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  1. Larry Earp SASS#60034

    NRA Centennial grips wanted

    I prefer a little more pristine set to match the quality of my guns but I'll see what else turns up first. Thanks Larry Earp
  2. Larry Earp SASS#60034

    NRA Centennial grips wanted

    Wanted. I need a pair of Colt 1971 SAA walnut grips from a NRA Centennial .357. I have 2 guns but one came with regular hard rubber grips and not the walnut NRA Centennial grips.
  3. Larry Earp SASS#60034

    Ambush At Cavern Cove 2018

    Will there be a mandatory reload?
  4. Larry Earp SASS#60034

    Tennessee State Championship, Elder Statesman Gunfirghter

    When you get to El Patron Outlaw Gunfighter, I'm your Huckleberry
  5. Larry Earp SASS#60034


    I just checked some of the PCC websites and I see shooters with MP5s so I guess I'm good to go as long as I don't flip the switch to the wrong position.
  6. Larry Earp SASS#60034


    What does the carbine shoot consist of? Haven't heard anything about if before.
  7. Larry Earp SASS#60034

    Choosing a Gun Safe.

    Here's a trick to use on thieves. Put a combination somewhere very visible on the front of the safe. Of course don't put the "correct" combination on it. It will drive someone crazy trying the combination over and over.
  8. Larry Earp SASS#60034

    Seven RIP

    Many years ago when I first started shooting a '97 shotgun, SEVEN showed me how to do the "Chicken Wing". Now when I see a new shooter having trouble loading a '97 shotgun I pass on the knowledge that SEVEN gave me about the "Chicken Wing" and every time I show someone the "Chicken Wing" I think of SEVEN.
  9. Larry Earp SASS#60034


    I'm going shooting this morning at a local monthly match and I'm aware that some of the people that I have enjoyed shooting with and talking to over the years will not be there. They have not died as many have but for reasons of their own have decided not to shoot anymore. Of the ones in particular that I am thinking of they have decided that remembering scenarios and shooting sequences have become too difficult for them and they now feel uncomfortable and unsafe handling loaded firearms. They are physically sound but their minds have let them down. I feel sorry for them that they had to give up something they once enjoyed so much.............................and I miss them.
  10. Larry Earp SASS#60034

    Running a Lightning very fast

    We had a match in the rain where 4 people shot AWA Lightnings. After the match was over I did a video shooting all four Lightnings in "rapid" succession just to disprove the common belief that Lightnings aren't dependable. You can view the video on YouTube at "Foursome at Deadwood".
  11. Larry Earp SASS#60034

    AA Featherlite shotshells available

    Thanks for the info. I have a case on the way.
  12. Larry Earp SASS#60034

    American Western Arms Lightening Rifle

    I found an email address for Eldon Penner, I don't know if it's current but here it is: [email protected]
  13. Thanks, Larry. I ordered springs from Seven today. Joe


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