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  1. Sawhorse Kid

    Place Your Bets

    The Great Garbage Can Race https://youtu.be/ANzFQtt8FcA
  2. Sawhorse Kid

    Don't Mess With Frosty

    Well, sometimes Frosty has it coming. Every now and then he gets the upper hand.
  3. Sawhorse Kid

    This is how Tequila works

    But why is the glass empty?
  4. Sawhorse Kid

    Feel Old?

    Bonus Point: Snap Jack /Flap Jack Shoes http://boomers-fifties-pinups.com/1950s_shoes_flapjacks.html I have never seen one, But my dad said he wore these.
  5. Sawhorse Kid

    Feel Old?

    Chalk up another one: I qualify for Dirt
  6. Sawhorse Kid

    How do doctors break bones?

    My woman worked in surgical services for many years.......You are better off not knowing.
  7. Sawhorse Kid

    A Good Way To Prevent Mold on Guns in Safe?

    Goldenrod is said to be a good product. However, it requires a power source. Check to see if you safe is capable of getting a power cable into it. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1138359695/goldenrod-dehumidifier-rod-with-detachable-plug-110v-gold
  8. Sawhorse Kid

    Firearm question

    What kind of gun? You could weld up the barrel and/or firing pin ...... use it shoot TV bad guys.
  9. Sawhorse Kid

    Bull riding - graphic (FB)

    Point of fact, I think they are the only sport where they still have to "Pay to Play"
  10. Sawhorse Kid

    Bull riding - graphic (FB)

    Even more for them to get back on and do it again.
  11. Sawhorse Kid


    The white stuff can make some jobs easier.....I guess.
  12. Sawhorse Kid

    Relaxing with doggo.

    No one has ever had the everfortny to do such. Happy new year to you too. To a lady that's handy with the iron.....Hmmm, would require alot of 'Liquid Courage'.
  13. Sawhorse Kid


    Personally, I hate s**w. That is why I moved......good thing too, folks back home just got 11 inches of the stuff.
  14. Sawhorse Kid


    Evil Dogooder, You are to report to Georgia immediately.

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