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  1. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Dillon 550B Cartridge Spring Question

    I'll ruin an occasional case when the case has not been fully inserted into shell plate. Most often this happens when I start running fast and the spring clip is not adjusted real well and I don't push the next case FULLY into the shell plate. I find the clip to be really useful, and took a few minutes to fiddle with it when I set up each 550, or any time it looks loose or out of position. Yep, J-Bar, that's close to how I set 'em. Except my machines are usually even dirtier and have no QTip whiskers on them. Good luck, GJ
  2. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    73 problem

    That's cold enough for a couple of our common powders to be cold sensitive and have weak pressure. A weak pressure round would be the common reason a primer backed out. Havent't heard that VV 320 is weak in cold weather, though. Toss a hot hands hand warmer or two into your ammo box if you have let them chill out overnight next time. Good luck, GJ
  3. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Dillon 550B Cartridge Spring Question

    Mine in .45 Colt, and Cowboy .45 Special, and .45 Auto, all work well when it's bent up a little, to just "not touch" the case above the rim. When adjusted at the rim itself, not so easy to find a good spot. Good luck, GJ
  4. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    45 lead

    Springfield Slim? Badman Bullets? Those are a couple of our vendors that are known to provide softer alloy bullets commercially. Good luck, GJ
  5. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Winchester 452AA powder

    Anything that 452AA was used for, WST can now be substituted at almost same weights. Burned a lot of 452 shooting trap in the 70s. Good luck, GJ
  6. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708


    In addition to what the call is so far, after ten rounds, (a P and no bonus points) That would be: A Miss for round #11, plus the clock time it took to do so, and still no bonus point earned. "Each target hit with illegally acquired ammunition." - Shooter was not allowed to fire an 11th round Good luck, GJ
  7. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Reloading Calipers - What do you use?

    Works great until you have to diagnose diameter problems - bulges in crimp or case, or a batch of fat slugs that you got sold..... Or try to figure out what screw goes in a Lyman 55 powder measure. Good luck, GJ
  8. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Black powder substitutes in SASS sanctioned side matches?

    "170 degree plane" Rules call for a 170 degree cone to be maintained. Besides - Two planes at 85 degrees from down range would be required to have what was called for. One cannot have one "170 degree plane". Suggestion for match directors - Don't write out a specific SASS rule in your shooter handbook unless you CHECK that you got it right. Good luck, GJ
  9. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Reloading Calipers - What do you use?

    I use a Lyman branded 6" dial caliper available from Brownells. Has lasted for years. Have not needed caliper accuracy at any length past about 3" for any loading use. Good luck, GJ
  10. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Roll stamping barrels

    Believe that there's a couple of the restoration shops who will "refresh" an old roll stamp and get it right. Turnbull - https://www.turnbullrestoration.com/ Run-n-Iron - http://www.runniron.com/restoration/index.html Good luck, GJ
  11. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708


    Just a P. Here's one place where the "P cannot cause a miss" would apply. Shooter did not MISS while shooting the bonus target. Shooter P'd during the sequence. Good luck, GJ
  12. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Black powder substitutes in SASS sanctioned side matches?

    Can't tell you how sad it makes me to hear of a match pulling rules that are in direct contradiction to the SASS rulebook out of their .... thin air. And to make that decision AFTER the shooters have completed the side match, WOW! Homer, where art thou? , then Good luck, especially to 777 winners! GJ
  13. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    45 Colt - Accurate Nitro 100 loads

    Way too low. Inconsistent loads are the first sign. Going even lower on charge, or colder temps, and squibs would be the next symptom to appear. Get him back up to at least minimum recommended load. Crimp firmly if not already. .45 Colt super-light loads are very tricky to get right, and even more if you ignore published load recommendations. Nitro 100 will work well, if he loads it correctly. But it's not a common powder to try to load light with. Clays or Red Dot are. Good luck, GJ
  14. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Blown Guns During SASS Matches?

    Would be VERY interested in finding out the actual load used, as it was not black powder, with almost certainty. A case full of Unique, sure. Not a case full of black powder. Also, cylinders don't show the fouling that I would expect if a BP load caused the mishap. Unless guns have been cleaned after the rupture. Barrel should also show some residue from the powder involved. Picture seems to show a case that appears shorter than a .38 special in the lower cylinder. Perhaps the case ruptured and only a partial section remains in cylinder. Interested to see what can be recovered. Blowing both guns on a first shot of the lot - says it was the load that was the culprit, not the guns! Good luck, GJ (Extra photo gone - finally found a delete trash can in the photo-editor-panel)
  15. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

    Shiney Cartridges

    I've cleaned all my LOADED SASS match ammo over the last 15 years in a vibratory cleaner, running about 15 minutes. Enough to clean off any bullet lube or case lube added during loading. I have NEVER seen any increase in velocity, pressure, or had any dangerous result from this. I have vibratory or tumble cleaned ALL my .45 auto loads in this manner since about 1980. That number exceeds 100,000 rounds. Also, no detectable problem. I follow the lead of Hodgdon and Hornady tech experts. Someone please cite one documented example of what kind of ammo problem HAS occurred by reasonable mechanical cleaning of loaded ammunition. Good luck, GJ

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