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  1. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    Be careful what you ask for this Father's Day!

    Well her attitude is great, but her choices suck!
  2. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    But it Helps

    Also, you don't have to have brains to do this but it helps.
  3. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    Pulling A Trailer Can Be A Drag

  4. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    Why won't my computer power up?

    Find the "Reset" button, sometimes it's hard to find because it's plastic and the same color as the body of the power strip, then push it and wait 'til it clicks, or take your computer to the smart guys at Best Buy so they can replace the possibly blown fuse in the computer which is really, really hard to find sometimes. If that doesn't work I would call the power company because you may have exceeded your allotted number volts you have used for the month.
  5. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    Cracker Barrel Policy Ruins Fantasy

    It would probably ruin everyone's digestion.
  6. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    Men...Don't Fall For It!

    Or just say "I can't really see, lemme try it with the Braille system" and sorta lunge after her.
  7. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    This Young Man Gets It

    WOW! I am speechless and really touched.
  8. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    Alberto Vargas, ‘Father’ of the Vargas Girl

    Actually I find that although his girls may have been considered "suggestive", by today standards they are probably rather mild. In any case they were beautiful.
  9. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    Hose It Down

    Great way to clear out a big tree stump!
  10. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    What if I don't make it?

    Good thing I live in Florida, only deep things here are sinkholes.
  11. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    Slow wire?

    Dat sorta looks like me in the mornings! Sometime during the whole day too!
  12. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    Slow wire?

    Great Scott! This here wire is so slow it's going into reverse!
  13. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    Um .... Something is missing

    Yes, he's not wearing hearing protectors!
  14. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    Control Freak

  15. Dawg Hair, SASS #29557

    Even undertakers have a sense of humor.

    "Lay away plan"? Suppose you keel over before you finish paying for it, would you get a refund?

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