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  1. Dam Site 2018

    Received an email from a shooter that had read the stages and regarding the elements of chance in Dam Site, questioned my term zero sum. I have mentioned that there are elements of old school "chance" in Dam Site, but they are actually zero sum events. Meaning that no matter your dice throw or card choice - the random event should not affect the playing field. I'll give a couple old school examples that are NOT zero sum. 4 card suit targets; heart, diamond, club, spade. All arranged in a row; at the beep - pick a card and whatever suit you have - begin on that target for a continuous single tap Nevada sweep. Do the same, rifle and pistol. There is a distinct and measurable advantage to picking whatever suit is the first target on the left. Or another example, same target array. Pick a card, if your card is red - alternate between the heart and diamond for 10 rounds. If your card is black - between the club and spade for ten rounds. Since generally, specialty targets begin as the same size plate - when the steel is cut away to create a club or spade; the resulting target is smaller than the steel remaining on the heart or diamond. Significant advantage to pulling a red card. These stages create an environment where "luck" unfairly impacts the score sheet. A zero sum event means no matter what chance element, everyone minimally still has to perform the same actions. An example from Dam Site is the die roll that determines starting gun and using shooters birth year to determine starting target. Shooter rolls a die marked with a R or a P to establish starting gun. And if born in an even year must begin on a rearmost target. Odd years begin on a near target. Four targets in play; each target must engaged 5x; at least one time by each type firearm. These combinations of events would seem to make a very random and different stage for every shooter. But it is actually balanced and zero sum. There is no benefit or penalty to pistols or rifle first as both have to be used. There is no benefit or penalty to front or rear targets first as all have to be engaged. Everyone has to fulfill the EXACT same obligations to rounds on plates. Meaning that while it feels random and variable (old school); it is really as defined and structured as any modern round count stage. This was one of our challenges; creating events that paid homage to the randomness and luck of yesterday without actually impacting the shooting competion of today. Take a look at the stages; let us know how you think we did. And if it seems like fun; join us in Boulder City, NV for the Eldorado Cowboys, "Best Shoot by a Dam Site" May 5th & 6th, 2018
  2. No More SinCity Paladin

    Smoky, Forgive me if I have missed you at a local Las Vegas shoot as I don't recall having seen your name before. I would like to extend an invite to come play with any of the established SASS affiliated cowboy action groups in Las Vegas and area. Since you are already shooting with the ProGun group, you are only a hop and skip away from the Eldorado Cowboy Events at BRPC in Boulder City. Additionally, The Nevada Rangers have their upcoming annual event "Sagebrush" at the Clark County shooting park in April. The Eldorado Cowboys have a Saturday and Sunday shoot every month and we have our spring event, "The Best Shoot by a Dam Site" coming up in May. The Desert Desperados put on monthly events at Desert Sportsman range in Red Rock canyon. Plenty of shooting locally. Hope to see you at a SASS match and shake your hand real soon.
  3. Dam Site 2018

    Seems Damascus John, (or as he is known in Southern Nevada; Ugly Puppy) is the one who should be most upset about this.
  4. Dam Site 2018

    If it is any consolation - not all of us got to shoot the cockroaches. The PAPER cockroach target was the third target array engaged on the stage and I happened to follow a black powder shooter... Unnoticed by anyone; his pistol rounds had set the paper targets and wooden target stand smoldering. So I shot my rifle, moved to 2nd position and engaged shotgun. As I transitioned to the pistol position... There was a gust of wind that set off the smoldering embers and WHOOOOF - the entire stand, cardboard backing and paper targets went up in flames. I stood there, pistols out, watching and giggling as the flames engulfed the target. Wasting about two seconds before it dawned on me that I should complete my stage. The downside was I did not get to shoot at our nifty printed cockroach target - the upside was since the target was now turning to ash - no one could say I missed anything.
  5. Dam Site 2018

    When you find something something than you're good at - you do it. And I am good at missing.
  6. Dam Site 2018

    Since the Eldorado Cowboys announced the Best Shoot by a Dam Site would be an Old School style shoot; I have received a lot of questions... Why is Eldorado returning to old school? Don't you remember old school? Are you insane? (not really sure if that question directly pertained to the shoot or was more general in nature). The comments I have heard have included... Old School sequences were overly difficult and filled with "P" traps. Old School shooting positions were unsafe and our older shooters today cannot lay on the ground or perform heavy tasks. Old School had too many elements of chance that affected the outcome of a shooting match. And in the Old School days; the targets were out so far that missing was as common as hitting. Why would Eldorado want to return to all of that? So let me address these questions... First; the Eldorado Cowboys have made our reputation putting on big, close and fast shoots. The Best Shoot by a Dam Site will NOT abandon these principles. The steel placement and shooting sequences will be fully in line with the 2018 current methods of close and fast. Stages and sequences are available for review on the eldoradocowboys.com website. So, if not distant targets and difficult sequences; what do we mean by "Old School"? Over the years as targets have grown larger and moved in closer; the "playing" cowboy part of cowboy action has gotten squeezed out as well. Part of the draw of cowboy action for a lot of us was a return to our childhood games of cops and robbers and cowboys and indians. Running wildly thru our neighborhoods; fingers pointing and "bang, I got you". But when we played, we always had a story and we had props. We had robbed the bank (bank bag was moms grocery sack filled with rocks). Or rustled the cattle (usually my buddies calico cat who loved to ride on your shoulder). What we didn't do was simply stand still and shout, "bang,bang,bang,bang" as fast as we could until we were out of bangs to give. As 8 year olds we would have tired of that quickly. As I still have that 8 year old mentality; a return to the playing cowboy part of cowboy action seemed like fun. Now I like shooting fast and I hate missing and I hate elements of chance affecting the outcome of my match... But we want the match to make us feel like 8 year olds again... How do we do that? We add in old school style stories and silly sophomoric jokes. We carefully craft old school elements of chance "type" games that cancel out and become zero sum (meaning there is no benefit or penalty to whatever card you happen to pick or dice you roll). We add in an array of action targets that fall over or get knocked down or move. We add activities that do not affect shooting; but add elements to the stage that relate to the story and the playing cowboy. But every activity was carefully reviewed to ensure all are universal skills that give no home field advantage. (carry the frog, pull arrows from your buddy, dump out a boot full of snakes). Now while we have attempted to add in some of the old school feel of yesterday; you will NOT find any of the old school foolishness of deliberate "P" traps, unsafe shooting requirements (bedsprings, bathtubs, etc), and certainly no small targets placed in the next county. The Eldorado Cowboys are simply attempting to flavor Dam Site with some of the good stuff from yesterday without losing what we love about the game today. And nothing we will ever do will change that Dam Site is a shooting competition first and foremost. And lastly, whether Creeker is insane or not is still up for debate... So why not join the Eldorado Cowboys for the Best Shoot by a Dam Site in historic Boulder City, NV May 5th and 6th, 2018 Shoot with us; play cowboy and decide for yourself Creekers sanity.
  7. Dam Site 2018

    We appreciate this. The biggest complaint of big shoots is almost always inconsistency between posses. Posse 2 did something this way; Posse 4 wasn't told that was an option. While it rarely materially changes the scoresheets - It does create hard feelings and if everyone having access to the walk thru clarifications and options makes for a more uniformed shoot or a more informed shooter; I don't see a downside.
  8. Dam Site 2018

    Oh, just another "thing". In addition to the full booklet of stages - EVERY shooter will be receiving a copy of my Posse Marshal walk thru notes. This ensures that every shooter has the actual straight info regarding questions and concerns on every stage. In addition to my own notes - I am compiling notes from the various questions that I have received from shooters. Our Posse Marshals do a fine job - but allowing the shooter to read for his or herself (if they wish to) the ins and outs from each stage "may" create for a more consistent explanation of the options each shooter may employ.
  9. Dam Site 2018

    Updated stage 6 has been added to the stages online. http://eldoradocowboys.com/assets/applets/DAM_SITE_2018_-_final_-_AMENDED_STAGE_6.pdf Take a look - and we hope to see you at Dam Site 2018.
  10. Concealed Carry at a Match

    I believe the young lady was shooting a grey framed Kel-Tec pistol. Which are not horrible pistols; but are a far cry from Smith & Wesson. I could not discern whether a 9mm or 380acp.
  11. Dam Site 2018

    Changes... CHAA CHA CHA Changes... After receiving input from a respected shooter; we are making changes to Stage 6 of the Dam Site event. The stage as written and props as designed were thoroughly tested for issue and safety. But perception of this setup and execution was viewed as potentially unsafe by some shooters. Since, the comfort and safety of our shooters is always our paramount priority, the Board of the Eldorado Cowboys decided that to it was best to acknowledge and alleviate the concerns of unsafe occurance by changing the prop and requirements on stage 6. The Eldorado Cowboys are always welcoming and receptive to the input and direction, praise or criticism from our shooters and we are constantly striving to ensure that our shoots are fun, well thought out and most importantly safe environments. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at Dam Site 2018. The revised stage will be posted on our website soon.
  12. Concealed Carry at a Match

    Rules only have weight or value to those that would abide by them. When confronted by situations that require me to disarm and to place my trust in "rules"; I have three options... 1. I can choose to leave that environment and not participate or be present at the event or gathering. 2. I can stay and choose to abide by their arbitrary rules; disarming and hoping their bold print signage, minimum wage security staff and the great protection fairy in the sky will keep me safe. or 3. I can exercise my God given right to protect my (and loved ones) life and liberty. I can carry properly, discretely and responsibly in a manner not discernible by others. I can do so without advertising or disclosing my status thru my words, attire or actions. I acknowledge the legal risks of my choices but unless I am forced to use my firearm to defend myself or others... No one will ever know I have it. And if after I use my firearm to defend myself or others; I have to face legal consequence for violating someone's "Don't carry here" proclamation... I will do so happily knowing my actions or presence may have saved a life. I am far more willing to face the penalties of having it and not needing it than the penalty of needing it and not having it. Lastly, while I have all the respect in the world for Law Enforcement; I do not believe their right to self defense or firearms carry supercedes my own. If they feel it is valid and appropriate to be armed; then I have to agree with them and should be armed myself.
  13. Dam Site 2018

    Just everyone has a different ideas of fun. And some are stuck in the mindset that any thing different is bad. Sometimes makes me wonder how they ever decided to try cowboy action in the first place.
  14. Concealed Carry at a Match

    Just a kind of obvious add on to the whole conversation. 1. I walk around cowboy shoots with nearly a whole box of shotgun shells around my waist. 2. During the course of a stage; I am rarely more than a couple steps away from SOMEBODIES shotgun. 3. I'm fairly good with the shotgun. Thinking if it became necessary I might be able to put those three points into play about as quickly as trying to retrieve my small auto from my inside my pants carry method while wearing suspenders, buscadero rig and shotgun belt. Of course, with my luck, I would grab the only 16ga 1897 pump shotgun on the posse and get myself killed while trying to feed it 12ga shells.
  15. Concealed Carry at a Match

    Too many folks fail to understand concealed carry. Concealed doesn't simply mean folks can't SEE it... Properly concealed means others don't know it exists. The first rule of Concealed Carry is we don't disclose we are concealed carrying. If we are carrying properly - no one else knows we are carrying. Proper carry means we don't worry about permission or gun free zones or hoping the great "safety fairy" in the sky will protect us. If the person concealed carrying at your event is so sloppily carrying that you notice it... Or they are voluntarily disclosing their carry status... Then ask them to take it off and secure it somewhere during the event; because they are apparently not responsible enough, skilled enough or discrete enough to concealed carry properly. Otherwise don't stress about it; because you should never know it is occurring.