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  1. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    FS-Alan Harton 44 Specials

    If I were still shootin Cowboy, I'd be all over these Bad Boys !!!!! Very nice indeed !!!!
  2. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    Praise for BP shooter

    I remove the barrels, cork each with a cut down wine cork. Pour boiling water in each. Wait 20 minutes, remove corks, pour out water. Run a wet patch of 50% Simple green and water, rinse with a wet water patch, then a dry patch. Let dry, and run a balistol soaked patch thur the bores. Wipe externals of bore, action with ballistol patch. Done ready for another Black Powder fun day.
  3. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    Smokeless shot shells in brass 12 ga.EASY TO DO

    For smokeless powder loading, CCI Mag primers give the greatest amount of spark. Many years ago, in my All Brass shell development load days. I tested all brands of primers, in the Garage, in the dark with my SXS 12 ga. and empty shells, only with a primer. I use the CCI's for both Smokeless and Black loading.
  4. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    Magtech brass shotgun shells

    All new Magtech SG brass hulls need a prep before use. Primer pockets are not uniform, out of round, etc. I use a primer pocket tool and resize all the pockets. Some pockets might be shallow. Some might be so tight you can not seat a primer. Flash holes are not drilled to the proper size, or drilled not in the center of the bottom of the pocket. I use a flash hole reamer to bring the holes to the proper size, and also chamfer the inside of the hole. After careful prep, they will last a long time.
  5. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    Uberti 1851 Navy London or EMF Navy London?

    The London model, is it the one with the small square back trigger guard ? If so they are a PITA !!!!
  6. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    F/S Pietta 1851 Navy Yank US Marshal 44 caliber

    Any tuning or action work ? If so what was done and by whom ? Or is this a stock piece ?
  7. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    73 Uberti Rifle issue.

    I assume Uberti has had a bad case of defective 357 barrels with chamber issues. I know of One Cowboy Shooter who had this problem. Cimarron replaced the barrel on his Rifle. Problem solved.
  8. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    WTB DIllon SDB 44-40 Caliber Conversion

    E-mail sent
  9. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    WTB DIllon SDB 44-40 Caliber Conversion

    I have it all Pard, shoot me an E-mail or PM.
  10. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    45LC vs 44WCF for long range

    The 44WCF is the winner. My Son out shot his Cousin in a long range shoot-off, several years ago. The 44WCF was a 20" Rossi 92. The Cousin was shooting a Marlin 94, 24" 45 Colt. 10 shoots, first five were off-hand at 100 yards. Second 5 were 200 Yards, using cross sticks. The result was a score of 9-8 going to the little 92 44WCF. I loaded the 44WCF for my Son, my Brother loaded for the 45 Colt marlin 94. Both young men are excellent shots, with both revolver & rifle. My Son won several contest using that 44WCF 92 Rossi. I loaded 200 gr. for 100 yards and 240 gr. for longer than 100 yards. Unique was the powder of choice.
  11. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    Cash capper problems

    A little personal range time prior to using the Cap guns at a match usually helps with any shooting issues you may occur later on. Practice loading is a must for new C&B revolver shooters. All my snail cappers need a little adjustment prior to use. I always carried two cappers, one on my person. The spare in the cart box.
  12. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    Short two question poll regarding 1897 shotguns

    Never missed a popper with a cylinder bore, SXS or 97.
  13. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    Lubericant in 1873

    Seems to me I was introduced to Mobil 1 over on CAS City years ago, by who I can not remember. It has been threaded their for many times in the dark Arts. I also use Frog lube with great effect. Frog Lube also plays well with Black powder. Ol' number 4 , and Big iron Buster talked me into using Frog lube.
  14. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    44-40 black powder cartridge loads

    I shot my 73/44WCF with APP 3F, filled case so the APP just kissed the base of a 200 gr. bullet. Very nice load, works for me. App also in 51 Colt Navies. When I shot 44WCF in my revolvers, I used a Grits filler on top.
  15. Lefty Dude, SASS # 51223

    Lubericant in 1873

    A one pound can of Mobil 1 will last a life time. Yep I use it, great stuff. Another ++++ for Mobil 1, !!!!!!!!!!

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