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  1. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708


    That particular error can be corrected before timer goes off by either Spotter stopping the TO and having him fix it, or by the Spotter saying loudly -" Stage revolvers on table before you start." (If you wait to the last possible time, between when the shooter indicates ready until first shot goes down range, you have practically waited too long - adrenaline will the pumping and the shooter's not going to stop) We have a strange "no-penalty" dictate in the rules: "The TO shall not start the shooter in a faulted position." That's a procedure that a TO must follow, but there is no penalty awarded to the TO if he does not. Because of that, if a spotter can get the "count down" stopped before the first shot goes down range, you as a spotter can prevent a Procedural penalty assessed on the shooter. We encourage any spotter seeing a "faulted position" start happening, to shut it down, thus helping safely assist the shooter through the stage. Now, once the stage starts, if the shooter gets confused, there's lots of experience that says it is best if you leave assisting the shooter to the TO. Too often, there will be contradicting instructions coming from the spotter(s) and the TO. It's hard for the TO to do the calculation of does he have enough time, voice volume and presence of mind to tell the shooter quickly how to correct things. For spotters who are farther away from the shooter, not looking over the shooter's shoulder for what target the gun may be pointed at, it's really hard, and there's a low percentage chance that the spotter will be able to help the situation. And, if WRONG instructions are given by any range officials (TO, spotters), you pretty much need to let the shooter have a reshoot for improper instructions. Spotter should NEVER interfere. That would be interference. There's a good time for spotter to speak up, and bad times. If you attend good RO I and RO II classes, you will most likely get some good tips about how to keep a shooter safely navigating a stage. Good luck, GJ
  2. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    My Dillon 550B Experience Thus Far...

    Maybe it is $80 now. Even that is worth their rebuild. Every part or subass'y I have ever needed they provided free and wouldn't take money. Good luck, GJ
  3. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    My Dillon 550B Experience Thus Far...

    UniqueTek has a simpler design to solve the primer slide sticking problems. Many folks like it, and it IS in stock. http://uniquetek.com/product/T1571 Good luck, GJ
  4. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Cold Match

    Couple of Hot Hands packets in your gloves or outer coat pocket makes a match at those temps almost enjoyable.
  5. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    SKB Question(s).

    I'd say - buy two more. Send me one. We'll both be happy. Now, for your serious questions. Cutting barrels - you will NEED to shorten them at least down to clean, unthreaded tube. If you leave some of the threads, that point will be weaker than the unthreaded barrel, and the threads also will collect wad plastic and other fouling. SKBs have thin wall tubes to start with, so don't tempt fate by leaving open threads! Visually checking for lengthened forcing cones. Dismount barrels. Take a small diameter wood dowel and a strong flashlight. Push dowel up through chamber until you see it's end is even with where the forcing cone meets the main barrel bore. The reflectivity (shine) will change abruptly at the junction between forcing cone and barrel. Mark dowel with marker at the breech end of chamber. Do same with another double gun that has a standard factory cut forcing cone. If the two lengths are close, you probably have a factory cone. If SKB length is much longer, it's been lengthened. Once you have seen how long a lengthened forcing cone is, you will be able to spot one in a second. Good luck, GJ
  6. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    My Dillon 550B Experience Thus Far...

    The index ball is one size regardless of caliber. Previous owner probably lost the original ball and tossed in whatever old bearing ball that would drop in the hole. The index ball arrests the shell plate so it clicks into proper alignment, with the shell plate exactly under each tool head station. That alignment is critical to making good ammo without tearing up brass. Good luck, GJ
  7. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Beretta silverhawk for sass

    This topic brought to mind a fine SASS name that as yet is unused...... Ya Big Lug!
  8. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    My Dillon 550B Experience Thus Far...

    Dillon will refurbish that used 550B to bring it to new specifications (usually even the paint). This particular press I would have sent to Dillon as soon as the first damaged part of the primer system was discovered - because that is the weak link of a Dillon 550B. In your case, a factory rebuild/refurb may still be the right thing to ask for if you don't yet have it running perfectly. It won't cost you anything but the shipping out to them in Phoenix area. If you don't do that, then at least get the "Dillon full spare parts kit" - just about every part that wears out and can tear up with normal use is in that box of 50 or so small parts! Good luck, GJ
  9. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Red River D belt buckles

    Here's the rest of the story: http://www.redriverdbeltbuckle.com/ The original buckle maker (Bohlin) made a small batch in 1946 on orders from Howard Hawks (director of the Red River movie). Each individualized with two or three initials in the lower left for the intended recipients (John Wayne, Howard Hawks, etc). Since John Wayne disliked wearing anything with his (alias) initials on it, he traded his buckle for Hawks', and only wore that one. Believe the maker then made a larger lot for general sale in 1948 (at the time of release of the film). Those are normally blank in the lower left section. These are the ones with the 1948 date in upper right. The original JW buckle went back to Bohlin later to be copied again, was reported stolen, and has not resurfaced since. So, even the "originals" are not all dated the same. And non-Bohlin copies are almost all you will find for sale. Good luck, GJ
  10. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Winter Range

    Dry camping campground had lots of spots still left recently. Did not ask about full hookup sites. PM sent with some contact info. Good luck, GJ
  11. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    SKB shooters pay attention.

    Nice piece of wood there! Good luck with it, GJ
  12. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Red River D belt buckles

    Here's 4 more different suppliers, from the original maker of Howard Hawk's order of three buckles, down to lower priced copies. https://www.kemosabe.com/shop/buckles/limited-edition-70th-anniversary-red-river-buckle-by-bohlin/ https://great-american-adventures.com/product/special-order-red-river-belt-buckle/ http://www.westernleatherholster.com/western-belt-buckles/ http://www.forttumbleweed.net/johnwayne.html Good luck, GJ
  13. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Thank you all for resource assistance

    One published source that remains a reasonable starting point for our cast bullet loads is the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook, now in edition 4. Although it does not call out "Cowboy" loads, many of their minimum posted loads are very good cowboy loads. Glad you got some real good out of that .38 spl load thread. It is a good one. Good luck, GJ
  14. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Powder check die for Dillon 650

    RCBS lock out die detects a no-charge or a double charge VERY well. It will start to lock up about 25% below your desired charge, and 25% above that weight. It uses a mechanical detection system that locks the press from completing a stroke. No battery to run low or leak acid, or buzzer to have to listen for. It's all I use on my Dillon loaders! Good luck, GJ
  15. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Front Sight Help

    Uberti usually puts a 0.410 high front sight on their 20" rifles, and a rear sight that matches. Sounds like you have a 19" rifle, rather than a carbine with sight on a barrel band. I'd bet the #204132 would be fine (0.410 hi, with the larger 3/32 ivory bead).. Knock out old sight toward the right, install new sight into dovetail from right to left until centered. Most new front sights will be tight in dovetail. If needed, lightly file the bottom of the sight's dovetail base until you can start the sight just with strong thumb pressure, then tap in with a brass punch driving sight to the center. Good luck, GJ

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