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  1. Italian lasagna Inquiry

    I think that hangover erased all memory of how they were made.
  2. new additions to the farm

  3. Italian lasagna Inquiry

    I love ricotta! However, when I was in Fairfield, IL (So. IL) in 2010, would you believe I could not find ricotta when I wanted to make Italian Lasagna for family? So, the horror, I used cottage cheese. It came out okay! BTW, there is a great Mexican restaurant there now. Those of us from CA or the SW can be picky about our Mexican food. Yet, it passed "the Allie Mo test." That beats the previous time (1981) I was there and drove all over town in an attempt to find frozen limeade to make Margaritas. I can't remember what I did; but, we had Margaritas and I had "the hangover to end all hangovers the next day!"
  4. Reinforcement on why this game is great!

    Well! You brag on me, I'll brag on you. I don't know who. reading this, is familiar with Jim's health story. He is the most inspirational person I can think of. He has been battling the "Big C" for years. You'd never know it from his fun-loving spirit. He's been through so much, yet never fails to be upbeat. I could go on and on about him. Now, for Doc. He's always been one of those people who gives and helps. He has the skills to be really helpful to other shooters. Although he's given shooting classes, he never hesitates to give shooting tips for free. Also, Hubby was VP and MD for one of our local clubs when we bought property to build a house on and Hubby's neuropathy started getting the best of him. Doc volunteered to take over as MD. What a godsend! Being a MD every month can be a lot of work. Thank you Doc!
  5. Italian lasagna Inquiry

    Dear Cousin Mo, You need a new avatar. Your current one does not do you justice! Nor would I recognize you from seeing it. Regards, Allie Mo
  6. Italian lasagna Inquiry

    PS I'm big on using red wine in any recipe that has tomato sauce and/or beef. It really adds a special flavor!
  7. Italian lasagna Inquiry

    I'm not Italian but, I love Lasagna. Oh, I'd "kill for" homemade noodles. Lately, I've been making Mexican Lasagna. I even make my own Mexican Crema (16oz cream and 3T buttermilk, sits on the counter 24 hours, in the fridge 24 hours before use). Picky Hubby likes it too. It has Salsa Verde and Diced Green Chilis. I use medium or mild or both; you can use whatever you like. Lots of a cheddar and Jack mix and Mozzarella.
  8. Follow Your Topics and Mark them Sold

    Hi Mark, Tell me what confuses you. I, or someone who sees your post before me, will try to help. See ya! Allie
  9. Facebook - Your take on it

    I would really like to see you post something without an insult in it.
  10. 2 Months...Smoke Free

    Bravo Pat! The worst is over. My quitting was sorta kinda like yours. I got the flu and ran out of cigarettes at the same time in 1985. I had quit many times before. Unfortunately, It was really hard for me. I never want to go through that again. I still have nightmares about smoking. They aren't frequent; but, they reinforce how much I never want to smoke again. I don't want the urge to smoke to rule my life again. Best wishes for success! Allie
  11. Reinforcement on why this game is great!

    It was such a pleasure to meet you! You are an amazing man! About the Allie Mo stories.
  12. Deleted

    Hi TS, I agree with JMF! I hope we can help you through your hard times. Happy trails, AM
  13. I offended 4 cowpokes...

    Hello Folks, My personal political feelings aside, wearing my Moderator hat, I believe this thread has become political. Whenever, I need to watch a thread to ensure that any reference to the current political situation is hidden, I believe it is my duty to stop these threads as they come afoul of the Guidelines. I have set aside my personal opinions, and been slammed for that, to enforce the Forum Guidelines. That said, I do not disagree with the Guidelines. They keep our sport out of discussions that have nothing to do with our sport or could have a detrimental effect on our beloved sport. Political posts are not allowed. Therefore, I am closing this thread. Regards, Allie Mo
  14. Reinforcement on why this game is great!

    Well Doc, you have that right. I was so happy to shoot with and have lunch with Pinto Annie. The "icing on the cake" was seeing you, Doug, and the smile on Annie's face!
  15. I offended 4 cowpokes...

    That is because I hid them.