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  1. Boggus Deal #64218


    Billy, I’m shooting Wild Bunch that morning but will come help after as much as he needs.
  2. Boggus Deal #64218

    Ammo required for EOT

    Contact Nathan at Buffalo Cartridge Company.
  3. Boggus Deal #64218

    Wild Bunch World Championship EOT Match Round Count

    Average 31 pistol rounds a stage, roughly. It’s going to be a great match!
  4. Boggus Deal #64218

    Vaquero in .45 ACP in a SASS Match?

    1911s, Hi Powers, BREN 10s being machined now, a single action revolver and a double stack compact on the drawing board now. You? Nevermind. I know the answer to that...
  5. Boggus Deal #64218

    Who sells those replacement magazine tubes

    You mean the stainless ones?
  6. Boggus Deal #64218

    New lever rifle world record.

    Congrats, brother!
  7. Boggus Deal #64218

    Shotgun pop up Clays

    Text sent!!
  8. Boggus Deal #64218

    Vaquero in .45 ACP in a SASS Match?

    And I never claimed to be. Besides, my gun business hasn’t went bankrupt and had to be bailed out by investors over and over.
  9. Boggus Deal #64218


    This!!!! And getting a timer and learning to use it to your advantage. I cannot tell you how much Doc's book helped me out!
  10. Boggus Deal #64218

    .45 ACP cylinder for Ruger?

    I understand some of that but they are also concerned about frauds. Imagine a guy sending his SASS New Vaqueros in and having 9 mm cylinders added. Then, putting them on Gunbroker as a very rare, one of a kind set.... Believe me, not being able to buy a cylinder or a barrel from them is a huge PITA!!!
  11. Boggus Deal #64218

    Loaded cylinder = loaded gun?

    Technically, this is a firearm. Just ask the ATF. It’s a serial numbered receiver. Cylinder or not....
  12. Boggus Deal #64218

    Shotgun pop up Clays

    It’s pretty easy! Load shotgun. Shoot knockdown, keeping head down on gun, wait for bit to fly flow it up, when bead hits bird, pull trigger. Make sure to not stop the gun moving.
  13. Boggus Deal #64218

    NM Ruger Vaquero in .44-40?

    Yes, they are different when it comes to cylinders.
  14. Boggus Deal #64218

    .45 ACP cylinder for Ruger?

    They will only fit a auxiliary cylinder to a gun that left the factory that way.
  15. Boggus Deal #64218

    Shotgun pop up Clays

    Let me state, I’m not in costume! I’m in my backyard. I shooting an SKB inertia trigger with 410 tubes using Winchester AAs shells. Oh, and the clays were set dome up. BE56B2BB-3E98-463A-BB76-CADEB6C53DB3.MOV

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