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  1. Snake-eye, SASS#45097

    Packer style boots SPF

    I’m putting up my lace up 10” Chippewa Packers for sale. I always liked this style of boot and got these as they are well made top quality boots. Leather lined with a true western heel, square toe (very roomy). They are a recent purchase and worn inside only. I could not get use to the feel of the boot wrapped around my leg. Going to stay with regular western style boots. Size is 12W. Shipped in original box. Asking $75 plus shipping.
  2. Snake-eye, SASS#45097


    I'll take 2 and 5
  3. Snake-eye, SASS#45097

    Thank you for fixing the SASS Forum

    Thank you SASS team!
  4. Snake-eye, SASS#45097

    hornady LNL bullet feeder dies

    I use one for 38's. Works well with coated bullets. With lubed bullets I put a metal rod in the tube on top of the bullets to help push them thru. The wax lube tends to make them hang up with out some extra help.
  5. Snake-eye, SASS#45097

    Non SASS Contender barrels

  6. Snake-eye, SASS#45097

    Reloading 12 guage

    I started with a Lee Loadall which worked well as a starter press. I found a used Hornady progressive shotgun that I've been using for years and I am very pleased with it. Not including the price of the hull, it costs me less than $.20 per round to make a low noise low recoil equivalent shell. That's using 7/8 oz new shot at $35 for 25#, Win 209 primer at $33 per 1000, Claybuster wads at $10 per 500, 14.5 grs of Clays. It may not be A lot cheaper than buying game loads on sale but it's certainly cheaper than buying low noise low recoil Win or STS. I've payed for that press in a couple of years of loading my own. Besides, I like reloading.
  7. Snake-eye, SASS#45097

    Colt 1911 slide

    BTT shipping included in price.
  8. Snake-eye, SASS#45097

    Colt 1911 slide

    I have a Colt 1911 slide marked Government Model. It's a series 70 style. Re-parkerized sometime in its life. Front sight is recent dovetail and the rear is a replacement (10-8 NM), both are WB traditional acceptable. Ejection port has been lowered and flared. Mil spec firing pin, spring and stop. No extractor or barrel link. Comes with a chrome lined barrel with contract numbers on the hood. EGW fitted bushing. I started to build a WB gun but got sidetracked and bought one instead. $225 SHIPPED. First I'll take it posted on the wire has preference. OFFERS?
  9. Snake-eye, SASS#45097

    WTB WW1 M1911 project gun

    Sorry, wrong edit.
  10. Snake-eye, SASS#45097

    Non SASS Contender barrels

    One more time
  11. Snake-eye, SASS#45097

    Wire in low gear?

    I know it cold outside but why should that affect the speed of the SASS sight. Takes a while to load anything.
  12. Snake-eye, SASS#45097

    Shotgun Primer Hardness

    I had similar results using Fed primers in my 97's. Switched to Win and had no issues since. They are flatter across the face compared to the Fed which seem to be set back.
  13. Snake-eye, SASS#45097

    WTB WW1 M1911 project gun

    Moved to classified.
  14. Snake-eye, SASS#45097

    Non SASS Contender barrels

    I have two barrels that just sit around with nothing to do so I thought I'd put them out for others to use. 1) 14" stainless steel bull barrel in 22lr. No sights but comes with scope mount and black composite forend only. Very good condition with typical wear marks around hinge area. $225 Shipped CUS. 2) 8" octagonal in 44 mag, ported and threaded for hot shot choke. This one has the snap in forend. Good condition with some light flecking around the right side of the front sight. Typical wear marks around hinge area. $190 shipped CUS. OFFERS? First I'll take it posted on the wire gets preference.
  15. Snake-eye, SASS#45097



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