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  1. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

    EOT 2018 top 16 out yet?

    The wind in Moriarty is calm right now but is forecast to pick out of the west. Hopefully that will happen so Damascus John has a fair chance of keeping up with the fellows shooting smokeless powder.
  2. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

    EOT 2018 visit

    Some range improvements: -additional parking near the chapel (handy for the low-numbered bays) -shade structures on most bays -a 100 yard bay for rifle side matches -continued graveling of range roads keeps them usable in rainy weather -more building-style props Ceremonies held in a big, air-conditioned tent with seating for everybody Stage design continues to be excellent. Shotgun targets are permanently anchored to keep them in calibration for hundreds of shooters. No longer a lost brass match External factors that help all matches: -good economy. More people have money to spend on travel. -fuel prices are lower. People can afford to run their RVs -loading components are available. People can load customized ammo and shoot. .22s are available for children -Edgewood finally has a motel. SASS negotiated a discounted, EOT rate. -SASS negotiated great rates at nearby RV parks for EOT. Lot's of changes add up to an improved shooting experience. Haul your guns down from Trinidad next year and join us. It's almost a local match for you. We have shooters from Australia, New Zealand and Germany who save vacation time and money for years just to come to EOT.
  3. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

    Good Luck at EOT

    Six Gun Seamus and his wife stopped by the speed rifle side match today and introduced themselves. Soon (if not already) they will probably be in the pool at the Hidden Valley RV park enjoying a cold beverage. The weather this EOT is great. Temps are lower than normal and the wind isn't blowing up clouds of dust. It's really good shooting weather.
  4. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

    Pins to Remember Jim No Horse RIP

    I got mine today at EOT! Thanks, DHD!
  5. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

    Hammered SxS

    My wife has a Model 99 Chinese shotgun we bought from Big 5. It had quality problems that a SASS gunsmith had to fix before it was reliable. It is now a reliable shotgun. I have a TTN I like that is built like a tank like others have stated. I put it in my gun cart when I will be shooting pop-up flyers. Its straight cylinder chokes throw a wide pattern making destroying flyers at short range easier. I also use it for Cowboy skeet. I have handled a Pedersoli and prefer one to both my TTN and my wife's Model 99. The lower weight of the Pedersoli would make holding and cocking it with one hand easier for me.
  6. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

    Side Matches

    Per page 13 of the 2018 EOT Shooter's Program: Long Range Side Matches: -single shot blackpowder -single shot smokeless -lever action-rifle caliber -lever action-pistol caliber -buffalo rifle Long range competitors will need 10 rounds of ammunition and their rifle for all categories. You will have 3 minutes for lever actions and 5 minutes for single shots to place 10 rounds on a target for the tightest group. This event is not scored- only the group size matters. All ten rounds must be on the paper to be measured. Awards for 1st-3rd place for Men's and Ladies.
  7. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

    Remington Primers

    I have one rifle that doesn't like them (has failure to fire). The rest of my firearms like them. They are all I use for Wild Bunch.
  8. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

    Reduced Recoil Shotgun Loads?

    Another option is to just buy factory low noise, low recoil AAs and get the $2/box rebate. I do that and buy my "featherlights" from a discount retailer. The price is so close to my cost of reloading that reloading is not worth my time for low recoil shells.
  9. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971


    I got to FR at about 1 PM Sunday afternoon. I didn't need the 4x4 I took as roads on the ranch were mostly dry. There was no erosion. Staff at the shotgun range told me that there were no intense downpours on the ranch but I-40 on Saturday afternoon was hit so hard that half the traffic pulled onto shoulders until one storm past. The ranch is almost dust free and this will be a very pleasant EOT if we can just get a few more showers later in the week. These are forecast as tropical air is moving north from Mexico. Joe Brisco had his tent up when I arrived and he and his wife were stocking it. Looks like he got the help he needed.
  10. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971


    I got up before daylight and it was already raining at my house with heavy rain falling about 100 miles south of me. (I live ~50 driving miles southwest of Founder Ranch.) The forecast for Edgewood has worsened from 70% likelihood of heavy rain to 80%. I'm not going shooting at all today. It's a day to spending in the loading room and maybe watching westerns on TV.
  11. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

    Looking for some info on cap gun supplies and holsters

    Locally Sportsmans Warehouse is the only place I can buy Remington #10 caps. However, I buy most of mine online as I do most of my lead balls. I buy powder on sale at Wally World after hunting seasons at closeout prices. (Shotgun shells take a lot of powder. I need bargains.) Several times a year American Pioneer Powder puts case lots of APP on sale. Watch this Wire for details. Captain Baylor is usually the source of the information. Welcome to the Darkside! Try to get a TO who shoots cap guns and knows the difference between a cap-only ignition and a squib. Some TOs don't understand this.
  12. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

    Gold Canyon Kid

    I finally met the gentleman at Winter Range this year. We spent some time discussing the benefits of American Select - his favorite powder. I regret I never got to posse with him. Prayers for peace for his family and friends.
  13. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

    Who’s Goin To EOT?????

    If you are at still at the gate Sunday PM I hope to see you.
  14. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

    New forum member - couple of questions

  15. Edward R S Canby, SASS#59971

    Choosing a Club to Support.. In your Opinion

    I agree with Creeker - shooting is number one. I expect good match management. Treat your shooters as guests (not inmates at a prison or recruits at boot camp) and I will return. A poorly run match is one I won't return to. The match better be safe in all respects. Permanent props are preferred to hay bales, card tables and 55-gallon drums. Shade structures are very desirable. I don't like standing in intense sun or pouring rain and like shelter from strong winds. Permanent steel is preferred so I don't have to lug targets. (I'm a senior citizen and my back gets sore quickly.) Bathrooms are essential and very clean ones needed if you want women shooters. Nearby parking is desirable. Stage design should be varied as should target distances. Posse sizes should not be too large but not so small that spotters are hard to recruit. Locally reputation doesn't matter. I'll form my own opinions. However for out-of-state matches I listen to the opinions of local shooters I trust. Food doesn't matter. I bring my own grub and water. I prefer Saturday matches to Sunday matches. SASS affiliation does not matter though following SASS rules is important. I will tolerate deviations if I know about them in advance. Something novel might even attract me. Closeness to home matters. I prefer shooting to driving. My rule for out-of-state matches is at least one day shooting for every day driving.

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