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  1. Cayuse Jack, SASS #19407

    Springfield TRP 1911 & Wild Bunch

    Wild bunch 1911's cannot have magwells so... Not legal unless magwell removed then legal for modern category only.
  2. Cayuse Jack, SASS #19407

    Broken Transfer Bar?

  3. Cayuse Jack, SASS #19407

    Broken Transfer Bar?

    Actually I have never tried a NMV bar in an OMV... Maybe they only work original model bar to new vaquero.
  4. Cayuse Jack, SASS #19407

    Broken Transfer Bar?

    Dont know... The NMV bars also have a pad of steel at the top . Seems to be there to allow the hammer to hit the firing pin harder. I file the pad to exactly fit the hammer/transfer bar pad/frame so that the transfer bar on NMV does not interfere with the hammer when it it lowers into the frame after firing. Makes for a smoother trigger release.
  5. Cayuse Jack, SASS #19407

    Broken Transfer Bar?

    They do have different part numbers, because the NMV bar is cut for the reverse free spin and the OMV is not. I guess I must have done something wrong as I used the OMV transfer bars on a couple of NMV.
  6. Cayuse Jack, SASS #19407

    Broken Transfer Bar?

    Actually the OMV and NMV transfer bars will interchange but... The NMV bars are cut to allow the cylinder to free spin (backwards) and the OMV bars are not.
  7. Cayuse Jack, SASS #19407

    What other shooting do you do?

    Help run action pistol at two local clubs. Every Tuesday and Wednesday April thru Sept. Good to shoot guns other than my cowboy ones. Action pistol is kind of like USPSA but not sanctioned. Just for fun.
  8. Cayuse Jack, SASS #19407

    Inertia vs Mechanical

    Sure. Shoot with some fast shooters, gotta try to keep up.
  9. Cayuse Jack, SASS #19407

    Inertia vs Mechanical

    As I said, MI state SASS championship. Had Lassiter timing me.
  10. Cayuse Jack, SASS #19407

    Inertia vs Mechanical

    We checked my splits at the MI state match this year and I was able to run .15 to .17 with my inertial setup.
  11. Cayuse Jack, SASS #19407

    Inertia vs Mechanical

    Well tuned inertial. I have heard that they reset faster than a mechanical.
  12. Cayuse Jack, SASS #19407

    Saw a Marlin 98 the other day

    A fried of mine just picked up a Marlin Model 19s for $100 missing forend and mag spring. Replaced both for around another $100. Mechanically sound, blueing about 60% Passes all safety checks. Shoots good too!
  13. Cayuse Jack, SASS #19407

    Wolffs Rowdy Rangers Shootout At Shakeys Gulch

    The world famous super stage was great! I had a wonderful time. Thanks JD and all the crew.
  14. Cayuse Jack, SASS #19407

    Once-fired 12 ga Hulls

    I believe Papa Charlie passed away a couple years ago. His wife tried to run it for a while but no longer sells hulls.
  15. Cayuse Jack, SASS #19407

    Gunfighters reholstering with intent to engage another set of targets

    Because as you mentioned, you shot double duelist not gunfighter and while it's allowed many gunfighters shoot gf to shoot gf not double duelist .

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