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  1. Wild Bunch costume period question?

    I was just rounding things off. The current actual round count is 371 pistol. But you had better bring at over 400 because if you have to reshoot a 42 round pistol stage you will run out. Also bring lots for the side matches. Might even have to split a bullet on an axe. 2 BAMM side matches also. FUN FUN FUN !!!!! 58 rifle 54 Shotgun
  2. Wild Bunch costume period question?

    As Chairman of the SASS Wild Bunch Committee I can assure you that there is no "hard and fast" time on costuming. We try to emphasize the military styles from the time period mentioned in your post, but any SASS legal costuming is legal and the time goes through the Edwardian period. As for the best outfit for Shooting, many wear military looking clothing from the periods you mention but use modern holsters, magazine pouches, etc. NO costume police at Wild Bunch matches. Bring lots of ammo and plan on using your firearm sights. As an example at EOT this year there will be over 350 rounds of pistol ammo alone on 12 stages.
  3. Favorite Long Range Rifles?

    I have a number of long range rifles also. I agree with John Boy, anything inside 600yds a 38-55 is the way to go. I also shoot the same bullet he does in my HiWall. I also have a Marlin 38-55 I shoot smokeless and a 265gr gas check bullet in it. Amazingly accurate out to 500yds.
  4. Angles and Belly Buttons...

    Good question. The only place I have noticed an effort to enforce those 2 rules is at WR and EOT. I've mentioned it a few times over the years at State and Regional level and got the same response you did.
  5. Hi folks!!!!

    AWESOME to see you back. Far and away one of my favorite posters. Take care and hope to see you at EOT.
  6. SASS Mounted for EOT

    You will have to contact SASSS Headquarters for info. I think it is going to happen as we won't be using the long range rifle range as it shoots over the arena.
  7. 1911 Magazine Recommendation Wild Bunch

    As mentioned Wilson Combat recently bought out Chip McCormick. As for magazines: Tripp. Been using them for years. There is Tripp and then there is everything else. Been running 1911's for over 50 years. Used to use Colt in the early days both for sport and business. Then went to McCormick, Then tried Bill's. (Wilson) Finally gave up on them all and went with Virgil's (Tripp).
  8. Federal primer issues

    Billy, I think OLG may be on to something.
  9. Coriolis Effect

    No need to worry about Coriolis until bullet flight time exceeds 1.5 seconds.
  10. Little jobs for Today

    Pretty stuff. I finished a batch of Lapua 308 a few weeks back. Trim to OAL, weigh into batches, flash hole de-burr, primer pocket equalize and neck turn. Lapua is a lot more consistent than most brass. The only other one that is pretty consistent is Norma. They actually did some 300WM for Lapua awhile back and headstamped it Lapua for them. I have a much more difficult job starting today. Replacing the top on my mid-range rifle (200-900yds) shooting table. 8X24ft. So 7 can shoot prone in a relay. $1500 just for the material.
  11. Good reload manual

    I agree with Garrison Joe about the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook. If you are fairly new to reloading cast bullets it gives a wealth of information. Whether you use the recipes or not it is a must have manual for cast bullet reloading.
  12. Wild Bunch 45ACP Loads/Bullets?

    Goody gives good advice. I will say thought that the majority of WBAS shooters use 230grain bullets. Many pistol powders work fine in the 45ACP but in my opinion and that of many other really successful competitors shooting 45ACP Winchester WST is the best powder. I use Titegroup in 9mm with great success but prefer WST for 45ACP.
  13. Decapping Depriming 45ACP

    The WCC marked cases are usually military. TZZ is definitely military. From the photos you can see traces of the primer crimp. On range brass I always sort by headstamp before starting to reload. I use a Forster manual depriming punch on the military brass. Always removes the primer. Then use a Dillon Swager to roll out the crimp. Be AWARE that much of the new 45ACP is now being loaded with small primers. Getting them mixed in with the std. large primer ones can be a BIG problem. If you are using range pickup, as I said already sort by headstamp and look at the primer size.
  14. RV question and usage

    If you want to use the "facilities" while moving you best choice is a class "C" for what you want. Sleeping room is usually tight. Fuel economy poor. Another full vehicle to insure and maintain. Think about it seriously before committing. You ALWAYS loose money when getting rid of an RV.

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