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  1. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    Short two question poll regarding 1897 shotguns

    Never missed a popper with a cylinder bore, SXS or 97.
  2. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    Lubericant in 1873

    Seems to me I was introduced to Mobil 1 over on CAS City years ago, by who I can not remember. It has been threaded their for many times in the dark Arts. I also use Frog lube with great effect. Frog Lube also plays well with Black powder. Ol' number 4 , and Big iron Buster talked me into using Frog lube.
  3. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    44-40 black powder cartridge loads

    I shot my 73/44WCF with APP 3F, filled case so the APP just kissed the base of a 200 gr. bullet. Very nice load, works for me. App also in 51 Colt Navies. When I shot 44WCF in my revolvers, I used a Grits filler on top.
  4. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    Lubericant in 1873

    A one pound can of Mobil 1 will last a life time. Yep I use it, great stuff. Another ++++ for Mobil 1, !!!!!!!!!!
  5. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    black powder 12ga shells

    Brass Rules !!!!! Go brass, and never go back to plastic !!!!! I only lost, or had damaged 3 cases in 8 years of shooting all Brass shells. They will last a long, long time.
  6. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    Revolver carbines

    I had the Remington/Uberti 66 for many years, fun piece to shoot. I sold it several years ago. The pard who bought it converted it to 45 colt cartridge. He loves the piece, say's it is very accurate. They have been used in several movies. Sharon Stone has one in "The Quick and the dead". At the end of "D'jango Unchained" Jamie Fox carries one as he rides on horse back to attack the Mansion and blow it up.
  7. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    Ruger wood grip maker?

    Joe Perkins is the best !!!!!!!!
  8. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    NIB Pietta 1860 revolver

    Very tempting, and I stopped shooting for Health issues !!!!!
  9. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    What work do I need done to a Savage Fox B to been ready SASS?

    I have a Fox B 16 gauge, barrels are cut to 18 1/2", Lighter springs installed and the plunger/lever modified for further opening and cocking. This Fox B is pre-War and this 16 ga. is on a 20 gauge frame. Makes for a light weight piece. I would have never cut the barrels on this piece, however one barrel had a bulge just ahead of 18 1/2" point. I have sold all my CAS/SASS shot guns but this one. BTW; it is not for sale.
  10. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    American derringer

    EDC; and the Bond Derringer. The hammer spur looks uncomfortable, Not.
  11. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    American derringer

    Here is my Bond Snake Slayer, all scratched up. (Engraving by Jim Downing)
  12. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    1887 Shotguns and FL brass shells

    I tested many large pistol primers in the garage, and in the dark. The Primer I got the greatest amount of spark was the CCI Mag Large pistol primers. From then on, I used only CCI Mags for smokeless & BP loading. And Yes, I agree the 209's are the Best for Brass SG shell reloading.
  13. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    1887 Shotguns and FL brass shells

    Once I got the all brass shell reloading to perfection in both smokeless & Black, I never used plastic hulls again. I loaded, 12 ga , 16 ga , and 410 brass shells. I used them in my 1897/16 in smokeless. The magtech shells were modified for 209 primers and have a Teflon Base wad. I bought them from Hammer Double, a company no longer in business. 12 gauge, I used in my SXS, loaded with the mighty Black. The 410's I load for my Bond Deringer, Custom loads with Smokeless Winchester 296/HP110. We Have an 87, never tried the brass, I would assume with a slight roll crimp on the case mouth they would feed and function fine. All of my brass cases have the slight roll on the case mouth. Brass feeds thru my 1897/16, like corn thru a goose. Sold most of my brass shells as I do not compete in CAS/SASS, do to health issues. However I still have the 16's modified with the 209's, a box of 12's & 410's. I also Have 10 RMC 16 ga. machined CNC cases. These are used for hunting loads. They load like plastic hulls, use compression wads & 209 primers. RMC's are custom made, IIRC; I paid $10.00 each for them.
  14. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    Made Some 22LR Shot Shells - For Giggles & Pidgeons

    Very nice JB; I remember several Years ago your post & thread on loading the 22LR's with Black powder. Interesting stuff you do, Pard.
  15. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    1860 Army dilemma . . . need advice

    As the capper/ cap is placed on the nipple, slide the capper off the nipple. Simple as that. With a new Cash Capper, I always must adjust the holding spring. I adjust, using a needle nose pliers. After trial and error and the adjustment is made, it works like a charm. I never had to file the end off of anything, just adjust. I always carried two cappers in my Black Powder box, One was always loaded with 100 caps, as a back-up. Working capper was not always full. Loaned the Full capper out many times to a Cowboy who forgot to load his capper before leaving Home for a shoot, or forgot to bring a capper to the shoot.

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