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    Why ask me? I just read PWB's post and other rules. I have absolutely no say in ROC clarifications.
  2. more ladies clothes

    Hi Dusty, You must list prices according to the guidelines, otherwise it is considered an auction. Please do so ASAP (24 hours maximum) or I will need to hide your thread. Regards, Allies
  3. Just for Allie Mo

    These work great. They are battery. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BQAT1FM/ref=sxr_rr_xsim_1?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=3008523062&pd_rd_wg=kpgi4&pf_rd_r=MZDP7NE1YXVYTGTR4AS1&pf_rd_s=desktop-rhs-carousels&pf_rd_t=301&pd_rd_i=B01BQAT1FM&pd_rd_w=lv88A&pf_rd_i=rat+trap&pd_rd_r=ad028bb7-dc89-4aef-b9e7-b6508d57febb&ie=UTF8&qid=1519237524&sr=1
  4. Welcome Granny Franny Oakley!

    Howdy and Welcome Granny Franny Oakley! Please tell us about yourself. It is so nice to see another cowgirl in these parts! Regards, Allie Mo
  5. Welcome Wagon Train McClain!

    Howdy and Welcome Wagon Train McClain! Please tell us about yourself. Regards, Allie Mo
  6. Rules, knockdowns, targets fall on their own

    Doc, this came up before and PaleWolf clarified 4 shots required, 4 targets down, done. I emailed this clarification to my mailing list, which includes all DDCT, some HVC, and some RCR members. The TO or some of the posse should have known better than to tell you to shoot another round.


    Kid, Shooting different categories has a long history in SASS. It is a means of testing the waters to see if a category has enough proponents to make it viable as an in-the-book category. Case in point FCGF. Also, range rules for safety reasons are widely recognized. Nimble, I take exception to your implication that you can do as you please in regard to the rules at an annual match at a SASS-affiliated club. There is no rule that everyone shooting at a SASS-affiliated club must be a SASS member. There is a requirement that 50% of club members be members of SASS for the club to retain their affiliation. Details about affiliation may be fun on the following page. http://www.sassnet.com/clubs/affiliated.php I am getting tired of replying to "red herrings."
  9. Just for Allie Mo

    Aside. When your cat food bowl is empty in the mornings (by empty, I mean licked clean with no kernels remaining) and your cats are staking out things with places to hide under or next to them (like the range, DW, trash compactor, armoire), you can be sure there is a mouse in the house. Ziggy finally got it last night. This time he killed it rather than letting it go. Another joy of living in the boonies. Hubby has the Corvette parked in his shop with two electronic traps in it. Last week he caught two in it and two more in the shop. We have six traps. They work very well. However, the numbers of mice are great (not good great) here.

    FYI, The Gold Coast Gunslingers are listed among SASS-affiliated clubs. It is my understanding that they follow SASS rules. This has nothing to do with club politics and everything to do with playing by the rules. If you think I am wrong, why don't you have one of the club officers come here and state that you can use whatever grips you want to use at either their monthly or annual matches.. Some clubs will accommodate new (for a short time) or disabled shooters. By your SASS number, it seems that you likely started in 1999. So you would not need an accommodation. Your willingness to flaunt SASS rules is unbecoming. To me it is akin to being a guest in someone's house and criticizing their decorating.

    The first stage you do that on will earn you a SDQ. The second stage is another SDQ. Two SDQs equal a MDQ and you are done shooting for the match.
  12. Vacuum Sealers

    Sorry HC, I have no personal experience with one. However, I do know that Costco sells them on occasion. I trust Costco's quality. Regards, Allie PS For those of you who camp at matches, they are wonderful. A fellow shooter Jessie Lyn (RIP) loved to cook and would take foods to matches in these bags. If you boil them in bag, it really simplifies clean up and conserves water. (I'm all about the showers.)
  13. How far do YOU go? Alias and Story

    Hey Folks, Let's hear about you! Regards, Allie

    Hello Nimble Fingers, You cynicism makes me sad. Did you read the OP? The Cimarron Rooster Shooters are no longer allowed. That approval was rescinded. Your telling Redwood to go ahead and get them is reckless and advocates that breaking the rules is okay and will not have adverse consequences. About the allowed external modifications, I know that the ROC agonizes over every one and I respect their attempts to make the game true to its roots by limiting external modifications. However, folks have said that short strokes make the guns more fun to shoot. My experiences are as follow. I shot a short-stroked '73 and didn't ;like it. I shot a short-stroked Ruger and loved it. To each his own. I try to not rain on someone's parade who is following the rules. Your post implies that some of our rules are based on profit. Well, I sincerely doubt that decision makers (WB, ROCs, TGs) receive any compensation for their decisions. I have been a TG for 13 years and have never received a gun from a sponsor. BTW, your statement of "can't tell me they ain't getting a royalty" has no facts to back it up. As such it is pretty accusatory. In fact SASS rules specifically state that there should be no prizes for performance. The following is from the Match Administration Handbook. "The recommendations are simple: prizes are awarded by some form of random drawing. Competitors are rewarded for participating, not how well they shoot. It is recommended the winners be given no more than a plaque or trophy – this is the best way to ensure COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING ™ remains a fun, amateur sport for the whole family." Also, I do not understand how a shooter's selling a product or service on their own (as a Merchant) has anything to do with our official rules for the game. About your last sentence, "Oh for the days when you could come and shoot and not worry about all the mods on other people's guns and just have a good time shooting what you brought! " Maybe you need to pay less attention to what everyone else is doing as long as they are within the rules. If you are mad because you aren't placing higher, maybe you should practice more. Regards, Allie Mo
  15. Welcome Stretch McCain!

    Howdy and Welcome Stretch McCain! Please tell us about yourself. Regards, Allie Mo