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  1. Lead Friend, SASS #53635


    Better to describe the problem and the solution than to blow up the original post. That’s how we learn.
  2. Lead Friend, SASS #53635

    1873 - 1892 or Marlin...and why

    Resistance is futile.
  3. Lead Friend, SASS #53635

    Advise for a newby on revolvers

    Ditto. My USFAs fit my smaller hand the best out of my four pairs of revolvers (the stock grips are narrower than those on my third gen Colts). In the beginning of cowboy season when I’m rusty I shoot the other ones, as the season progresses and I get my speed back I always default to those USFAs. Everything gets shot during the year though. No point to me in owning something I don’t shoot, even if only occasionally.
  4. Lead Friend, SASS #53635

    Advise for a newby on revolvers

    The longevity of the Cimarrons is the same as the longevity of every other Uberti sold by every other importer although some here have had issues with warranty and follow up from Cimarron. The last thread addressing that was closed. EMF is the outlier in that they import Pietta revolvers, purported by many here to be a closer replica of the Colt and also very well regarded by cowboys an gunsmiths alike. Roogers are a replica of something that never existed, also very highly regarded for their ability to take a beating, their many options for modification and customer service from the manufacturer. People either love them or not. I am indifferent to them but get beat by Rooger shooters at every shoot. If I were buying new I’d buy EMF California IIs. You will get lots of conflicting advice here. The consistent advice is to get to a shoot and get as many pistols in your hands as you can.
  5. Lead Friend, SASS #53635


    And added some NOS.
  6. Two of the seven reviews on that link are from SASS Wire regulars. Recomedations like that are hard to beat.
  7. Lead Friend, SASS #53635

    Gun Sleeves/Covers?

    Frisco Frankie at Jax Leather in Madera, CA has everything you’ll ever need.
  8. Lead Friend, SASS #53635

    short stroke a Miroku '73

    A Miroku comes from the factory with a fairly short stroke. A good action job is all mine needed. I prefer mine over my short stroked Uberti 66 and 73.
  9. Lead Friend, SASS #53635

    WTB - Colt SAA 1st Generation

    There’s one at an LGS near me although it’s been refinished. Asking $2500 for it for the last six months and it’s still there with no takers. If you want I can PM you the shop name.
  10. Lead Friend, SASS #53635

    Loading the shotgun from a bandolier?

    Sure wish I could open that video.
  11. Lead Friend, SASS #53635

    Need hammer V springs for Liberty - CZ-USA shotgun

    I got a pair of the same springs fro CZ last year. Took months and a dozen phone calls and half-a-dozen emails.
  12. Lead Friend, SASS #53635

    How important is it to have matching pistols

    The only disadvantage to owning mismatched pistols is if you are trying to dramatically lower your times. If speed isn’t an issue then shoot what you want and go for the style points. And as Catlow said your next revolver won’t be your last revolver. We don’t buy guns we just rent them.
  13. Lead Friend, SASS #53635

    SOLD. Antique mule ear shotgun. 12 ga. (Reduced again)

    Those hammers match a Crescent I have. Nice old gun.
  14. Lead Friend, SASS #53635

    FS: Taylor Runnin Irons, Short stroked and polished 45 Colt REDUCED

    So many new cowboys on the Wire looking for deals on good gear to start. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!
  15. Lead Friend, SASS #53635

    Whats the Best and Whyyy???

    I’m just going to pretend they’re 44s.

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