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    What do you call it?

    i would say the proper word would be a tire iron. if i am correct a lug wrench would be the 4 way wrench. the tire iron was for each size of lugs and as mentioned was used for many applications

    Trail Boss vs Clays

    don't go light with TB if you want a clean burn i use it in 45lc and 45/70

    Mernickle Holsters

    he built a rig for my daughter for the old model ruggers in 45lc with long barrels( call them the roxanne specils) beautiful work and fits her perfectly call and talk to bob i would recomend the metal lined

    Shooting 45 70

    i agree witch dutch that is my trail boss load for 300 and 420 slugs normally shoot on my 100yd range just have to remember which one i am srooting as the elevation is a little different my sights are set for 200

    New to CAS, some Qs about Mernickle holsters?

    bob can talk but does great work made a rig for my daughter (call it the Roxanne special} beautiful and fits

    Need Confirmation From Navy Vets

    the one i am falimiar with wouldprobably get me kicked off

    Need Confirmation From Navy Vets

    i'm popeye the salor man i live in a garbage can i like to (any one can finish it )

    I'll just leave this here...

    the rule for storing weapons is don't point weapon at any one while in the process of placing in cart i went thru this horizonal wagon storage years a got hey are supposed to be unloded and checkedbeforev leaving the unloading table

    Help! Need Stock Bolt for Stoeger Coach Gun

    how can you lose a screw that size asb previous stated check the stock it might show up

    Under The Nimitz

    spent time under her inspecting her screws that is one large craft i was a diver
  11. happy jack can you send  sizes and how to do may be pictures 

    e mail hrryfrdfordh@aol.com  i have nuthing to do at this time can't shoot have bad neck

    thanks in advance will see you at EOT next year

    1. Happy Jack, SASS #20451

      Happy Jack, SASS #20451

      Not sure what else I can tell you. Flags look like a long thin triangle. about 40" tall at the pole and taper to a point 9ft. away. Put on pole with point on bottom. I don't do forum pictures but if this doesn't help maybe I can set one up and take a picture and email it to you.


    wind socks

    i am changing my long range and would like to install wind socks where can i find a variety in sizes and what would be the best to use the primary distance is 1 hundred yards i have the area to go to 150 if i desire

    Cabela’s ain’t Cabela’s any more.

    check to see who has a large intress in it and you mite understand

    Powder for .45-70

    i presently use TB sights set for me at 100yd have also used tight group a few grains less than tb got the same fps. the tg was bit harsher recoil. could not get any problems to occure with either for powder location or temp placed rounds in freezer let lay in sun use standard velosity primers all mfgs no problems

    G'day from down under

    kiwi witch doctor is a good ausie contact to gab wioth

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