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  1. smokedawg SASS#60968

    Factory 45 colt BP ammo for sale North TX FTF only

    if ya change your mind on shipping, let me know. I could use some of that ammo. UPS ain't too hard to work with.
  2. I will take one of the Remmies. I will pm you....thanks!!
  3. I'm interested in just one of the Remmies....please let me know what you need for one shipped. Thanks!
  4. smokedawg SASS#60968

    WTS/WTT Winchester 97 $380

    Outlaw...sent you an email.
  5. smokedawg SASS#60968

    Pietta .36 BP Revolver $210 Shipped

    51 Navy or a .36 Cal 58 Remington?
  6. smokedawg SASS#60968

    WTS/WTT Winchester 97 $380

    New Years day bump
  7. smokedawg SASS#60968

    WTB M1880 Knife

    I would shoot Jerry Lee AKA "What Price Glory" an email. Ask him if he would do a repro. He has been doing a ton of Indian War era stuff...hopefully one is in the works.
  8. smokedawg SASS#60968

    WTS/WTT Winchester 97 $380

    PM me for details $380 plus shipping.
  9. smokedawg SASS#60968

    WTS/WTT Winchester 97 $380

    Made in 1906
  10. smokedawg SASS#60968

    WTS/WTT Winchester 97 $380

  11. smokedawg SASS#60968

    Looking for Mass Compliant Uberti Buntline

    MA sucks.....hard. Real hard. The retardation is strong with all the politicians there...mittens is as bad as any of them. Before you all wanna string me up, I'm 3rd gen Bostonian, born in the Faulkner hospital, grew up on Peak Hill rd before the folks moved out a bit. We still have family property on the Cape where we go back several times a year. Best fire works show around and maybe the last example of civil disobedience left in the state.
  12. smokedawg SASS#60968

    FS 1876 45-60 SOLD THANKS!

    Howdy....I gotta ask. Any trades? CAS, modern, reloading stuff etc.
  13. smokedawg SASS#60968

    WTS/WTT Winchester 97 $380

    Walt, it is a take down. Wallaby, I will check the ser# and let you know. I've got lousy cell phone pics that I can text. My day went sideways and I could not get this outside to get some pics. PM your cell # and I will get them to you. I can also email them. Thanks.
  14. smokedawg SASS#60968

    WTS/WTT Winchester 97 $380

    I've got a Winchester 97 to move along. It is a pretty decent old gun. Barrel is a bit longer than a riot gun length. About 24". Bluing is well worn....as in teh barrel is pretty much silver. There is a slight crack at the wrist. It seems pretty stable. Gun cycles fine. Receiver is discolored/freckled. $420 plus shipping...NOW $400 Trades......I would use a good open top/cartridge conversion in .38 special. A 1851 Conversion or maybe one of the later ones. no 7.5 barrels. Thanks.
  15. smokedawg SASS#60968

    WTS/T non Cas Colt stainless lightweight commander

    Charlie....sorry not yet. I'm coming off of surgery and any time I have to do stuff, the wife has me Christmas shopping. Best is to text me your cell # and I will get some tomorrow. I will get them and post them here tomorrow night.

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