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  1. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Shipping Ammunition

    I ship all mine Fedex from a Fedex shipping center, not a fedex office. --Dawg
  2. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Pietta Brass-Framed Snubbie Revolver

    Good Evening Folks: This was a display gun in my gunroom. I have a bunch of these snubbies, built on steel-framed, Cap-Guarded or raked frames. I had an extra snubbie barrel and a couple of brassies, so I put one together -- I've not shot it. The barrel was shot on another gun, but the frame and cylinder have never been shot (If I remember correctly) So......for sale: a Pietta Brass-Framed Snubbie Revolver. My favorite gun plumber (coffinmaker) made up a bunch of snubbie barrels out of 8" Pietta Barrels. He shortened the barrel, crowned it, and dovetailed in a new sight. The frame is marked "CL" meaning that it was made in 2013. Navy Grip Not much of a gap at the barrel-cylinder interface -- If yer gonna shoot it, yule probably need to open it up a bit. .44 Caliber (.451 or .454 roundballs) $265.00 USPS Priority Mail Insured shipping to your door where legal. Thanks for looking. --Dawg
  3. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Thank you for fixing the SASS Forum

  4. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329


    Hey Slim: It seems like an OK knife to me. The blade goes the full length of the grips & the guard seems solid. The grips feel like plastic, but are not cheap-looking. Let me know if you would like to purchase them. Thanks --Dawg
  5. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Reduced -- A .44 Caliber Nickel Plated Cylinder for an Uberti Richards Mason Revolver

    If ya fired a round with that big cylinder gap, it would put on a spectacular show!
  6. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329


    SOLD -- THANKS Good Evening: I have for sale a set of 5 knives: **A Utica Sportsman belt knife. Knife length is about 9 inches. 5-inch blade. No sheath **A folder with a locking serrated blade. 7-1/2 inches long with a 2-1/2 inch blade. Plastic handle with finger grooves and a hole for a lanyard. **A folder that looks like a shotshell. 4-1/2 inches long with a 2-1/2 inch stainless blade. The picture glare makes the handle look messed up -- it's not. **A moneyclip pocket knife with a small 1-1/2 inch blade on one side, and a file on the other. Was a promo knife given out by the Arrow Shirt Co. back in the day. Marked “Arrow” on the side opposite the money clip. **A pocket folder that is marked “M. A. Bates & Son Realtors”. Obviously a promo knife with a 1-1/2 inch blade. All 5 knives for $10 shipped USPS First Class Package. Thanks for lookin' --Dawg
  7. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Reduced -- A .44 Caliber Nickel Plated Cylinder for an Uberti Richards Mason Revolver

    Hey Kid: I don't think so. The body of the cylinder is just under 1.5" because of the conversion ring on the RM. I believe the Open Top cylinders are bit longer because they have no conversion ring. --Dawg
  8. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Reduced -- A .44 Caliber Nickel Plated Cylinder for an Uberti Richards Mason Revolver

    Back up with a reduction
  9. Back up with price reduction
  10. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Thinning Out My Library

    Good Evening Folks: Thinning out my library a bit. Don't know if there's any interest in these old guns here, but... 1. SOLD ********** 2. The Best of Hook & Bullet by W. Hardbark McLoughlin Fishing Fantasies and Hunting Hoaxes from a magazine that never existed Softcover 127 pages 1996 $10 shipped ****************** 3. SOLD ************* 4. SOLD ************ 5. SOLD
  11. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    How to describe a string?

    outside - outside-inside-inside -middle-inside-inside-outside-outside-middle. If you want the shooter to cross the center target after each shot, say so, or you might get someone shooting it 1-5-4-2-3....... Single tap sweep all five targets twice, starting from either end each time
  12. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    WR Not Going Update

    Alright Grandpa!!! Does he have a SASS Number yet???? Congratulations! --Dawg
  13. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

    Looking for some odds and ends

    I've gotten out of blacksmithing & have lots of stuff I can sell if yer willing to come to Cleveland to pick it up. Anvil, hammers, tongs, post vices, swage block, steel stock, parts to make a gas forge. --Dawg
  14. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329


    SOLD -- THANKS Portfolio of Six Western Prints by Frederic Remington Beautiful portfolio folder contains six (6) western prints by Frederic Remington each measuring approx 8 1/2" x 11" in black and white with monotone coloring and burnt sierra color border. Prints are stored neatly in sepia colored, textured folder. Prints are in overall mint condition - never been displayed. No publication year. Each print has a title with it: Dismounted – The Fourth Troopers Moving The Led Horses A Pull At The Canteen Thanksgiving Dinner For The Ranch Am Episode In The Opening Up Of A Cattle Country The Charge Of The Sun-Pole Bronco Busters Saddling $8.50 shipped Thanks for lookin' --Dawg
  15. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329


    SOLD -- THANKS A Taste of the West from Coors History of the Adolph Coors Company, Golden, Colorado, the surrounding country, folk tales, historical facts & fiction. Recipes for:Meat & Wild Game; Fish, Poultry & Eggs; Soups & Stews; Salads, Vegetables & Breads; and Beverages, Snacks & Desserts. Illustrated with black & white and color photos. Hardcover 1981 $6 shipped Thanks for takin' a look. --Dawg

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