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  1. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Best Shoot by a Dam Site

    Ned, you got stuck shooting on the same posse with me, Gawd Awful and Doggonit. No one has ever used the term terrific people in conjunction with our motley crew. Ahhh, but I guess you did say "some", not all. Really glad you enjoyed the match and look forward to shooting with you again. Thank you for the kind words.
  2. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Best Shoot by a Dam Site

    There was a WHOLE LOT of coaching and direction going on. As soon as the buzzer went off - folks seem to forget there were things other than shooting that needed to happen on every stage. ARROW - ARROW - ARROW Grab the gold bag!!! Take your frog with you. Carry the boot. Only take shotgun shells from the box. Dam Site was a blast - Eldorado will be a whole lot of fun too. And "Grab the bag" will be our new greeting for Smoky Pistols. See if we can get that to stick as well as Ugly Puppy did to Damascus Jon.
  3. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Best Shoot by a Dam Site

    Dam Site was what we call a Legacy Shoot. Elements of what we used to do a lot more of in cowboy. On the clock prop manipulations (pulling arrows between each gun was a good example). Elements of chance (card stab, dice roll) to determine starting gun or target. The only thing we didn't do at Dam Site was emulate the more distant target placements of yesterday. Eldorado as a "Drag Race" will be much more straight forward. There will still be stories to set the stage and explain "why" we are doing what we do (I think stories add to the mood and they do not affect shooting). But the event itself will be ALL about the shooting. No significant props to carry or deal with (maybe a card table to flip over or swinging doors to open) ; all focus after the beep will be on how quickly and accurately are you able to get rounds down range and transition between guns and positions. Rifle target placements will be a couple paces closer than Dam Site was. Pistols perhaps a pace nearer. All stages will have multiple shooting positions and because this is a bigger shoot; there will be an assortment of windows, doors and barriers to shoot thru and around. And the sequences and target arrays will all be designed to encourage shooters to run all out on the edge of out of control. To put it simply; Drag Race simply means it's all about going fast. Any mistakes you commit are magnified. Whereas an old school or Legacy match challenges you to deal with variables (differing target requirements or odd prop handling). A Drag Race match challenges you to go as fast as you dare. Because everything is set up to encourage speed and (possibly) running over your head. Very different matches. Both a whole lot of fun.
  4. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Duelist vs Gunfighter

    I shot my first two matches supported style. Changed to Duelist (double Duelist) and shot that way for a few years. "Almost" won the overall at a couple of small (very small) annual matches shooting Duelist and determined that I could better my overall placements shooting Gunfighter. Moved to Gunfighter and have never looked back (other than considering a foray into B Western and I would shoot GF then as well)
  5. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Best Shoot by a Dam Site

    Thank you for the kind words. But I don't want to mislead anyone either. Dam Site is old school style with on the clock props and silly stories. Eldorado will be our Nevada variation on Bordertown. Big, close and fast. A drag race match. Still going to be a lot of fun; but not the same flavor as Dam Site. After all variety is the spice of life.
  6. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Viable Sweep?

    Am I missing a needed complexity? 10 shots, near and far Seems the easy way to do this is. ..............R P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 R, P1, R, P2, R, P3, R, P4, R, P5 Repeat with pistols
  7. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Change the Spirit of the Game penalty!!!

    And therein lies the rub. I agree with Phantom - I am going to abide by the stage instructions - but I am NOT going to hamstring myself if there is a smarter/ more clever/ FASTER way to shoot the stage. I define FAIR as everyone having the "opportunity" to do the same things or having access to the same choices. Others will define fair as everyone being "required" to do the same things. So there are some that will regard my examination of the stage and performance of the instructions as unsportsmanlike or unfair - because I didn't do it their way. It should make ZERO difference the reasons why or how a shooter plays our game. Social interaction - friendly goodnatured rivalry - or hand in the dirt all out competitor. The RULES need to be the same for all - the adherence to those rules need to be the same for all. And the penalties for violation of those rules need to be the same for all. Call the SOG penalty, any new name you like. The name makes no difference to me. But regardless of the name - define the actual infraction needed to earn ALL penalties clearly. Differing OPINIONS about mindset or method should not open shooters up to penalty. The onus has to be on the IDENTIFIED AND VERIFIABLE result (did they actually break a rule?) rather than OPINION of process (I wouldn't have done it that way - doesn't seem right to me - stage writers "unwritten" intent)
  8. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Beretta Goldrush

    Ive always wanted to get a Colt pump rifle/ clone. Never had the money and opportunity at the same time. Thru the generousity of a friend and some luck - I now own a Beretta Goldrush in 357. And before you ask; no, I have yet to get more than a three round run out of it (at speed) without jamming. So since a gun that doesn't work is useless - I would like to get it to run. Just for fun, just in case I ever get a wild hair to shoot B Western or just for something different. I know there are a couple of folks that know how to make these things work. And I am sure there are more that I am not aware of; but Lassiter has used these things under competition stress and excelled with them. Also, I have shot with Lassiter a couple times and he has always epitomized class. So what this thread comes down to is; does anyone have contact information for Lassiter so maybe he can transform my tomato stake into a legitimate cowboy action rifle? Thanks
  9. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Mental Preparation before going to the Line

    Prior to individual stage prep is the time for joking, goofing, inappropriate brass picking antics, off color jokes and nose picking. As anyone that has ever shot on a posse with myself and Gawd Awful together can attest; there is time for shenanigans. But, when it's time to get ready for the stage; focus and concentration is called for. And once I hit the loading table; I have no interest in being social or doing anything that is not related to my stage prep. I close my eyes and visualize the staging, prop manipulation, every transition and draw. Seeing in my mind's eye - every shot on target, sights in perfect focus and alignment. I shoot the sequence; airgunning every shot and acting out every move. And if it felt right, I'll do it again. If something feels wrong; I will stop and rewind to that point so I can correct or adjust. I will attempt to consider starting hand, starting foot, position of first gun, spot of first discard. And then ill airgun shoot the sequence again. Upon the shooter ahead of me completing their stage; I cease my mental prep. While the brass is being picked up and targets reset; I again check my physical prep. Pistols set properly in holsters, shotgun shell loops filled and belt in proper position. Ear plugs seated. Roll my neck and pop my knuckles. Taking deeper than normal breathes to ensure my oxygen levels are sufficient to get thru the next few moments if I forget to breathe. When I am called to line; I am still studying the target array, staging tables, distances between positions. All to ensure my visualization exercises at the loading table match the reality. At the moment before the beep; I have done the best I can do to prepare for the stage and trust that these steps will carry me thru the shooting and actions required.
  10. Creeker, SASS #43022

    How about this sequence

    The best sequences are ones that either "flow" from one target to the next. Nevada sweep Double tap sweeps Are balanced with a symmetry across the target array. 3-2-2-3 1-2-4-2-1 3-1-2-1-3 Or have some sort of an intuitive progression or repetition. 1,2-2,3-3-3,4-4-4-4 Inside-inside-outside-outside-middle Herky jerky sequences which attempt to dispose of X number of rounds across Y number of plates without regard to the above can quickly turn into P traps and memory contests. Some of the odder sequences can be used, but you must assist your shooters with target shape, color or placement. And you have to plan for these assists as you write the stage or pull steel. The match directors desire to set something "different" can lead to sequences and stages which stop being fun and become obstacles.
  11. Creeker, SASS #43022

    How about this sequence

    Sequences should have logical flow. Symmetry is your friend. 1,2-2,3-3,4 1,2,3,4 Makes a little more sense.
  12. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Best Shoot by a Dam Site

    I wrote the match; came up with the props and the silly stories and even I would NOT want every (or even most) match to be Legacy style. But I think there is enough room in our game to support a variety of ways to play. That's why the Eldorado Cowboys decided to create two very different events; the old school Legacy match in May and the Bordertown style drag race in October. And by making them completely different matches and proudly advertising those differences; we have created the opportunity to provide a little something for everyone to enjoy. We had a blast revisiting our past with Dam Site with no excuses or regrets for silly stories and on the clock props. Eldorado will be a full throttle, no excuses, let the rough side drag speed event. There's room in our game for everyone and the Eldorado Cowboys are proud to offer matches that cater to all personalities.
  13. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Mental Preparation before going to the Line

    First - a stage is NOT a group of disparate actions. Too many shooters try to "chop" it up into pieces A then B then C then D It doesn't often work that way. A stage is ONE continuous process - a dance if you will - where your feet position, hand movement and body movement are JUST as important as any other component of the dance (i.e. shooting). And just like a dance - oftentimes - one must be performing multiple actions at one time. For any reasonable chance at success - One action must flow neatly without hesitation into the next - whether that is a positional movement or a firearm transition. The very best in our game - will be doing two or three different things - with all of them occurring at once. And if you have not analyzed the stage enough to be FULLY aware of where your hands, feet, body , guns need to be at EVERY moment of the stage. You're not ready to shoot yet. Script the stage out in your shooter book - what should be occurring when and where? With what hand am I picking up - putting down? This may vary based on direction of movement and/ or next gun. Can I pull shotgun shells on the move? Can I draw my pistol(s) on the move. If I have to manipulate a prop - which hand or side is better? There WILL always be a better or worse choice. And it may be based on something as simple as "If I carry in my X hand I can pull shotgun shells - if I carry in my Y hand - I have to wait until I'm rid of the prop" These kinds of prep thoughts gain time and MORE importantly - make the stage more sensible/ easier to flow through.
  14. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Cleaning ? about Win 1873 rifle

    If you wish to run a rod down the barrel, it is either from the muzzle end OR you will have to take the bolt/ hammer extension out AND the under receiver assembly (the portion that the lever/ hammer is bolted to) to allow access to the barrel from the chamber end. A bore snake is infinitely easier.
  15. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Best Shoot by a Dam Site

    Scores are posted on the Eldorado Cowboys website under the DAM SITE Tab then 2018 results. http://eldoradocowboys.com/html/2018_results.html Oh, as an aside, if anyone has pictures or video from the event - I would love to see it and post it on our YouTube page. https://www.youtube.com/user/DesertDesperadosLV We invite everyone to join us for ELDORADO - the SASS Nevada State Championship in October - which will be our full throttle DRAG RACE match. Details under the ELDORADO Tab http://eldoradocowboys.com/

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