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  1. Hell on the Border 2018

    Home. Van emptied. Bags unpacked. Guns cleaned and put away. Now a little Bullet will bring a close to a very good and well ran SASS match known as "Hell on the Border". Already looking at and planning for next year. We even have 2 more friends that are planning to attend with us. Smokin' Limey and I are even thinking of coming up a day earlier to check out Fort Smith's area attractions, which there are far more than we would have thought. Thanks Nail Driver and the crew of the Judge Parkers Marshall and Old Fort Shooting Club!!!
  2. Safety question. Loss of a required safety item

    Safety Glasses -Stop em. As stated, eye sight far more important. My wife, Smokin' Limey, had lead sliver hit and stick just below her glasses. Granted, she was on the unloading table, but could easily have been while she was shooting. Ear Plugs - Let them finish. Yes, hearing is important, but not instantly damaging as lack of eye protection.
  3. Shotgun hull question

    Well, they stick. Time to figure out if it's the brass or the ribs or both. Or maybe an '87 might find its way home with me. I could use my '97 but the NEED to break sharp edges before I go that route will be job #1!!
  4. Shotgun hull question

    "Shotgun shot size must be number 4 lead birdshot or smaller for all events (no steel or plated shot). Magnum and high velocity shotgun shell loads are not allowed. Shotgun shells shall not be sized down by the use of any die not manufactured for the specific gauge. Shotgun Shell shall not be scored (ringed) as to cause the shot-shell case, wad, and shot column to be shot from the firearm as one projectile." The above came from Shooters Handbook. If I remember correctly, there use to be a statement about "High Brass" wasn't allowed. Am I just not remembering correctly or was that how magnum and high velocity were categorized? I've recently got some primed hulls from Midway, which from the picture, they didn't appear to be high brass. After looking at the handbook and not seeing anything about high brass, I've loaded some up with black powder. I've only loaded up a box to see how they work which will be my experiment for later today, but I thought I've ask to make sure I'm still good.
  5. Getting ready for Frontiersman.

    Hey Dave, I think the 31st will be our "Classic" SASS match. If so, I'll shoot Frontiersman with ya!!! We might even get Dirty Finger roped in as well!!
  6. Are there ways to help a counter(s)to see a miss(s)

    I usually count all the time. There are times I won't. One of those times are when I'm tired. Other times I can't explain it, but if I feel I will not do my best, then I step aside. Unloading table is good for me. I will move when I'm able, but stage design does limit moving to be able to see better. Have I made errors? Yes!! I don't dwell on them because I know I've made some good calls when I was the only one that saw it. It's not perfect, and maybe I give too much benefit to the shooter, but it's what we have.
  7. What is a customer worth?

    Maybe the times have soured me, but anytime a company in the spot light for making a questionable comment, decision, or whatever, and comes up with some figure to make their point, I am always leary of the accuracy of that figure. Actually, I have a hard time believing in anything said by folks in "power". Thirteen folks out of 180M annually? Really?? Is this number just from last year, or is it the total since they had the discount available??? Without any real information, that number is just a number without any real substance. Oh, by the way, that 180M annually is from Delta's own website. On on the flip side, how many people actually go to the actual airline to purchase tickets? Most folks go to outside source websites looking for that "deal", which usually do not allow any extra discounts or the people they work for orders the tickets which again, your discount will not be used.
  8. Question about Baikal

    I've not heard of that model before, which doesn't mean anything, but I would swear by Baikal. We have 3 of them, all model 220. Two are of them have been hard at it for about 12-15 years straight and have never had any issues or hiccups. The third is our back up, which has been sitting like the Maytag repairman.
  9. Opinions on my recommedations

    Maybe I'm living up to my alias but I'm playing devils advocate. Getting C&B revolvers and using conversion cylinders is an option, but remember, the frames will be marked "Black Powder Use Only". Even Ruger Old Army's are similarly marked. Your friend wants primarily smokeless with an occasional use of black powder. Is there any real differences between Ruger, Ubertis and Piata black powder and smokeless frames? Using smokeless may be fine. I'm not sure, but would you want to take that chance?
  10. Generator

    Awhile back, Limey and I had an opportunity to up date our breaker panel and at the same time had a small manual transfer box added so we could power part of our house if we lost power. We added a gas fire and changed our stove from electric to gas. Our neighbors joked about a waste of money. That first winter, we lost power for 18 hours. While some were pulling out their grills just to make coffee, we looked out our window from our warm and powered living room, drinking our hot drinks, and watching TV keeping tabs on the weather. The following year, some of the ones that was laughing was buying generators and have transfer boxes added to their homes.
  11. Question about Black Powder for Shotguns

    Sent a PM with my load. Oh yea, my ability to make smoke or shake a rafter or two has never been in question!!
  12. Frontiersman - Long arms?

    Almost sounds like a confusion between Frontiersman and Classic Cowboy.
  13. way OT: plez recommend an accurate .380???

    I've got the Kimber Micro 380 and am very pleased. I carry it in a Sneaky Pete holster. I'm also looking at the Kimber Micro 9mm, which isn't much larger than the 380. It's along the lines of the Colt Mustang, so, a baby 1911.
  14. Gun Cleaning - NON-SASS Firearms

    Keep all of them if you can. You can use the ARMI 22 in side matches. Both of the D.A.'S would make nice home defense with the Charter Arms making a nice concealed carry. The Freedom Arms would be nice "Play Toy" at the range, or a back up carry. As to cleaning, as others have stated, same as your SASS firearms. If there is a carbon ring in the 357 cylinder, then using a belled 357 case or even a 44/45 cal brush should remove the majority of it. The rest with usual cleaning practices. If you do decide to sell the Freedom Arms, could I have second refusal behind Happy Jack?
  15. Not, "Are We Alone? Rather, "Am I alone"?

    Never Tweeted. Text and Facebook yes. Texts work when I need to let Limey know something when I know she is not near a phone. She does the same. Where I work at, I'm not allowed to have a cell phone on me, and I am never around the shop phone long enough. I hate leaving voice mails. Unlike most people, I still use the words instead of the short cuts that everyone else seem to use. Facebook has allowed us to keep up with family and friends. We've also been able to find friends that time and distance have kept us apart. As stated earlier, different time zones make keeping contact difficult. Being able to Facebook/FaceTime with family over seas is great. Being able to talk and see folks without the long distance phone bill is an added bonus. Yes, there is a lot of crap on Facebook, but I just ignore it and move on.