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  1. WTB NEEDED Ruger Old Army Base Pin

    I have a couple stainless ones I could sell at $ 50.00 each shipped Best regards Chili
  2. Ruger Old Army fixed sight

    Blued used to fetch around $1,600.00 and Stainless around $ 2,000.00 But for what ever reason prices seem to have come down from that or take longer to sell. I believe this is in part because there are cheaper Italian repros out there and more gunsmiths making the Colt and Remington clones more reliable. I think with the high price of ROAs people found a cheaper solution. Best regards, Chili
  3. SPF Original 1887 10 Gauge with Drop Two.

    Thanks to all for the interest. Best regards, Chili
  4. SPF Original 1887 10 Gauge with Drop Two.

    George, PM sent
  5. SPF Original 1887 10 Gauge with Drop Two.

  6. ‘87 technique.

    not the best but not the worst 304792A0-12C5-406B-B25A-8B5D1488C1BF.mov
  7. SPF Original 1887 10 Gauge with Drop Two.

    Shotgun was made in 1891
  8. SPF Original 1887 10 Gauge with Drop Two.

    That’s Funny Lizard, 5 -1901s. You must have the largest collection in the world Take care man
  9. SPF Original 1887 10 Gauge with Drop Two.

    HossMunny, But think about how this original wants to be shot again and feel good about itself as being useful 100 plus years later. It wont mind a little trimming, think of it as cutting the grey ear hairs out of this old soul, you could do that, save this gun from a lonely existence... Just messing. Thanks again
  10. SPF Original 1887 10 Gauge with Drop Two.

    OLG, no it is not a 1901, all 1901s have the split lever safety, 87s do not. Also The double extractor started late second year / early 3rd year of production of the 87s so thats 1888 early 89 so please don’t put misinformation on my posts. Thank you Hoss, Sorry I don’t have any brass or other hulls to send with it HossMunny, If it was a 12 Ga. I wouldn’t be selling it but I’ll be happy to cut the barrel down for ya as soon as I get your check, Hell I’ll even but the sight bead back on for ya. HAHAHAHA. Thank you for the well wishes
  11. SPF Original 1887 10 Gauge with Drop Two.

    Up for sale is an original Winchester 1887 10 Gauge with a Lassiter drop two installed. The shotgun sports the original 30” barrel that has been honed and is shiny but has some minor pitting. The action is smooth, fast and works as it should. The lower tang where it meets the receiver had a small crack, It was welded and strenthened by Lassiter. The shotgun was reblued at some point and the wood refinished. The forearms are in very good shape except for a missing piece on the rear left side as can be seen in the pictures. The Butt stock is in simalar condition with a small surface crack on the left wrist. This shotgun is a must have for the Black Powder Warthog looking to change up his game. Price is $ 900.00 shipped This shotgun is an antique and can be shipped directly to you in most states. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you for looking, Chili
  12. Let's here for the WR Rangers!!

    Great Job to all the Rangers and people that helped out. It was an outstanding match with incredible props. Thank you all for the hard work. Best regards, Chili
  13. Cap and Ball Accessories

    If your loading out of a flask there is really no point to being that accurate. BP and subs (other then maybe 777) are so inefficient that plus or minus a grain or two makes little or no difference. Best regards, Chili
  14. Congratulations Lodan B. Fast Frontiersman National Champion

    Congratulation on a great match. I’m glad the pistols worked out for you. Looking forward to seeing you at EOT. Best regards Chili
  15. Winter Range 2018 Side Match Volunteers

    PM sent