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  1. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Non-matching Revolver Barrel Lengths

    Two of the fastest GunFighters know (and have the pleasure of shooting with) are Lassiter & Cripple Creek Kid Both shoot 7-1/2 guns, and both are champion shooters. Yes, you might be faster if you had shorter barrels on your gun, but, at least to me, CAS is about shooting what I love. Only a handful of folks will be speed demons anyway, so why start out with competing with them in mind. So you are a second or two slower shooting your father's gift and a matching mate. Who cares??? If it makes you leave the stage with a grin on your face and a warm heart, it's more than worth it (IMHO) Be safe & have fun! --Dawg PS: Thunder Creek Kid is selling a blued 7-1/2 colt as I write this:
  2. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Has APP Gone Out of Business?

    Well, that is what I am hoping. --Dawg
  3. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Recommend a black powder muzzle loading double barrel

    Yes, Pedersoli makes a very nice one. They have for years. They are the ones you see most often. Over the years, I've had several I currently have one in 12 & one in 20 gauge. Years ago, Pietta made them too. Theirs were desirable because they were easier to jug-choke. I had one in 10 gauge -- Nice shotgun, but plainer looking than the pedersoli. --Dawg
  4. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Has APP Gone Out of Business?

    Good Evening Folks: I received an e-mail from a fellow shooter. It indicated that APP has gone out of business. I have tried to call Brett several time with no success and no returned calls. Given that they had a special discount promotion going in early November, I find it hard to believe that they went belly-up. Anyone know for sure? Thanks in advance --Dawg
  5. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Sold -- THANKS

    Thanks -- They'll be on their way soon. --Dawg
  6. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    10+1 on the clock.

    Also, if there is no pistol reload that shoot, just keep the cylinder in the gun rug until the next shoot. People have kept cap guns loaded for over a year and they still went BOOM! Especially in the dry region where you live! And with SS guns, there is no worry of corrosion in the cylinders from leaving the gun loaded --Dawg
  7. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    10+1 on the clock.

    YL: Keep yer supply of cap gun stuff around and use the percussion cylinder that stage. If they only have one stage with the pistol reload, you can load it at home, and keep the uncapped loaded cylinder in a gun rug in your cart. -- easy-peasy Then all you have to do is cap 5 at the loading table & plan to use the cap gun on shots 6-11. When you get to your second rifle-pistol, cap the 6th chamber & finish the string. With a cap gun, it does not matter if the stage instructions say that you need to reload after ten shots -- It is a safety issue (shooting a cap gun with a loaded, uncapped chamber), and so folks shooting cap guns cap first, then shoot. Your ROAs will do an excellent job! --Dawg If you don't or can't do that, talk to the match director about it. I would be very surprised if he says that you either have to dis-assemble the gun on the line for a reload, or take the penalties. I can't believe he/she wouldn't come up with a solution for JW shooters -- As a match official, I would
  8. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Sold -- THANKS

    Gonna pass on shoots out West this year. Wife is starting 2 new businesses and my time and excess $$ is spoken for this year. Looking at Winter 2020 Hate to keep putting it off, but it is unavoidable --Dawg
  9. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Sold -- THANKS

    Barely.....but I get by! Merry Christmas to you & your family. HOPE YOU ARE GOING TO SPOIL YOUR GRAND DAUGHTER! --Dawg
  10. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Sold -- THANKS

    ALL SOLD--THANKS Good Evening Folks: Downsizing my library. I have learned a lot from these books over the years. Many of them are older, but there's lots of useful reading in them. Especially good for reading by the fire over Winter, or for stocking your hunting/getaway cabin. Anyway, here they are. Books will be protected during shipment by bubble wrap and/or a box. Books will ship USPS Media Mail, an inexpensive way to ship these heavy books. Please send your zip code, so I can figure in shipping. Thanks for looking --Dawg ******* SOLD 1. Shooting: How to Become an Expert Marksman With Rifle, Shotgun, Handgun, Muzzleloader and Bow 1986 by Edward Matunas Hardcover, no dust jacket -- nice condition -- 2-1/2 pounds -- $1.50 The book you'll get has no dust jacket, just a reddish-orange hard cover SOLD 2. Complete Books of Rifles and Shotguns: : With A Seven-Lesson Rifle Shooting Course 1961 by Jack O'Connor Hardcover The book is in good condition, but the cover is beat up and coming apart. Good book for your getaway cabin. 2-1/2 pounds -- $1 The book you'll get has no dust jacket, just a gray hard cover (The cover is in poor shape) 3. Outdoor Life's Deer Hunting Book -- Various authors -- Good Condition -- Hard bound -- no dust jacket 1974 -- 1-1/2 pounds -- $1 The book you'll get has no dust jacket, just a brown hard cover SOLD 4. Monument Rock by Louis L'Amour Hardcover with dust jacket -- very nice condition -- 1998 -- 1 pound -- $3SOLD 5. All about small-game hunting in America by Russell Tinsley Hardcover no dust jacket ex-library in good condition -- 1976 -- 1-1/2 pounds -- $1 The book you'll get has no dust jacket, just a brown hard cover SOLD 6. OUTDOORSMANS FIX-IT BOOK by Monte Burch -- Hardcover -- Dust Jacket shows wear & has some tears -- 1971 -- 1-1/2 pounds -- $1 7. Murry Burhnam's Hunting Secrets by Murry Burnham and Russell Tinsley -- Hardcover -- No dust jacket -- very nice condition -- 1-1/2 pounds -- $1 The book you'll get has no dust jacket, just a reddish-orange hard cover 8. Five Outdoor Life Deer Hunter's Yearbooks 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 Hard Cover -- very nice condition -- 9 pounds -- $10 9. Five Outdoor Life Guns and Shooting Yearbooks 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 Hard Cover -- very nice condition -- 9 pounds -- $10 SOLD 10. The Colt Single Action Revolvers: A Shop Manual Volumes 1 & 2" Book by Jerry Kuhnhausen -- NEW -- Still in factory shrink wrap -- 1-1/2 pounds -- $35
  11. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Chicken $$$$

    Nope Shooter made the choice to go back and shoot the 10th round. T.O. merely gave him some information. Unless he physically grabbed the shooter, I don't see the interference --Dawg
  12. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    10+1 on the clock.

    Hey YL: If I'm using conversion cylinders, I bring a cartridge revolver to shoot as one of my "rifle-pistols" on that stage, so one of my rifle-pistols will be a cap gun with a cartridge conversion cylinder, and one will be a regular cartridge revolver. Usually (around here) there is only one stage per day with a rifle reload (I have not shot a pistol reload in many years), so I only need it for one stage. The process of taking a gun apart to put a reload in an un-gated conversion cylinder in the middle of a stage is more than I want to do. --Dawg
  13. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    10+1 on the clock.

    When I write reloads into my stages, I allow the JW shooters to load a 6th round in their rifle-pistol, and then begin shooting it. That way they don't have to cycle the cylinder around to find the loaded round like they would if they shot 5 and then reloaded. It is perfectly safe, since the gun is never laid down. As long as all JW shooters do it that way, they are on even ground, with less confusion for the shooter on the line. Ask the match director how he wants it done That's how a cap-n-ball shooter handles a pistol reload, by the way. Loads 6 chambers, but only caps 5 at the loading table. Caps the 6th on the clock BEFORE he/she begins shooting the pistol. --Dawg
  14. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Sunken breech face on '72 Opentop fix?

    Slim: If I remember correctly, Happy Trails used to do this. He is retired now, but if you contact him through his WebSite (http://www.thesmithshop.com/ -- 401-864-2348), he might have a suggestion as to who can do an appropriate job. --Dawg
  15. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Pending 1860 44 LC CONVERSION

    44 Colt, slightly shorter than a 44 Special, slightly longer than a 44 Russian. All use .429 or so bullets I wondered when I saw the poster say 44 LC, so I looked it up. All of the 44 caliber Open Top revolvers I've owned would chamber all 3, although the original .44 Colt loading used a heeled, outside lubricated bullet. The major diameter of the bullet was approximately the groove diameter (.451") of the converted ".44" cap and ball revolver. The smaller "heel" at the base of the bullet was sized to fit inside the brass case at approximately .430". --Dawg

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