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  1. Clueless Bob

    Soul, Kia Soul that is???? got one? had ONe?

    I like this topic since I'm thinking of a replacement somewhat soonish. My current ride is a 2011 Chevy HHR which has accumulated nearly 200,000 miles. It's never missed a beat and it's primary use is to take me to and from work, 50 miles away, 4-6 times a week. I know what I'm going to use it for, so I'm not too inclined to spend a lot on something I'm only going to pound miles on.
  2. Clueless Bob

    Performance "chip" for diesel PU

    Check out Powerstroke.org. Its a forum based site with a lot of knowledge. Most run a tuner verses a chip which allows switching back and forth depending on your need at the time. A tuner will also allow monitoring of engine systems to allow you time when trouble starts.
  3. Clueless Bob

    heat monster finally caught up with me

    My wife, Smokin' Limey, has the same issues. She stays hydrated, but her other big issue is she MUST EAT too!! She has to have a meal, not snacks, the morning of the shoot.
  4. Clueless Bob

    2018 Southwest Showdown

    Ladies Silver Senior??
  5. Clueless Bob

    .380 peas hep me.....

    My preference is any 1911 style single action trigger in either Colt, Sig, Kimber, etc.. As to holster, I really like my Sneakie Pete.
  6. Clueless Bob

    Field Artillery

    Artillery lends dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl!!!
  7. Clueless Bob

    Cleaning of B9B cold weather flyers helmet??

    Thanks Utah Bob!! Your label is far more readable than mine!!
  8. This is a silly question I'm hoping some of my fellow veterans can help me with. My cold weather "Ruskie" hat(B9B flyers helmet) labels are so faded and I'm unable to remember on how to clean it. Can it just be throw it in the wash?
  9. Clueless Bob

    Riding lawn mower/lawn tractor

    We had a Sears too. It did OK but lasted about 7 years before it got be more expensive every year to service. Our neighbors had a small Kabota which they've had for 10+ years(they still have it and use it regularly 6 years later). We asked about it and then went to our local Kabota dealer. It's somewhat pricey, but as the dealer said, it will most likely be the last one we will need to buy. It literally is a small tractor with a mower deck which is powered by a PTO shaft. The otbd spindles are driven by a belt. Other than the engine fan belt, that's it for belts. What I really like about Kabota verses other makes is that EVERYTHING on the tractor is Kabota. Engine, frame, transmission, pump, shafts, EVERYTHING!! Makes warranty work easy and no hassel unlike the other makers who use different suppliers to build their units. Some will say that that would make parts expensive bsince you got to go to Kabota for parts, but the normal service parts, oil, filters, blades and the like, are no more expensive than other mowers. Cannot say about other parts since I've not had a need to replace any, 6 years on. It's a diesel, so it's easy on fuel. What our old mower would use in gas, the Kabota will cut our yard 3 times. What my wife, Smokin' Limey, really loves about the Kabota is it's power steering. Again, it's a small tractor and steering is done through an hydraulic actuator. She is also a speed demon and was able to cut about an hour off cutting the yard over the old mower.
  10. Clueless Bob

    Rumor on 2019 Texas State match

    Is it safe to guess it will be the 2nd weekend? May have to look into making it next year. We were in that area May last year at Lake Medina and realized they were close enough to commute to the range. Of course, with a planned trip to England next July, a lot will depend on how my time off work and funds.
  11. Clueless Bob

    CAS gun engraving

    Hey Billy, When Chudaben Cowboy's wife, Mary, gave me first refusal of his rifle and shotgun, I asked if she would mind if I had thier brand(Circle 90) engraved in them. Aspen Filly did an outstanding job about 5 years ago. All I've done is wiped it down when I cleaned them and they still look like they've just been done.
  12. Clueless Bob

    Why I don't have a tattoo

    The only tattoos I have are "work related"!! Most people call them scars!!
  13. Clueless Bob

    WTC - a New One to me.. BROKE gun..

    This sounds very familiar!! My wife, Smokin' Limey, at the beep, loaded her shotgun and as she was bringing it up, the lower rib sled out. Before anyone could yell, she shot it. As she was clearing it, she opened it and ended up with the receiver in her right hand, barrels and hand guard in her left, hulls falling to the ground right in front of her eyes. She put the pieces down and continued.
  14. Clueless Bob

    WTC spent cap in nipple

    A cap fragment not covering the end of the nipple, in my book is a No Call. The ULT officer is only taught to look at the end of the nipples to ensure clear. Most folks who man the ULT have little to no experience with C&B revolvers and the shooters of these firearms are usually instructing the ULT officer on what to to for. A fragment stuck to the side of a nipple is extremely difficult to see and will easily be missed. As I said, NO CALL!!
  15. Clueless Bob

    A Challenge For Frontiersmen @ CBAC 2018

    And here I thought my Burnside and I could have a respectable chance!!

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