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  1. WTS: Sig 1911 45 Auto TacPac

    LNIB Sig 1911 45 Auto 2 magazines and all accessories. $800 shipped to your FFL.
  2. What has been inadvertently missed by Stan and Sam is s way to stop the hammer from traveling too far. Yes, the cylinder latch will stop hammer travel but you want the hammer to stop at or juuuust slightly before cylinder rotation is stopped by the cylinder latch. If not, you will beat out the cylinder notches. Some people put a stop in the bottom of the gripframe so that the hammer strut hits it and stops hammer travel. I prefer to build up the back of the hammer so that it stops against the gripframe.
  3. NEW SASS Shooters Handbook! ***UPDATE***

  4. WTS: Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited .357

  5. Older Ruger Single Sixes

    Old style? What are old style Single-Six 32s?
  6. Ruger Blackhawk 45LC Cylinder Throat Reaming

    First, like GJ pointed out, Mark the bad ammo and see where it’s hanging. Second take some sized brass and see if it will fully chamber. If not, you will have narrowed it down a little.
  7. New Mexico State Championships 2017

    Lady Jane won Ladies Frontier Cartridge and finished 15th overall. A great match and thanks to Fast Hammer and all who helped put it on!!!
  8. Loading 1911 From The Body.

    My first question, would be to figure out why I would need one round that often? Faulty ammo causing jams? Bad magazines? Operator error? As I stated earlier, I have never needed one round to finish a stage but I have needed a full magazine because I dropped one or lost one out of a pouch.
  9. Loading 1911 From The Body.

    You will. Sooner or later. Seen it too many times...
  10. Loading 1911 From The Body.

    Just carry a full mag! 6 state championships, a Western Territorial, 2 national championships, I’ve never needed a single round. Needed a full magazine a lot!
  11. Loading 1911 From The Body.

    Don’t carry a mag with only one round in it, a “Barney” mag. That will bite you at some point. You’ll end up grabbing it at the wrong time and then have to reload again.
  12. WTS: Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited .357

    BTT $1100
  13. WTS: Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited .357

    Called you, Lone Spur.
  14. WTB S&W K-FR S/S Hammer

    Here is one. I have more case hardened ones but this is the only stainless one.
  15. 1873 rifle caliber conversion question

    ^^^^^^^^ This!! Being that you can buy one in .357 any day of the week. Why convert one?