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  1. Rank Points

    Or throw out the best stage, worst stage and the one timed by the French TO
  2. National champion ?

    If I had a sanctioned qualifying 100 meters time of 8.4, I certainly could Being national champion of Lithuania at 10.5 would not get me in. I believe Shootin Bull(above) covered the qualification aspect very well
  3. National champion ?

    I know of no other indiviual sport in the world that operates like this
  4. Hair Trigger Hayes champion Duelist at winter range.

    As someone who posse'd with him two weeks before the match; I am very pleased and not in the least surprised
  5. I need your opinions.

    I am probably going to get skewered for resurrecting this issue, but this kind of match would seem to be a classic argument for rank point scoring
  6. Sold -- THANKS

    I was wondering what you were doing with peashooter brass
  7. WTS at Winter Range: .45acp, .45 Colt brass, RCBS ,44 spl dies (brass reducederer)

    I will take the Lee scale. Will be at WR

    As for examples of legal configurations, this one, which has been very common for years, would seem to be approved(IMHO).
  9. WTC Shooting Through Store Fronts

    How many pellets do spotters have to count to determine a "good hit"? Do you average the number of pellets per spotter or do two of the three have to be above the threshold? Does the threshold vary by pellet size?, velocity? Up is up and down is down. Why just invite controversy by making it so subjective?
  10. Container(s) to haul gear to the range?

    I drive several different vehicles, so my storage solution varies a lot. What is consistent, however is that I use a clothes rod to carry costumes, coats, leather and rain gear. I use a small motor home for major matches, crew cab Chevy for monthlies with the wife or other pards, and small Jeep Liberty if shooting by myself. On major shoots, the Liberty becomes the tow car and the clothes rack still serves the same purpose
  11. WTS Browning BSS 12ga sxs

    Any interest here? Colt is ANIB except for small scratch at top of grip. Rodeo is excellent mechanically but has flaking of the coating on the right side
  12. WTS Browning BSS 12ga sxs

    Tried to send you a pm. It said you could not receive pm's
  13. 2018 Southwest Regional Championship

    At the SW Regionals, they treat you so many ways that you are bound to like one of them
  14. Winter Range. confirmations being received?

    Got my confirmation from Pioneer about 4 weeks ago. We stayed there last year and it was very nice and also very convenient
  15. Winter Range. confirmations being received?

    No problem. Just wanted to know if I had fallen through a crack somewhere