From what I see now-It will very a good bit, by each 'state' in Mexico........... OLG
  13. Angles and Belly Buttons...

    He speaks the gospel.......... OLG
  14. Vaquero saves the day

    Last I read-isn't it now illegal to own firearms in Mexico? OLG
  15. Remembering my E-Ticket Ride

    I live near Plant 42 in PMD, and the C-5 is about the loudest A/C out there. The only thing we find louder, is the SR-71. OLG

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