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    Lived the dream in the USA for nearly 5 years. Shot and visited 34 states over 300 matches, meet hundreds of wonderful people and will cherish my time there forever.
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    Kathouse Kelli, 4 time World Lady Wrangler Champion, the best girl in the world; CAS., Motor Sport, Golf, & Salooning!

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    SBSS #2045; Territorial Marshals OK City. Gold Coast Gamblers .

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  1. Jackaroo, # 29989

    2019 Georgia State SASS Championship

    One of the best matches we did last year, sorry but we can't make it this year.
  2. Jackaroo, # 29989

    Trail Boss powder in a 38-55?

    Yes in my 38.55 for our Pat Garrett matches I'm not loading for long range rifle. Cody Dixon distances or less 7 grains of Unique is about the same but a little more punchy. 6 grains TB and I can shoot it fast.
  3. Jackaroo, # 29989

    Trail Boss powder in a 38-55?

    For CAS and maybe Cody Dixon 6-8 grains of TB is fine, nice soft recoil load.
  4. Jackaroo, # 29989

    Love this vehicle...

    Them too !LOL.
  5. Jackaroo, # 29989

    Would you like to come to Australia

    Huge temp difference from Gold Coast to Dalby mate?
  6. Jackaroo, # 29989

    .44 Russian 165 grain bullet smokeless

    Yes you do, my mistake in fact I use a 180 if I use that for WB.?
  7. Jackaroo, # 29989

    .44 Russian 165 grain bullet smokeless

    Cowboy load, 2.9 grains TB, WB load 4.5 grains TB
  8. Jackaroo, # 29989


    Page 18 of the latest RO1 Instructor Handbook "Improper coaching by the RO that either impedes the shooters progress or results in a procedural penalty, may be grounds for a reshoot. Page 23 of the latest Jan 2019 SHB, MDQ for: Wilful failure to comply with a "cease fire" or "stop" command. We're not talking about a 'stop' or 'cease fire' command here are we? Those are the only two commands that must be adhered to, calling me back cause the RO thinks I have one left in the gun and I know I haven't is not grounds for one to 'obey' the TO above all else? Any result or consequences thereof is the sole responsibilty of the shooter. If at that point one is not sure you've left one in the gun, well then I think common sense would apply and you would go back. An incident happened to me at HOW in WY last year now where I did only fire 9 rounds but no one, not the RO nor spotters yelled out 'one more', result MSV so is that "improper coaching"? So ROs can get it wrong both ways. And I think many of us know a pretty good time can be devastated by a reshoot, in many cases can go sadly wrong.!
  9. Jackaroo, # 29989


    Tennessee it's not different to the WB rule that was changed last year from 5 to 7 rounds and the ability to do a tactical reload. Shooters are shooting 6 rounds then changing mags while the RO is yelling "one more one more? I have to ignore the RO cause I'm doing a tactical reload and the RO doesn't know the new rules than I can !
  10. Jackaroo, # 29989


    In the case that I knew the rifle was empty and the lever had closed... and was calling me back to open it yes.! Not all ROs are right and this RO doesn't know the rules in this case.
  11. Jackaroo, # 29989


    No not at all that's pushing the limit, but if you want to go there. What's the difference if an RO says to come back to shoot at a position you missed, and you don't? You the shooter gets the penalty say a P . A cease fire command goes without saying you have to cease fire and they may not always be the RO yelling that.
  12. Jackaroo, # 29989


    With the open and empty rule changed some years ago this is a quite a frequent occurrence with ROs calling back shooters cause the lever has closed. If an on the ball RO KNOWS there's still an empty case in cause he saw the shooter had not cycled it then insisting the shooter come back to save a minor safety may have credence, but the rule says not open and if the shooter is confident he knows it's empty then im not coming back because I still don't believe it's ground for a reshoot.
  13. Jackaroo, # 29989


    In that case I'd agree if he had insisted, and if I knew it was empty and went back then I'd want a reshoot too.
  14. Jackaroo, # 29989

    1873 Stage 3 Deluxe

    Where are you located?
  15. Jackaroo, # 29989


    Not grounds for a reshoot, it's the shooters responsibility, and he can make that choice to go back and open it if he wants to, or can ignore the TO if he knows it's empty. Long guns only have to be discarded EMPTY, not OPEN & empty?

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