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  1. Chili Pepper Pete 11917

    Yet another project gun - Winchester 1887

    Just a reminder that early 87s only has one extractor Good luck with it Regards Chili
  2. Chili Pepper Pete 11917

    1st Frontiersman match tomorrow . . .

    Best of luck to you and have fun Chili
  3. Chili Pepper Pete 11917

    Deuce Stevens wins Gunsmoke

    Congratulations Doots
  4. Chili Pepper Pete 11917

    WTB Handi-rifle stock for cutting short

    If it doesn’t have to be too pretty. I’ll send you one for free. Just pay the postage. Guessing about $10.00. If that works. Send me your info Chili
  5. Chili Pepper Pete 11917

    Sold two Pietta 1851 Steel Sheriff's .44 5 1/2

    PM sent
  6. Chili Pepper Pete 11917

    SPF- New model Vaquero center cut stag grips.

    I’ll take them. Let me know where to send the funds Chili
  7. Chili Pepper Pete 11917

    Plainsman at Michigan State Range War

  8. Chili Pepper Pete 11917

    Early Winchester 1887 with single extractor?

    It’s not a big deal at all. Fireball still shoots his after 20 years
  9. Chili Pepper Pete 11917

    Plainsman at Michigan State Range War

    Howdy All! Just a reminder that we will be having a 4 Stage Plainsman side match at Michigan State Championship Range War this year We will be honoring 3 categories this year, Traditional, Modern and Cartridge. The Cartridge category was developed for people who have single shot rifles that want to wet their feet before getting a pair of C&B pistols Please note that the cartridge category must shoot duelist style and use black powder. All other firearms are same Figure 40 Rifle, 40 Pistol and 24 shotgun The match will will be held on Friday 8/31 at High Noon on stages 3,4 and 5 Let me know if your planning on shooting or have any questions. Best regards, Chili
  10. Chili Pepper Pete 11917

    WTB: Pair of stainless New Vaquero gripframes.

    What is the difference between the two? Best regards, Chili
  11. Chili Pepper Pete 11917

    Range War call for volunteers

    Call me to discuss Plainsman Event. Chili
  12. Chili Pepper Pete 11917

    Changing Frontiersman...

    Does the guy making this suggestion even shoot Frontiersman? Why would you want to fix something that isn’t broken as stated in an earlier post Leave Frontiersman Alone Chili
  13. Chili Pepper Pete 11917

    SASS Celebrates 30 Years!

    Well Happy Birthday to SASS and The Wild Bunch. This is my 20th year playing and I could not be more grateful for all this sport has done for me. The friends I've made and the good times shared. Thank you and Happy 30th Birthday. Best regards, Chili
  14. Chili Pepper Pete 11917

    Holster features advice

    Funny about the Picture Wyatt posted, The gun is in backwards, Strange!!! <<<<< Doesn't look at Straight Arrows Crotch
  15. Chili Pepper Pete 11917

    Dawg's new knee

    Best of luck to you tomorrow P. Dawg

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