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  1. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    SHOT Show Theft

    Dutch tere were plenty of full auto firearms on display at SHOT this year. It isn't open to the public. Have to be a dealer, etc. to get in.
  2. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    End of Trail

    Ninety Caliber, I strongly recommend camping at the ranch if you can handle dry camping. As Ed said there is water and sewer service available. The first 2 rows and most of row 3 are reserved for founders Club members but sometimes you can get into row 3. Rows 4-12 are open to anyone, and there is a shuttle from the camping area to the range. It is only a few hundred yards though so most just walk.
  3. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    BAMM Match rules

    GAMM is an unofficial side match held at some Wild Bunch matches with no official rules. BAMM is an official Wild Bunch side match. The rules can be found in the WBAS Shooters Handbook or as a pinned post on the WBAS forum.
  4. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Going to EOT

    Definitely the new Comfort Inn in Edgewood if space is still available. Book NOW !!!
  5. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Steam punk/ B Western

    There is no restriction against shooters in the Gunfighter category dressing Steampunk. There are only 2 categories where dressing Steampunk is not allowed. B-Western and Classic Cowboy/Girl.
  6. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Has anyone used a smoke machine

    Check with your local fire Department. Nearly all have one or access to one for training. I've used many over the years for fire service training but don't have one now. They can be irritating to the sensitive.
  7. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Reloading Calipers - What do you use?

    I have gone through many calipers over the last 50 years. First vernier then dial. (still have some Starret dial ones). I currently use digital ones. Expensive $200+ from Starrett and Mitutoyo in the machine shop but in my reloading room I use a pair of Fowler Euro-cal IV 6". Very good calipers for the money. I do however use an expensive 4 place Mitutoyo micrometer in my reloading room.
  8. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Is chloroform explosive/flammable?

    Phosgene isn't too bad. Back when I was making alpha-methyl bad stuff for the Govt. I used a rail car a week as starting material. What I made was BAD stuff.
  9. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    New to CAS, some Qs about Mernickle holsters?

    You had better plan on a LONG break. His alias is "Talks A lot Bob". I good friend of mine.
  10. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Tacovas boots

    I have 2 pairs. Like them a lot. Excellent quality. They run a bit large in my opinion, I usually wear a 12 and bought the first pair that size. Fit fine with a heavy sock or an added thin insole. 2nd.pair in 11 1/2, Just right with a thin boot sock. Depending on your foot width the normal size might be fine.
  11. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    chronograph question

    I have one of the very first LabRadar units. Serial #14. I have been very happy with it. Very accurate and easy to use. You can adjust the sensitivity of the pickup. I haven't noticed any problems using it when other shooters are around. It uses batteries up quickly. Get an external rechargeable USB battery pack.
  12. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    chronograph question

    I can give you some first hand information on the magnetospeed. It works pretty well but you have to watch it VERY carefully. It must stay exactly in line with the barrel. Just a few degrees off will give false readings. It is also almost impossible to use successfully with a muzzle brake, and as J C mentioned it can't be used with a pistol. As for light activated chronographs: To work the best the light must be totally controlled. CED and PACT both have IR light sources for theirs that helps with the problem. I have both, and the CED with IR screens is a good as the Oehler 35 in my opinion. IF you move the screens further apart on the Oehler AND control the light it is a bit better. For many years we put chronos in boxes and used incadescent bulbs for light directly over the screens. That worked well with the PACT and CED units. Setting up an inexpensive light chrono outdoors is asking for trouble. It is better than nothing but don't expect results accurate enough to use with a ballistics program.
  13. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Understanding Combat Engineers

    Just looks like a typical SEAL team engagement to me.
  14. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    chronograph question

    As mentioned previously 22LR ammo is sadly NOT a good choice. A high quality air rifle is better. My radar lab chrono runs a self test every time it is turned on. The inexpensive Chrony units mentioned by J C have had in my testing VERY poor results. The Oehler 35 with the test screen works pretty well but to get accurate results you need either radar or a true lab quality Unit like a Oehler 88 at 10K+.
  15. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Christmas and Whiskey...

    I drink that Jeffersons regularly. Pretty good stuff for the price. You'l get used to it. I just use 1 ice cube per 3 oz. Ice never gets a chance to melt though.
  16. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    CAS. Gunsmiths?

    Lonnie over at Run-N-Iron in NE is a great CAS gunsmith and pretty close.
  17. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    New Shooter's Handbook

    WBAS is a different sport than CAS. They are both owned by SASS but have different firearm requirements and rules.
  18. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Bayonets...What's the call?

    Wouldn't adding a bayonet be an "external modification" ??
  19. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Spolar Gold Premier Shotshell Reloader

    I have a P-W and it is very nice, but it isn't a Spolar. As I understand the rumors the people who make Spolar used to be at P-W and took the good ideas and made them better. I don't know if any parts interchange as P-W has made changes to their presses over the years. The P-W is by far the Second best press in my opinion, but it can be a bit finicky.
  20. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Speaking of machine guns..

    The guys don't have the correct ATF license to build full autos or destructive devices. Therefore can't do a correct full auto rebuild. I agree the hype was overdone.
  21. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Moving with cocked pistol

    One of the biggest problems I encountered in updating the WBAS rules over the years was deleting penalties for things some perceived as "dangerous". However they are just personal perceptions or prejudices. It is either a true safety issue or it isn't. Attica Jack and I will just have to agree to disagree. His statement about actually seeing multiple people shot by accident I take with a grain of salt. We are all allowed our opinions but that doesn't make them facts.
  22. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Spotting scope?

    The whole thing appears to be junk except for the actual tripod which is a good one. IF you want a high quality phone adapter for a good spotting scope look at the TINES UP unit. Very nice. Small and easy to transport.
  23. Happy Jack, SASS #20451


    Macallan 12 is our house whiskey here. Plenty good enough. We have never had it turned down. I'm a bourbon drinker myself but the Queen prefers Scotch and Gin. Unfortunately she has expensive taste in Scotch. Macallan Rare Cask is all she drinks, and Hendricks gin. Both straight.
  24. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Spolar Gold Premier Shotshell Reloader

    There is Spolar Gold and then there is everything else. In a class of it's own. You need to decide if it is worth it to you. Most Cowboy SG loads are pretty forgiving and most get away with pretty lousy looking reloads.
  25. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

    Winchester model 12s

    Bullet, remember that Sam has Mark to keep her guns running.

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