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  1. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Monthly Shoot

    I've attended a few clubs that utilize the direction that repeating shotguns may load the round count into the shotgun after the beep - on the clock. I have never seen it run faster than (or even close to) current single (97)/ double loading (87) or SxS loading methods.
  2. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Target placement and safety

    +1 I wish more folks understood this or would simply think it thru. Splatter is lead that has gone one direction at a high rate of speed; struck something poorly prepared or situated (plate, stand, ground) and is now returning toward the firing line and shooter. The above example, if moving with a mass and velocity to be harmful at three yards; is NOT going to become a gentle unicorn kiss at five yards. Nor at seven or ten. The velocity/ energy simply does not drop off quickly enough within single digits increments of distance to make any significant difference. If you are attempting to mitigate splatter from poorly situated targets with distance; you will need to increase distances to a level that morphs the game we currently play into something completely different. Efforts would be better focused on why the lead is coming back toward the shooter than from what distance.
  3. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Pioneer Coil mainspring conversion

    Is Boogies the mousetrap style spring? As opposed to the lengthwise coil? I ended up with one of the mousetrap style spring kits a while back and have just been waiting until I purchase another 73 to put it into.
  4. Creeker, SASS #43022

    And now, the REST of the story.........

    We are very pleased to hear the progress of Goode and JaxT. You always think you are ready and when something happens; you sometimes discover you are less prepared than you should be. A lot of people chipped in that day and the outcomes were better than we had any right to hope for. We did our best; but I assure you, we will be better prepared and equipped next time. Training, equipment and communication were all discussed and new ideas will be implemented asap. As for the hospital direction... The nice folks at the St. Rose Siena and St. Rose San Martin campuses have put me back together a couple times. I had no doubt they would provide the same level care for Goode.
  5. Creeker, SASS #43022

    And now, the REST of the story.........

    Tonight is the Eldorado debriefing meeting. Medical preparedness will be a large part of the discussion.
  6. Creeker, SASS #43022


    This is really not that hard. Direction #1. Engage the Sheriff with one round. AND THEN Direction #2. Engage other four available targets 1x each - any order. REPEAT. Target order does not have to be identical. You understood there was a target order and engagement required with the first 5 rounds in the instruction. Why would the instructions mean anything different when repeated? Sheriff 1x THEN Other four available targets 1x each - any order. Do it again.
  7. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Looking for Photos/ Videos

  8. Creeker, SASS #43022

    New Officially UNOFFICIAL Steampunk rules for 2019

    I am not a fan of "Costume" categories as I believe adding categories based on criteria outside of age or shooting does nothing beyond dilute the base shooting category that the shooter "should" be shooting in. The costuming requirements in SASS are flexible enough to absorb and allow steampunk dress within the myriad of already existing categories; asking for an additional category based on costuming is simply adding another underpopulated category to the matrix. Your top hat/ googles or gear covered cero coated firearm adds zero difficulty to the competition. Shooting in a Victorian coat is no harder than shooting in a duster. I recognize the Wild Wild West and others as a legitimate source idea for costuming; but there is absolutely no reason that costuming requires segregated competition and scoring. This is a shooting game with a number of choices; propellant, equipment, shooting style. These choices affect your competition and you should be judged against like competitors. Individual dress styles are indicative of your personal style, sense of humor or approach to the game. But dressing as John Wayne or Clint Eastwood or James West or a character from Red Dead Redemption should afford you no benefit, no protections and no segregation from like SHOOTING competitors. You should dress however you like; be creative and have fun. But your shooting placement should be based on shooting against like shooters; not on shooting against folks with the same dress code.
  9. Creeker, SASS #43022

    How would you shoot this?

    As a Gunfighter Pistols double taps or maybe... 1-1-2-2-4. Rifle most likely double taps.
  10. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Looking for Photos/ Videos

    2018 Banquet Photos https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/44346191335/in/album-72157701012220491/ Click the BACK TO ALBUM arrow to see all the 2018 banquet photos
  11. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Looking for Photos/ Videos

    Another thank you to everyone that attended Eldorado 2018. As I am editing and uploading the banquet photos taken by Desert Scorpion; I am asking that anyone with Eldorado photos or videos that cares to share them forward them to me at [email protected] I will post and notify as I receive. Thanks again.
  12. Creeker, SASS #43022

    And now, the REST of the story.........

    We are so happy to hear the update on Goode. And it is reassuring to hear that the care you received at the hospital was able to treat Goode appropriately. The family of Eldorado shooters thoughts and prayers are with you both and they will continue for a complete recovery. If desire and recovery allows; the Board of the Eldorado Cowboys would like to extend an invitation for you to return to Eldorado 2019. The shoots for both Goode and yourself will be comped by the board.
  13. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Eldorado Scores

    I'll check into it
  14. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Eldorado Scores

    You are so welcome. There were a whole bunch of folks that were there to assist. All I did was slow your fall; make the 911 call and get out of the way. We were fortunate to have trained providers on the posse; rumor is you trained one of them. And since I heard you were wondering who was kicking you in your chest; I'll be happy to get you a list. I just can't tell you how happy I was to know you were around to complain about it. Please keep in touch and if you want to come back next year; your shoot is comped by the Board of the Eldorado Cowboys. We will, of course, be extending the same offer to the shooter that got the earlier ambulance ride as well.
  15. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Eldorado Scores

    The steel is put away - Building fronts stacked in the trailer and props packed up. The bays have been raked to clear them of brass and wads - the lead splatter trenches and divots filled in. The scores posted to the website. http://www.eldoradocowboys.com/ http://www.eldoradocowboys.com/html/2018_results1.html Eldorado 2018 - The SASS Nevada State Championship is in the books. We had 207 shooters sign up - ended up after cancellations and what not - scoring out 184. We had 63 clean shooters for a 34% clean shooter percentage. We had a fun, fast shoot. But sadly we had a couple of medical occurrences as well; our thoughts and prayers go out to our shooters for complete recoveries. Thankfully, neither of these events were firearms related - but regardless; seeing a member of our cowboy family go down for any reason is a frightening sight. Thank you to EVERYONE that assisted with first aid, comfort, calling for help and by prayer. The prognosis for both of these shooters is positive and they will remain in our thoughts and prayers. We enjoyed a full slate of side matches. Long range events. Mini Match that with over one hundred shooters on four bays; so "mini" no longer (think we might need to implement multiple shifts) Cowboy Clays Three stage Black Powder night shoot (almost made me want to shoot black powder, almost. But I found out you have to clean guns afterward) The Eldorado main match was written to be a "Drag race" match - while still maintaining the Eldorado flavor. I hope we lived up to our billing. Big close targets. Pistol at 3-4 paces, Shotgun at 6-7 paces, Rifle at 6 - 7 paces. 16" inch squares and rounds were standard fare. With an oversized 22" plate on the mover; even bigger 24" plates on a couple stages and the HUGE coyotes and GIANT half moon on stage 12. Fast, simple sweeps. Plenty of movement without track meet distances. Lateral and downrange movements - often both in the same stage. Enough shotgun to be interesting without melting the ribs off the black powder shooters. Moving target - Knockdown door - Flip over card table. Shooters choice of direction on multiple stages. Shooters choice of gun order on multiple stages. We had shooters from Canada and Australia and a big ol' chunk of US states. We welcomed over 40 shooters to their first Eldorado event and look forward to seeing them again. We made new friends and got to catch up with old ones. Thank you to everyone that attended; everyone that considered attending and everyone who has ever attended an Eldorado event. We are only as successful as you allow us to be and we are deeply appreciative of every single one of you. So what do you think; do it again next year? Eldorado 2019 - Boulder City Nevada. October 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2019

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