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  1. Shoulder Holsters

    There was a time long ago and far away I use to,I eventually went to two strong side holsters and still use the shoulder holster for hunting season now days. Adios Sgt. Jake
  2. Open top smith?

    I would also recommend Hap as he over the years has done two conversions and two OT action tunes for me,however last I spoke with Hap he wasn't taking on new work/customers,that was my hesitancy in doing so. Hap is the man. Adios Sgt. Jake
  3. Short Stroke & Classic Cowboy

    The 1866 in my avatar picture is a Codymatic that at the time of said picture was used for classic cowboy. Although it was digesting the classic powder,honest to God gun powder. Adios Sgt. Jake
  4. Barrel Cover / Scabbard

    I use Cowboy Stormgear as they keep water out but let the firearms breath. All my pistols in the gun safe reside in Stormgear pistol pouches,never any ill affects . Adios Sgt. Jake http://www.cowboystormgear.com/guncovers.html
  5. Newbie question on (re)loading strip/strap/block

    Once your pistols are loaded and put in your holsters you can't leave the loading table until you are called to the firing line,AKA you can't walk to your guncart with your pistols in your holsters. Adios Sgt. Jake
  6. Newbie question on (re)loading strip/strap/block

    I've used both wooden loading block with a leather strap to keep rounds from falling out once loaded and the leather type with loops,I find the ease of tucking the empty loop type in a back pocket once done loading more convenient. Adios Sgt. Jake
  7. Rifle Caliber long range side matches

    Legal but of harder composition than I would care for. Adios Sgt. Jake
  8. 73 Extraction Problem When Shooting BP

    What Garrison Joe said. Finally got tired of all the work arounds for my 45 colt chambered 66 & 73 rifles. I had a talented barrel maker line the less than desirable factory chambers in both,end of problems with black powder rounds. Adios Sgt. Jake
  9. New York State CAS Championship

    Heluva Rukus is always a great shoot and never disappoints. Adios Sgt. Jake
  10. I offended 4 cowpokes...

    They will get over it or not,next shooter. Adios Sgt. Jake
  11. I offended 4 cowpokes...

    I'll second or third that sentiment. Adios Sgt. Jake
  12. EOTECH need some assistance

    You get 22.50,the class action law firm just hit their powerball. Adios Sgt. Jake