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  1. Latest shipping adventure

    There is nobody in Farmington whose job is to postmark and sort outgoing mail. We had two slots at the PO. Local and not local mail. The local did not leave town. BUT one slot was high and the other low. Persons in wheelchairs could not reach the high slot. Now we only have the non-local slot. If you want a letter to go into someone's PO box, you can go in and ask Helen to postmark it and put in their box. If you want something to go to a mailbox in town, you have to put it in the non-local slot because the carriers all come out of a different town.
  2. A sincere Thank You! Barkeep line em up!!

    '''Tis free verse UB.
  3. I just never knew

    Ya don't have nanny-ware installed?


  6. Latest shipping adventure

    My money is on Honolulu.
  7. Italian lasagna Inquiry

    Thanks! Aha, next time jalapeño! Sauté first.
  8. I just never knew

    Have you noticed how the opposite sex is anxious to meet with you?
  9. Italian lasagna Inquiry

    Would you have just bought limes? I have seen where people object to many things being called Lasagna or being included in Lasagna. I make a well loved borsch. I often get asked to make it. I know someone who tells me "That's not borsch because you don't make it the way my mother makes it." Yet I can promise you that hundred's of Restaurants in Ukraine do not make it the way "mother makes it." The same for many other comfort food recipes.
  10. Italian lasagna Inquiry

    Well this is the story: The mission here was to make a lasagna for my friend. If I were lazy about it I would have bought a frozen lasagna and baked it, of bought a box of noodles, etc. But I made it from scratch, including the noodles. Noodles are easy when you have a KItchenAide with the noodles attachment, but it's not hard to do without the KA is you have an extra set of hands or are young and dextrous. Next time I make noodles I will do more to keep them flat. My friend does not eat red meat, thus this is a vegetarian lasagna. If I were to make it with meat, I would use a mixture of sweet and spicy sausages to get the right amount of heat. My experience says that spicy sausages in New England are not very spicy at all whereas in Texas they might be a lot more spicy. Noodles: Any recipe will do, I used XL, 2 whole eggs and three yolks., ran them down to the #6 setting on the roller. Ragout: Here do your favorite thing for a tomato sauce, open a can or jar and use it, or make it fancy. Add an appropriate quatity of a fermented beverage. I sauteed onions, shrooms, carrots, garlic, ground (canned) tomatoes, tomato paste, paprika, red pepper flakes, thyme. The mushrooms are you common white mushrooms, but use your favorites. I have psilocybins in the back 40 but would not use them Cheeses: I shredded Mozzarella and Parmagiana Regiano. Veggie: Thinly sliced Zucchini (1/8"). White layer: I mixed together Ricotta, steamed spinach, and basil. Repeat.   I have photos that I am trying to add. I'll keep trying  
  11. Italian lasagna Inquiry

    After a little research, I see he started the business in Cleveland! Photos of the first draft lasagna being assembled now!
  12. Italian lasagna Inquiry

    https://www.google.com/search?q=chef+boyardee&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari#imgrc=F1v8W3h4Jxa1bM: ya think?
  13. Italian lasagna Inquiry

    Gawd No. My food has taste.
  14. Italian lasagna Inquiry

    Made it many times. Felt a little nervous when I started the current project but the skills just came back, no sweat.
  15. "Memphis Belle", Takeoff scene

    How many actual planes were used to shot the film?