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  1. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Question for all WV'ns

    Ate lots of squirrel brains when I was a kid growing up in West (by God smile when you say it) Virginia. Ate lots of other things also. Possum, skunk, ground hog, etc. etc.
  2. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    45acp WB loads

    C G, for those of us who have been running the guns in competition for over 50 years I think the general consensus is that the 45 ACP runs well with 230's. Others use 185's. I don't thing too many GM's used 200's. The general feeling I have got over the years was that the heavy bullets give a nicer recoil feel but the lighter ones cycle the gun faster so it is possible to run it faster. Neither seems to be a clear advantage. I think 230's are more popular now as always over the lighter bullets with professional shooters. JMHO
  3. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Scope recommendations...?

    As Lumpy said, SWFA and my personal preference Europtic. Best place to deal with I have ever used. Not sure if you qualify but they have discount programs for many. Check at their home page to see if you can qualify.
  4. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    1911 mags that suck

    There is NO prohibition on removable bases !!!! As long as the magazine meets the requirements stated in the rule it is legal. I should know, I wrote the rule.
  5. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    45acp WB loads

    20# spring?? I kind of doubt it. Maybe an old one that has lost it's temper.
  6. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    45acp WB loads

    3.8 WST under a 230 TC bullet. But I only use Kart barrels. Most need 4.0 with other barrels.
  7. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Scope recommendations...?

    Bushnell Tactical Elite scopes are the best for the money you can buy. Made in a different factory than the other Bushnell scopes. They can be found on sale often. The 6x24 is a great scope. The Vortex RZR's cost more than the Bushnells but have great glass. The Vortex less expensive scopes are a good choice. Sadly, Leupold isn't what it used to be. Remember, you can't hit what you can't see. I tell everyone I know buying a long range gun to plan to spend more on the optics than you did on the gun.
  8. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Your favorite .38 special load for CAS.

    Same load as Phantom
  9. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    OT: What non-AR semiauto rifles are available?

    There are many out there. Copies of the HK 91 and 93 come to mind first. I have the original ones, as well as NFA versions of them. Awesome rifles. Plenty of rifles available in 7.62 X 39.
  10. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    When is brass too old to reload

    B V, how is your place in Mexico faring with the storm?? Hope all is well.
  11. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Question about sights

    Use the one with the short sight. Nearly all new sights are filed down to make POA = POI.
  12. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    SASS contact for Canadian Clubs

    Amber Oakley is the new club contact.
  13. Happy Jack, SASS #20451


    I am not here to start an argument, just to point out the pertinent rule. Normally the CRO/TO would stop the shooter when they moved with the closed SG (unless it was a hammered SG) and then check to see if the hammers were cocked. Easy, just pull the trigger/s and listen for the hammer/s to fall. If they fall, SDQ, if not reshoot for "impeding the shooter" . Simple easy call if the CRO/TO is paying attention.
  14. Happy Jack, SASS #20451


    Patagonia Pete: Read the rule you just posted: .........Hammers fully down ........... If you open a hammrless shotgun, empty the shells and then close it the hammers are cocked.
  15. Happy Jack, SASS #20451


    IF the shooter had a HAMMERLESS shotgun the target engagement order is mute. SHB page 22 Stage Disqualifications: Changing location with a long gun with the action closed and the hammer cocked.

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