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  1. Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life

    Another Evil Cat!

    What's the big deal with scratching your furniture? Do you actually believe that stuff is yours? Whose house do you thinj=k it is? You are there to serve your cat!
  2. Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life

    LGBT Support

    I was searching for clubs to enter an NRA postal pistol tournament when I found the "Pink Pistols" of San Francisco. They were fighting the SF's latest gun control proposals.
  3. Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life

    I'm Not Old Yet!

    When does "old" start? I'm not ready. Perhaps when I have run out of age categories.
  4. Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life

    Sick of the NRA? Read this.

    The NRA is effective partially because they don't get into cases where they'd lose and create a negative precedent.
  5. Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life

    what derringer? Holster??

    I have .22, .38 S&W Spl and .45 Colt barrels for my Bond. A dozen years ago or so, I let a kid use it in .22 at EOT. He won!!! :-) I shoot it using black powder in ,45 Colt. It's sturdy, accurate, comfortable and an all around excellent gun. I have ancient Sharps 4 shot derringers. They are much smaller but are not something to count upon. I enjoy shooting it in warthog loads of Holy black. If I cared about winning, I would use .22 shorts or even CB caps, I have a holster from Idaho Leather which I always have on my gun belt. However, I rarely carry my derringer because it's a pain to have to take it out and show it's empty at the loading and unloading tables. I can't remember ever needing to draw it from its holster at a side match.
  6. Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Mud Marine 54686 Life 1999 Original Club in Darien, Wisconsin Retired back to Idaho Border Marauders, Eastport, ID Rocky Mountain Rangers, Noxon, MT Founders Ranch Gold Hall of Fame, Museum, etc. TG RO II
  7. Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life

    Which do you do?

    Ithaca 10 gauge 3-1/2" Magnum with load in the chamber,, S&W .44 Rem Magnum on head of bed with 6, C. Sharps .50-140 3-1/4" on window side of bed. I live alone in Farthest North Idaho on the British Columbia border in grizzley, black bear, wolf and cougar so no curious grandchildren.
  8. Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life

    Daughters’ competitiveness

  9. Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life

    What do you put chili on?

    Rice with onions and cheese on top.
  10. Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life

    Sighned up

    I am Number 15.
  11. Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life

    Killer Cat ???

    My lady kitty is very sweet and cuddlely. However, I once in awhile seeing her eyeing me and wondering if I would be good to eat. My male cat is too busy roaming my fields and climbing on my roof to hunt to bother with me. Remember, dogs have masters. Cats have slaves. I love boxers but they don't work with my travelling lifestyle! :-(
  12. Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life


    Our Senior DI told us: "Ain't supposed to taste good, supposed to keep ya alive!" Thank the Heavens for former Quartermaster General McIlhenny who added mini bottles of Tabasco to Marine Corps MREs. My son at OCS opined that "MREs are awesome Dad unlike your C rations." By his first desert tour, he hated them!!! :-)
  13. Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life

    Sick of the NRA? Read this.

    I have been a Benefactor Member of the NRA for over 60 years. I have also worked with the other groups. I appreciate them all but ONLY the NRA has been effective over the decades. Many of the others are noisy and vociferous. However, as an early life member of three state R&Ps, I can tell you that only the NRA has been constantly on my side and that of the rest of us. tHE
  14. Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life

    Am I Covered?

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Been there done that!!!
  15. Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life

    Merry Christmas to One and All

    MERRY CHRISTMAS I plan on shooting in SK, AB and BC. Always a lot of fun.

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