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  1. Signature Test Post

    List what you want your signature to be and I will see if I can add it in the AdminCP.
  2. Why are there no post numbers anymore?

    IIRC, I have sent two messages to SASS HQ requesting they be reinstated. I checked the provider's site and they are available for a fee.
  3. Buckaroo Questions

    Hi Redwood, I think a small frame .32 might be a better option for long term use.. About holsters, get the kind that can be taken off one belt and put on another, larger, as he grows. It would depend on his hand strength and whether he shoots anything other than with a two-handed grip. It makes me cringe to see someone rock a gun to cock when the gun is too large for their hand. Regards, Allie. Regards, Allie
  4. Pleeeze no mo very light blue words....

    It has been that way since the "big software update. I can change it; already did some of them. It is quite easy. Do we have more than one request to do so?
  5. Signature Problems...

    I don't see it either.
  6. Lawns mowed cheeeeep......

    Yes, I believe so!
  7. Definitions of stage scenario terms

    Allie Mongo!
  8. Lawns mowed cheeeeep......

    I love driving through Plymouth, CA on HWY49 in the spring, summer, and fall as there are the cutest brown and white goats cleaning a pasture next to the HWY. They have a cute big white dog overseeing them.
  9. Definitions of stage scenario terms

    Howdy and Welcome Stony! Don't worry. I swear, I remember the starting position and line less than half the time. I focus on the shooting scenario and forget everything else. Eventually, the scenarios will be easy to remember. Happy trails, Allie
  10. Cypress Sam Turns 80 Tomorrow.

    Happy Birthday, Sam!
  11. When did pickup Trucks become this....

    Our 2011 Ram is quite nice. However, I wish it had a back up camera like my 2014 Mazda SUV.
  12. The way things used to be

    My first job paid $1.35 an hour.
  13. steampunk b westetn

    The glasses in my avatar are very similar to this. Mine are not tinted; they are transitions. I love them as they work well in any light. The photo in my avatar is on a very sunny day. The following photo is inside at night. They are prescription safety for seeing my front sight.
  14. Recovering From Rotator Cuff Surgery

    I can't help. I just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery!
  15. Ran into a scammer on the Wire Classifieds

    Please PM me a link to the thread and the user name. Also, use the Report feature on the message.