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  1. American Select powder

    Send me a PM with your e-mail address and I will send you a scanned page of Alliant's 2004 load data for 125 grain bullets with American Select. (I have no load data for 105s.) I share LD's high opinion of Amercan Select.
  2. RCBS cowboy dies vs their regular dies

    I use a set of used Lee dies for loading 38 Special for CAS. However, I bought the expander die from the RCBS cowboy set and use it instead of the expander die from the Lee set. I find it works better with cast bullets.
  3. Winter Range 2018 Long Range side match report

    I would like to see some BP subcategories in the long range events. I would like to shoot my Ruger Old Armies in the long range pistol and my 45=70 Marlin in lever action rifle category. I prefer not to compete against smokeless shooters.
  4. r3loading equipment

    Yes, they are. However, RCBS makes dies specifically for cowboy reloading. You can buy them on sale now and get a rebate. Send me a PM if you need to know where to look.
  5. Fancy Gun Rigs

    I've seen a few prop guns used at EOT after 5 PM when real firearms are prohibited in town. I may get some for myself. My Ruger Old Vaqueros weigh too much to comfortably pack around all day.
  6. Henry Single Shot 45-70 - Just picked mine up today

    Pat, You don't need a 405 gr bullet for the plainsman. I use a 300 grain bullet with success. Some use a .457 grain round ball and a reduced powder charge and filler. I think I'll try that out when I run out of 300 grain bullets.
  7. can anyone help me

    Dimensional problems with the factory nipples on Italian, reproduction percussion revolvers are a common problem. Order a set of Slix-Shot or Tesco aftermarket nipples, a good nipple wrench and install them with anti-seize. Toss the factory nipples and don't look back. BTW, I like Remington #10 caps.
  8. END of TRAIL Waddies Needed!

    The EOT website contains the following statement: "In exchange for your volunteering as an END of TRAIL waddie, the event will take care of your entry, meals when working, camping, parking, and many other goodies just for waddies!" What exactly is the entry to? The ranch, the main match, side matches, and/or the WB match? And if so, how many hours should be worked? I'm planning on working 8-hours and am not greedy. (I also expect to work weekends with the Buffalo Range Riders weekends before the match too.) However, I request clarification.
  9. Found Thanks!!!!

    Hang onto those revolvers. You now have half the firearms needed to shoot Plainsman side matches.
  10. Broke newbie cowboy

    We've got goatheads in New Mexico. These weeds have spiny seeds that really hurt when you step on them. My late little terrier used to bring them into my house and dig them out of his fur onto my carpet. I stepped on them several time barefoot and they really hurt. Henri is tougher than I am. However, even she has limits. Once at Magdalena (now defunct) on a hot, dry June afternoon one of my .44s started a grass fire. Henri let those with shoes stomp out the fire. Even she has limits.
  11. Getting started in Oklahoma

    Tinbender, you can make satisfactory CAS loads using W231. While this powder is not too popular in my state, shooters from Ohio I've met prefer it. Hodgdon's online reloading center lists loads for both 125 and 158 grain cast lead bullets. W231 isn't the cleanest burning powder available but it sure meters well.
  12. Getting started in Oklahoma

    Tinbender, Tell us what handgun and/or shotgun reloading powders you have on hand. You may have some in stock that would make acceptable CAS loads. I too recommend buying a tuned '73 from a reputable CAS smith.
  13. Proper Etiquette at the Firing Line

    I'm right-handed. Learned to keep my cell phone in my left shirt pocket. I leave my on vibrate-mode so as not to affect the 19th century atmosphere we seek to create. I too have shot while on-call. Having a few cell phones on a posse is a good thing. There can be a medical emergency at any time that requires a prompt response.
  14. New Cabelas in El Paso TX...BSS

    If they had Federal pistol primers I probably would have bought some.
  15. Shotgun question

    I prefer smaller shot (#8s or higher). Some clubs SG targets are in poor repair and if shot flies back and hits me in the face I prefer it be as small a possible.