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  1. 6,5mm Rifles

    Forget the CLP-Take the copper solvent stuff with you and clean at the range. You are cleaning from the chamber-correct? You would do well looking at a chamber guide for the cleaning rod. I only use 1 piece rods from Bore Tech. http://www.boretech.com/categories/rifle-cleaning-supplies/cleaning-rods OLG
  2. Sold... 38 Special Brass cleaned and primed

    I'm talking about the legality of shipping primed cases via USPS flat-rate. NOT weather you can fit'em in the box.......... OLG
  3. 6,5mm Rifles

    I have no clue what you have at your local toy-store. Mine here have it, and other brands also. Use what works-The Hoppes copper solvent works pretty well. Let it soak for a spell(1hr or so). Shooters Choice is another solvent to look at. Your patches will turn green from the jacket fouling. Get that fouling removed before you return to the range-Otherwise, you're making the fouling worst and wasting ammo. OLG
  4. Sold... 38 Special Brass cleaned and primed

    PLZ check USPS regs for this........ OLG
  5. Have you deliberately shrunk Frontier Classic trousers?

    'They' tell you that so the pants don't shrink. OLG
  6. Ruger SASS Vaqueros or Taylor Short Stroke

    Unless your stage times are in the top 15% with 95+% hits. Save your $$$$ and practice more. Rugers will outlast every other handgun used in this game. Ruger NMV are outstanding, and Ruger CS is the same. Ruger is also 100% USA made........ OLG
  7. 6,5mm Rifles

    Mil. CLP is not the best. Most mil spec bores today are chromed. Did you open the link I posted? OLG
  8. C. Sharps Boss Gun For Sale

    "This is a fine "Buffalo" rifle, and deserves a good home. It's the real deal, not some Italian attempt. Unlike another US manufacturer, C Sharps Arms mill the action from high quality billet steel, rather than cast the parts and mill it down. " This other maker(Shiloh Sharps), makes their own barrels from scratch. C-Sharps does not.......... BTW-At one time. Both of these 'makers', were under one roof. OLG
  9. Pleeeze no mo very light blue words....

    AM wondering just WHO d'at could be........... OLG
  10. Repaired SASS Pro on its way

    Major-Under your gun laws. Can the gun be mailed directly to you since the was a 'repair'? OLG
  11. Pleeeze no mo very light blue words....

    BUT-That funny look'n picture is still there...... OLG
  12. Uberti Maverick pairs

    Nicely done! OLG
  13. 6,5mm Rifles

    Get away from the standard Hoppes. It's worthless for jacket fouling. A bore scope will show you this. You need to remove the fouling to tighten up the groups. OLG
  14. For the blues fans out there

    NOT-His first day........ OLG
  15. Would you pay $70 for this cap gun?

    'Kit' gun-Buy it and build it 'rite'...........You need a hobby.......................... OLG