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  1. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    New Starline Brass

    New brass is a different size than fired or fired re-sized brass. That is why Wilson makes different size case holders for them. Also Starline does not anneal any of their straight cases.
  2. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Standard Manufacturing releases SAA

    They had these pistols at the SHOT show in 2016. Seemed rough at the time but maybe the production ones are better. All parts US made on the ones I saw and handled at the show.
  3. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Brass Dryer

    I'm like C C Put on old cookie sheet the Queen won't use anymore and in the oven on WARM for an hour. Do NOT turn oven up higher as the brass seems to discolor when drying.
  4. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    leaving fired hull in shotgun. yea or nay?

    No-one every got hurt with a spent round in a firearm chamber. So in reality it is NOT a safety issue. So why have a safety penalty for something that is safe???
  5. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Where to buy Stetson hat near Denver

    Another + for Colorado Mountain hats. I have 3 of theirs. Great quality and they fit it to your head when you go in with one of those things with all the little pins so it actually fits.
  6. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Thoughts on Backup/Wild bunch Rifle Caliber

    Agree with Lost Vaquero. Get a '73 in 45ACP from Cody. Legal for Wild Bunch and that little case makes it FAST for CAS use.
  7. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Macallan Scotch

    I'm not a Scotch drinker but Copper Queen likes it. Mac 12 is our bar whisky and The Queen only drinks Mac Rare Cask. Even I like it, but I will stick to Bourbon for the price.
  8. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Annealing brass...

    If you aren't using 675 degree tempilac, it is VERY easy to overheat shell casings and ruin them forever. Do NOT heat brass cases until RED. In a dark area just slightly glowing orange-red is plenty hot enough. Extremely difficult to do correctly just by eye. Cartridge brass anneals at 650-700 degrees.
  9. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Annealing brass...

    I don't anneal pistol brass but anneal all rifle brass with a Bench Source annealing machine.
  10. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    From our Australian Pards

    I had to learn that breathing technique as a trumpet player. Had to do it to play "flight of the bumblebee". NOT easy.
  11. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Water- How Precious It Is

    It is our well. Own the water rights. No-one else lives within many miles. Completely surrounded by BLM and NPS land. 460volt 3 phase 10hp. 6" pump in 8" casing.
  12. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Water- How Precious It Is

    Been living off the grid for almost 25 years in SE Utah. One of the driest places in the US. Water well is 2000ft. deep and 2 miles from the house. Been hauling water all these years. Costs 10cents a gallon just in diesel to pump it. We don't waste water !!!!!
  13. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    SASS Related Items in the Caribbean?

    Try the Mariachi Connection in Texas. They outfit the dance companies. CQ and I have bought several items from them.
  14. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    WTC Sweep

    As the MD here i would say the shooter earned a P
  15. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Bear Foot Walking

    The bear, which was a local celebrity, was KILLED by a hunter with a crossbow last fall. There were so many threats against the hunter that the state refused to reveal his name.

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