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  1. Mack Hacker, #60477

    Gunsmith in NE Texas?

    Lefty will be there
  2. Mack Hacker, #60477


    When I started this insanity 14 years ago, I bought a set of Grace screwdrivers(about 7 or 8). I then bought the MagnaTip firearm specific sets from Brownells for Colts/clones and Winchester rifles to carry in my gun cart. Most of the Grace drivers broke within the first year. They are all still around somewhere, but I couldn't tell you where. The two firearm specific sets are all I ever use. I have always intended to but a bigger set, but just never got around to it.
  3. Mack Hacker, #60477

    Comin at Cha

    I'll be back.
  4. Mack Hacker, #60477

    SOLD Dillon Square Deal 45acp tool head and dies

    If still available, I will take it
  5. Mack Hacker, #60477

    WTS: non sass Remington 722 in 222cal

    Any trade interests?
  6. Mack Hacker, #60477

    Sold....Rossi Overland 12ga Shotgun

    Thanks Dash. I really didn't have room for another shotgun
  7. Mack Hacker, #60477

    Sold....Rossi Overland 12ga Shotgun

    My oh my. How the SASS gun market has changed. I can't believe this fell off the first page without a single response. BTT
  8. Mack Hacker, #60477

    Cattle Barons from Texas

    That's why I stay in Senior Duelist where I can still use age as an excuse
  9. Mack Hacker, #60477

    Cattle Barons from Texas

    Very hotly contested and you can't miss the Texas performance. I see 1,2,6,9 and 15 all from Texas. I'm sure there are some that I missed 1 Evil Roy 2 Texas Gunslinger 6 Texas Jack Star 9 Tennessee Star 15 Caddo
  10. Mack Hacker, #60477

    Congratulations Squawty Bawdy

    A well deserved honor for someone who is often overlooked
  11. Mack Hacker, #60477

    Shipping antique guns via usps

    As I read the USPS regs, this is only true if the shipment crosses state lines. An individual can ship a rifle or shotgun to another individual within the same state
  12. Mack Hacker, #60477


    As for examples of legal configurations, this one, which has been very common for years, would seem to be approved(IMHO).
  13. Mack do you still want to sell the camper

    1. Mack Hacker, #60477

      Mack Hacker, #60477

      Yes.  I would love to sell it, but am. very concerned about finding the right buyer.  The coach is priced very low,  but like most things that are below market, there are reasons. I believe it is a great buy for someone that is able to take care of the issues it has or willing to pay someone to do so.  


      The reason I concerned about this is that I am currently involved in helping my daughter sell her house. She now has a buyer who really loves the house and thinks she is getting a great deal. I agree that she is, but really don't believe it is a great deal for a young single mother with three kids.  The house is 100 yrs old and I just don't think the house and the buyer are a match.


      i just want to make sure that the motor home and the buyer would be a fit where everybody is happy.  I would be glad to discuss further with you or the buyer at 254 784 0282

  14. Mack Hacker, #60477


    Some interest in the Ruger Amt potential trafe interests?
  15. Mack Hacker, #60477

    .44 Russian Schoefield clone rechambered to .44 Special?

    Sounds like your crew has about 46.23% of the 44SP guns used in SASS competition.

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