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  1. Please notify when the cappers for Colt-style revolvers are ready for sale. I'm going to get one & see how I like it. Thanks --Dawg
  2. 38-40's

    If Canton & Larabee pass, I'm third in line I'll take both of them Thanks --Dawg
  3. Ohio State Championships - Shootout at Hard Times

    I'll let Mary & any other lovely female watch me. I'm best lorded over by wimmen! --Dawg
  4. Thanks for the purchase.

    Send a postal money order for $40.00 to:

    Also send me your address

    Arthur Smith

    17802 N. 130th Drive

    Sun City West, Arizona  85375




    1. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Hey Lefty:


      Shipping is to:

      Lou Polsinelli

      3265 Silsby Road 

      Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

  5. 45-75 Brass For Sale -- New RMC & Brass formed from 348 Win

  6. SOLD !!WTS; Galco Left hand 4 3/4 " Holster Unlined, Duke Model

    Hey Lefty: I'll take it. I can do Paypal or send a check. Thanks --Dawg
  7. Jim No Horse

    RIP Jim No Horse: Heaven is getting a good man! --Dawg
  8. Question: Source for 45-75 Brass?

    I just listed some --Dawg
  9. Good Evening: Cleaning out my reloading area in the basement, I came upon some 45-75 brass that I did not even remember I had. Sold my 45-75 Uberti 1876 a while back, so this is for sale now. Shipping will be by USPS Priority Mail 30 cartridges formed from "W-W Super 348 Win" by Gad Custom Cartridges -- $45 shipped 60 headstamped "45-75 WIN RMC" by Rocky Mountain Cartridge -- New -- $180 shipped (These appear new to me) 60 Headstamped "45-75-WCF Jamison" by Jamison -- New -- $90 + shipping (These appear new to me) SOLD Thanks for looking --Dawg
  10. Lake Park Raiders! Saturday match in Niles.April 14, 2018

    Hey Slo Mo: I am gonna shoot with you guys this year I just can't get excited about shooting indoors I'm glad you offer the opportunity, but its not for me! Gonna try to make the last Thursday shoots once you folks move outdoors Thanks for puttin' up with my quirkeyness! --Dawg
  11. Logan’s Ferry Regulators Shoots this Saturday, April 14th

    A big "THANK YOU" to The Logan's Ferry Regulators! Made the trek out there from Cleveland today because Northern Ohio was getting dripped on big time & I wanted to be dry today. Mid 80s -- wow, what a great day & a nice shoot! Cap guns worked perfectly -- wish I could report the same for the operator (3 hiccups) But the folks at Loagn's Ferry treated me like family -- Great!!! Thanks again --Dawg
  12. How many Frontiersman?

    I shoot Pietta 1860s in barrel lengths 3", 5.5" and 8" Sometimes my Colt 1851s Sometimes Ruger Old Armies in barrel lengths 3", 5.5", 7.5", and 12" Rifle is mostly a 20" 1960 Henry Transitional in 44-40, custom rifle by Colorado Coffinmaker Sometimes a regular 1860 Henry, an 1873 or an 1866 in 44-40 and (rarely) 38-40 or 38 Special Shotgun is a TTN Hammer Coachgun --Dawg
  13. Great Movie for a Sleepless Evening

    Couldn't get to sleep, so I'm sitting here enjoying "Buchanan Rides Alone", a 1958 collaboration between Randolph Scott & Budd Boeticher. Randolph Scott gives an entertaining light-hearted performance -- thoroughly enjoyable film! Lots of familiar faces in this one: Craig Stevens of Peter Gunn fame, a TV show I used to enjoy watching with my dad when I was a kid. Barry Kelley, Tol Avery, & Peter Whitney -- All frequently seen in 50s & 60s TV & films. & one of my favorite Cowboy character actors, L. Q. Jones, in a fine role early in his career. Love Randolph Scott & Love Westerns -- Gonna be a great way to end the day! --Dawg
  14. 1860 Winchester/Henry Questions

    Load them with the rifle held slightly off horizontal to the rounds don't slam against each other as you put them in. Be careful picking up your Henry off the prop that you don't catch the follower and cause it to pull up and then slam back down on the rounds in the magazine. Make yourself a wooden stick that goes between the follower and the rounds ala DRIFTWOOD JOHNSON. http://www.theopenrange.net/forum/index.php?topic=3287.msg24417#msg24417 Prevents the shooter from having to do the "Henry Hop" too The safety issue is real for people who are sloppy & careless but maybe they shouldn't be shooting if they are like that. You know 1866s don't have a lever safety & nobody bad-mouths them, but folks with 1866s have out of battery discharges from time-to-time I have 4 Uberti Henry's & shoot 'em every week.
  15. Gun cart rules

    Hi Pete:. I have a 4-gun Rugger Gear cart for when I shoot with my wife, and a smaller RG cart with the vertical conversion, when I shoot by myself. I like it very much --Dawg

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