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  1. How do I save a You Tube video?

    Install Firefox and use it instead of the current browser you have. Then install the add on Video Download Helper and use it to down load most videos.
  2. Ruger auto pistol assembly

  3. Revolver CCW opinions

    Glock 43 At the gun store I work at we call it the modern day j frame
  4. Concealed Carry at a Match

    I appologize, my mistake. I thought that the club closest to you was your home club.
  5. Concealed Carry at a Match

    Yep both allow ccw but the MI club forbids ccw while participating in a match as per the match director that I asked at a safety meeting.
  6. Concealed Carry at a Match

    Deuce, your home club is a cold range and specifically prohibits carry while competing. Notice I said while competing. It's in their rules as I asked about. If I want to shoot there I guess I'm following their rules. Private property owners have rights too.
  7. Ruger Signs Randi Rogers

    I believe the captain is Doug Koenig.
  8. Concealed Carry at a Match

    I have much respect for all Leo's. Nope, doesn't change a thing, he's off duty. Sure an off duty Leo may legally be ok to carry at a match but he still has to follow the rules for the match (all guns show clear at unloading table) and take the penalty if a loaded gun is found. Same as if a shooter has a side match derringer on him during a main match stage. Have to show clear at unloading table.
  9. Concealed Carry at a Match

    Every shooting competition I have been to, SASS, IDPA, USPSA all have required no ccw while competing. SASS rules don't differentiate between concealed firearms and match guns on person during competition. Among other rules, would you not need to show clear at the unload table?
  10. diabetic friendly snacks

    I am not a doc but you are doing it wrong. when your sugar is high do not eat fruits, they contain lots of sugar. the only time you should eat something like fruit (contains sugar) would be if your blood sugar read below 80. please talk to your diabetic doc about this. ask him to set you up with a dietician to help you know what to eat.
  11. 1860 Henry Rifle by Henry repeating arms

    The gun store I work for has serial number 11 in stock. I am not a big fan of any Henry branded rifles but the 1860 seems to be the exception and is a beautiful gun.
  12. Army's new Sig 320 9mm

    There have been M&P semiauto pistols for about 15 years... I believe that is what is meant.
  13. Oh Ammo, Where Art Thou?

    Here is a link to calculate the break even cost of purchasing reloading equipment. http://dillonprecision.net/break-even-calculator/ Thought it might come in handy...
  14. What type of ammo is this? - Photo links added now.

    There are copper plated wadcutters which are illegal.
  15. Where have they gone

    Big Ed passed away years ago.