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  1. Moonshine 20515

    Is Cabelas following Dicks sporting goods policy?

    I was told the same thing on a rifle I wanted to buy from the gun room. I asked for the manager and quizzed him on how I could check the rifle out (an antique model 1894 .30wcf) if I could not look at the bore and check the action for function.. The manager told the sales guy to remove the trigger lock. I told him I needed to go to my truck to retrieve a bore light and would be right back.. The manager told me to hang on and he fired up his camera with a probe to check the bore. Long story short, I thanked him very much ad bought the rifle. MS
  2. Moonshine 20515

    Where to Get REAL News?

    First thing in the morning I go on line and check the headlines at the NY Times web site. That tells me what the enemy (politically) is doing. Then I pull up the Washington Times to find out what the rest of us are doing. Also check in on WSJ. Take the local paper for the local news. In order to get perspective you must read several sources. A wise sage noted some time back, "the farther a house fire gets from the day it happened the farther left the story will go" MS
  3. Moonshine 20515

    Ruger Old Army's what do you guys/gals think ?

    Very cool !! MS
  4. Moonshine 20515

    New Year's food

    Blackeyed pea soup here .... MS
  5. Moonshine 20515

    Security Certificate

    Same here .......

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