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  1. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Eldorado MAIN MATCHES

    Last time updated on the 11th. I'm sure we will have another in the next week or so.
  2. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Before I suggest a rules change....

    Because of the inequality in TO's. Unfortunately, you either have to raise the abilities of the TO or you have to reduce the expectation. Setting the standard that the TO is in place solely to ensure safety and handle the timer, would go a long way toward creating a more consistent timing experience. And instituting un solicited peanut gallery coaching is forbidden. If a "new" shooter requires/ desires coaching; they may request a coach. But then all errors/ crashes are completely on the shooter. This eliminates the TO from shooter error responsibility and eliminates peanut gallery directions from affecting outcomes.
  3. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Target Distance Question

    What's funny is Eldorado had a round plate; not quite as big as that, but still pretty large. We had to have it cut in half to use in matches as it was too heavy to safely move. And it is still close to a couple hundred pounds as just a half Moon plate. And yes, it will be in this years main match. At 6 - 8 paces.
  4. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Before I suggest a rules change....

    If every TO was able to convey this information equally or in a consistent manner; I wholeheartedly support the above... But they can't and they don't. So now good TO's and poor TO's are affecting the scores/ matches/ outcomes of shooters in what is supposed to be an individuals competition.
  5. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Before I suggest a rules change....

    As much as it pains me to say this; because I believe I'm a really good TO and usually an asset to the shooter. But, perhaps it is time to take the TO out of the equation. Maybe (excepting safety issues), the TO should be instructed to let the shooter own the stage. We have already determined that all TO's are not equal in ability/ reaction. Not all TO's are equal at safely/ properly getting a shooter thru a sequence or stage. Not all TO's are equal in knowledge of rules or watching the shooter. Since we are incapable of providing equal service to each shooter with the TO interaction; maybe the TO's position should change to standing silently unless required solely for safety and holding the timer. (Maybe with an exemption for new shooters requiring assistance). Any other changes are simply band aids and will be inconsistently applied.
  6. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Target Distance Question

    Pistol 3-5 paces Rifle 9-13 paces (depending on whether rifle targets are dual purposed as downrange movement pistol targets) Shotgun 7-8 paces No target (regularly) smaller than 16x16 Knockdowns/ reactive targets may be placed differently based on stage design. Im not a big fan of needless swings or dead space; so I like about a 6 inch spread between pistol plates; 6 - 10 inches between rifle plates. We have a couple multi level target trees for varying heights on target arrays. We have taken great pains to build targets and hangers that deflect rounds downward safely. So are they safe (or as safe as we can make them?). Yes. Are they too close? Maybe Are they too easy? Maybe. The best shooters don't care; they will be successful at any range and array. The slower shooter group will always be clamoring to move them further away because they believe their accuracy will then overcome speed. But most shooters are average in skill; and the average shooter likes to hit targets and they like to do so at speed (speed is, of course, a relative term; but most shooters enjoy feeling like they are on their own personal ragged edge). Big close target arrays offer the greatest number of shooters the best opportunity to have their best shoot. And lest we forget; we are not a shooting sport... We are in the entertainment business. In competition not with IPSC and IDPA; but with movie theaters, road trips, underwater basket weaving or ANY other use of a person's discretionary fun monies. And when we cease to entertain our shooters; they will find other venues to enjoy themselves. Moving targets out a couple yards further won't change the order on the score sheet. It won't change the incidents of splatter or splash that occur because of poorly angled targets. What it will do is affect the "fun" that your mid pack shooters experience. It will affect the smiles and the fist pumps and the elevated heart rates that keep our shooters excited until the next time.
  7. Creeker, SASS #43022

    RO1 class

    It's not central Cali... But it would give you an excuse for a road trip to Las Vegas. Ace of Hearts will be doing RO1 and 2 at Eldorado, the Nevada State Championships on Oct 4th. Come for the classes; stay for the shooting.
  8. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Eldorado MAIN MATCHES

    Yeah that's right. All of Ya'll need to get out of Gunfighter. Smoky; you're a great guy, but that means you too. Just let me win one. Is that too much to ask? Or I could move back to Duelist and muddy up all the water. Oooooh or B-Western.
  9. Creeker, SASS #43022

    1873 Lube Tricks

    Oil is for cooking french fries, rust prevention and as it applies to moving parts; in applications where its coating of parts and lubricating properties will be ongoingly replenished (i.e. machines with oil pumps or splash mechanisms). For moving parts without a methodology to replenish lubrication; you use greases that will coat, cling and remain in place. This applies to the slide rails of a semi auto, the cylinder pin of a revolver and the internals of a 73. I honestly don't believe the type or brand of grease is dreadfully important; just that whatever you use maintains it's lubricating presence without running off or becoming dry. I use white lithium grease in my 73. I use hi temp disc brake grease in other firearm applications. I use oil to prevent rust.
  10. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Eldorado MAIN MATCHES

    Um... No. Well, unless the handling fee is EXACTLY equal to the match entry fee. Hells Comin' is very kind and a great friend to myself and to the Eldorado Cowboys. There are a lot of fantastic shoots in Cowboy. My bucket list is replete with matches that I want to attend someday. Many of them, I'm sure, are better than Eldorado. But we do try very hard to put on the best matches we are capable of. And if you don't enjoy our shoot; I can't promise you your money back, but I will listen to your issues and promise to always attempt to do better next year.
  11. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Redwing Trading Co

    Bull, I've got some of the small rare earth magnets. Ill grab one and get it to you or you can pick them up at Home Depot pretty cheaply. Gorilla Glue (follow the instructions) on the leather and it will NEVER come off.
  12. Creeker, SASS #43022

    ELDORADO Battle of the States?

    That's a distinct possibility. I had a real life once... Once
  13. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Eldorado MAIN MATCHES

    Starting with our fantastic range in historic Boulder City Nevada with the Dam, Lake Mead, quaint little shops and our weekend sharing time with the Art in the Park event. To our proximity to Las Vegas and all the dining, entertainment and excitement that is allowed by law. From the moment folks arrive at the range - we hope we provide a fun, safe and memorable event for all. Plenty of designated RV parking with gates opening on Wednesday for early arrivals. Thursday - Side matches with true long range events and FOUR stage Mini Match Thursday Evening - Cowboy Clays and then after dark - Movie Night on the Range (My Name is Nobody) Friday - Six Main Match stages and Bar B Que Lunch from Fox BBQ. Friday Evening - After dark - THREE stage Black Powder Mini Match Saturday - Six Main Match stages Saturday Evening - Eldorado Formal Awards Banquet and Great Eldorado Giveaway. Banquet is at the beautiful Boulder Creek Country Club Prime Rib carving stations Carpeted floors (no formal dresses dragged in the dirt here)/ AC Belt Buckles State Championship Awards Costume Contests Sunday... Absolutely nothing - we understand that our shooters (and some of the Eldorado Board) may have to go back to work on Monday - so we close our event Saturday night. Without requiring a half day stay on Sunday for no other reason than to hand out awards. If you've not yet made the decision to attend - we still have room for you.
  14. Creeker, SASS #43022

    What age can a youngster start shooting cowboy action

    My daughter Desert Scorpion began shooting when she was four. Started CAS when she was five. She has always been a safe and hard working member of any posse she has been on.
  15. Creeker, SASS #43022

    Gunfighter -Confessions of a Double Cocker

    I'll take a shot, tho I am far from a top gunfighter. And I use a very different methodology than most. I firmly believe the SAA was designed to roll in your hand and that recoil impulse was intended to bring the hammer rearward so your thumb could catch the hammer and retain it as your pinky under the grip rolled the gun back to level. Since I am using the recoil and roll of the pistol; it only made sense (to me) to be cocking the pistols individually as they were fired. Fire one, and then fire the other as the first is recoiling, cock the first as the second is recoiling. Repeat. Also to establish that alternating pattern; I draw the first pistol slightly ahead of the second as to give the guns an order instead of pulling both perfectly simultaneously. Like I said, I'm not a top Gunfighter, but this is the method that works for me.

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