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  1. Clueless Bob

    Rumor on 2019 Texas State match

    Is it safe to guess it will be the 2nd weekend? May have to look into making it next year. We were in that area May last year at Lake Medina and realized they were close enough to commute to the range. Of course, with a planned trip to England next July, a lot will depend on how my time off work and funds.
  2. Clueless Bob

    CAS gun engraving

    Hey Billy, When Chudaben Cowboy's wife, Mary, gave me first refusal of his rifle and shotgun, I asked if she would mind if I had thier brand(Circle 90) engraved in them. Aspen Filly did an outstanding job about 5 years ago. All I've done is wiped it down when I cleaned them and they still look like they've just been done.
  3. Clueless Bob

    Why I don't have a tattoo

    The only tattoos I have are "work related"!! Most people call them scars!!
  4. Clueless Bob

    WTC - a New One to me.. BROKE gun..

    This sounds very familiar!! My wife, Smokin' Limey, at the beep, loaded her shotgun and as she was bringing it up, the lower rib sled out. Before anyone could yell, she shot it. As she was clearing it, she opened it and ended up with the receiver in her right hand, barrels and hand guard in her left, hulls falling to the ground right in front of her eyes. She put the pieces down and continued.
  5. Clueless Bob

    WTC spent cap in nipple

    A cap fragment not covering the end of the nipple, in my book is a No Call. The ULT officer is only taught to look at the end of the nipples to ensure clear. Most folks who man the ULT have little to no experience with C&B revolvers and the shooters of these firearms are usually instructing the ULT officer on what to to for. A fragment stuck to the side of a nipple is extremely difficult to see and will easily be missed. As I said, NO CALL!!
  6. Clueless Bob

    A Challenge For Frontiersmen @ CBAC 2018

    And here I thought my Burnside and I could have a respectable chance!!
  7. Clueless Bob

    Texas BP State match

    An outstanding match. From the Plainsman, oops, Pat Garett, to the final shot for the posse shoot, Limey and I had an outstanding time. .. and yes, we are mailing our applications for Defend tomorrow.
  8. Clueless Bob


    My wife, Smokin Limey, did it a few times(pistols) during her first year of shooting CAS. In her defense, we picked a pair of EAA Bounty Hunters that had "recessed"(for lack of a better term) cylinders. The load one, skip one, load four phrase works, but checking for high primers and then reindexing makes it easy to miss the empty cylinder. A year later, a move with a very nice moving bonus, Limey got a pair of Ruger's that she truly loves and has never had a problem since. A while back, I noticed factory markings on the cylinder that framed a chamber and is visible over the top strap. When ever I pull them out to shoot and there is a loading officer present, I show the chamber, markings before I load the cylinder. Again, prior to closing the loading gate showing that the empty chamber and markings are still empty. I then spin the cylinder and align the markings where they straddle the top strap and show the officer.
  9. Clueless Bob

    Cap gun loading and capping sequence

    I've got 5 slix-nipples and 1 stock nipple. Visually, it's easy to tell. Loading the cylinder, I load outside the pistol on a Powder Inc loader. I place the chamber with the stock nipple on the loader and lower the rammer in it. I do not rotate the cylinder until all chambers have balls sitting on the chambers. The reason I leave an actual nipple in the chamber I'm not shooting is for the rare pistol reload.
  10. Clueless Bob

    If it fits, it ships...

    Our bullet order is about 3500 at a time. This is just under their 70lbs rule. My rural carrier flat refuses to allow my wife to take them. He pulls all the way up our driveway and places them under the carport and tells the wife she is NOT TO PICK THEM UP, LET YOUR HUSBAND DO THAT!!! She is more than willing to comply his instructions!!! Now if she would only do that for me from time to time!!
  11. Clueless Bob

    Angles and Belly Buttons...

    Pat, it's obvious you haven't been around my wife, Smokin Limey!!!. That's one of her favorite words and she will rightly tell you she's ENGLISH!! As in GREAT BRITIAN ENGLISH!!!
  12. Clueless Bob

    Hell on the Border 2018

    Home. Van emptied. Bags unpacked. Guns cleaned and put away. Now a little Bullet will bring a close to a very good and well ran SASS match known as "Hell on the Border". Already looking at and planning for next year. We even have 2 more friends that are planning to attend with us. Smokin' Limey and I are even thinking of coming up a day earlier to check out Fort Smith's area attractions, which there are far more than we would have thought. Thanks Nail Driver and the crew of the Judge Parkers Marshall and Old Fort Shooting Club!!!
  13. Clueless Bob

    Safety question. Loss of a required safety item

    Safety Glasses -Stop em. As stated, eye sight far more important. My wife, Smokin' Limey, had lead sliver hit and stick just below her glasses. Granted, she was on the unloading table, but could easily have been while she was shooting. Ear Plugs - Let them finish. Yes, hearing is important, but not instantly damaging as lack of eye protection.
  14. Clueless Bob

    Shotgun hull question

    Well, they stick. Time to figure out if it's the brass or the ribs or both. Or maybe an '87 might find its way home with me. I could use my '97 but the NEED to break sharp edges before I go that route will be job #1!!
  15. Clueless Bob

    Shotgun hull question

    "Shotgun shot size must be number 4 lead birdshot or smaller for all events (no steel or plated shot). Magnum and high velocity shotgun shell loads are not allowed. Shotgun shells shall not be sized down by the use of any die not manufactured for the specific gauge. Shotgun Shell shall not be scored (ringed) as to cause the shot-shell case, wad, and shot column to be shot from the firearm as one projectile." The above came from Shooters Handbook. If I remember correctly, there use to be a statement about "High Brass" wasn't allowed. Am I just not remembering correctly or was that how magnum and high velocity were categorized? I've recently got some primed hulls from Midway, which from the picture, they didn't appear to be high brass. After looking at the handbook and not seeing anything about high brass, I've loaded some up with black powder. I've only loaded up a box to see how they work which will be my experiment for later today, but I thought I've ask to make sure I'm still good.

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