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  1. WTS: Sig 1911 45 Auto TacPac

    LNIB Sig 1911 45 Auto 2 magazines and all accessories. $800 shipped to your FFL.
  2. New Mexico State Championships 2017

    Lady Jane won Ladies Frontier Cartridge and finished 15th overall. A great match and thanks to Fast Hammer and all who helped put it on!!!
  3. American select

    I'm pretty sure Nitro 100 and Solo 1000 are from Accurate Arms and not IMR.
  4. How can I tell a new from old Vaquero?

    Any single action can get a ring if handled improperly.
  5. How can I tell a new from old Vaquero?

    Colt calls it .45 Colt. They developed it. Maybe they just don't know what they are talking about.
  6. Power factor

    SASS Shooter's Handbook states a minimum power factor of 60. That's at all matches. Not just major ones.
  7. How can I tell a new from old Vaquero?

  8. Looking for 45 Long Colt 452 Mold

    What weight? What bullet shape?
  9. How can I tell a new from old Vaquero?

    Or! Or! Or! We could just call them what they are; Vaquero and New Vaquero. Just like Blackhawk and New Model Blackhawk.
  10. Caliber / Power Categories?

    What ever the power factor or caliber constraints are, the thing that will stay the same is the competitors. A stage that takes an average shooter 30 seconds now will take longer. Guess what? The shooter who pushes themselves to be faster now, will be faster then. Besides, this is a game and a shooter can play it however they wish! You want to shoot full power black powder 45 Colt loads? You certainly may! Plenty of categories to go around where a person can choose to play this game their way!
  11. Caliber / Power Categories?

    I mean the .45 Colt and 44/40 were the most popular / produced calibers. You may be correct with this statement in regards to Colt's SAA. However, in S&Ws, Iver Johnsons, H&Rs and hundreds of other makers, 22 Short and Long, 32 S&W, 38 Colt were wY more common.
  12. SKB Question

    Nope. 100s come with extractors only. Maybe 150s but i won't swear to that.
  13. When does the pistol string end?

    H.K., gonna tease you a bit here. There is a problem with this stage descriptions. Shooter was not told what to do with second pistol. Now, if said shooter really needed to be told what to do with the first three guns, they're standing there with a gun in their hand not having a clue what to do with it. However, had they ever read the Stage Conventions they would know and you wouldn't have to tell them the first four times....
  14. When does the pistol string end?

    Nope! As Griff said. The Stage Conventions say they must be reholstered after the shooting string, except for gunfighter exceptions. And unless the stage descriptions says otherwise, reholstered is what is considered safe. My whole point is that stage descriptions shouldn't have to repeat the Stage Conventions and the handbooks on every stage. Shooter knows shotguns are staged open and empty. Shooter knows(should know) hands are by your sides if no starting position given. Besides, where did I say anything about just leaving it anywhere?